10 Ways to Boost Your Kia’s Gas Saving Power

If you’re looking to save gas and you own a Kia, you’ve already made one great gas-saving decision. Kia vehicles always get great gas mileage for their class, and with lots of different styles to choose from, you’re sure to be able to find a model that fits your needs. Gas prices may have dropped a little in recent months and have since leveled off, but that doesn’t mean that saving a few bucks at the pump is ever a bad thing. You can boost your Kia’s gas saving power by following some of these ten simple rules:

1. Carpool – Do you and some of your coworkers live in the same neighborhood? Do you all drive to work separately? You could easily save some gas by setting up a carpool, driving all together in one car, instead of each taking separate cars. You might only have to drive once a week depending on how many people you can draft into your carpool! This is a great way to connect with people in your office and to save gas (and the environment!).

2. Stop tailgating – Driving behind someone who is going really slow is annoying, but not only does the psychology of tailgating almost never pan out in your favor, it can also really kill your gas mileage. Tailgating usually involves a lot of braking and speeding up again, which uses more gas than just going at a consistent speed. Instead of driving like you’re in a derby, why not give other cars some space so you don’t have to be constantly breaking and flooring the gas pedal. You’ll see your gas meter drop much more slowly.

kia gas saving power3. Don’t speed up to beat a yellow light – Not only is this dangerous (if, for example, you don’t beat the yellow light), it can also eat away at your gas mileage. Just like with tailgating, stepping on the gas pedal in order to get your Kia to zoom forward uses far more gas than gliding to a stop as the light turns red. You might be in a hurry and your Kia has plenty of power and zip to get you across that intersection, but trying to beat a yellow light is almost always more dangerous than it is profitable.


4. Don’t idle – If you are going to be sitting and waiting for a while, don’t be afraid to turn off your vehicle. Idling can kill your gas mileage and actually consume lots of fuel while your car is just sitting and waiting there. While you might want to leave your car on if it is very hot or very cold and you need your air conditioning or heater, you don’t have to leave your car on if you don’t need climate control. Whether you’re sitting waiting for a train to pass, at a really long red light, or just waiting to pick someone up, consider turning off your car instead of idling.

5. Go the speed limit – Not only will going the speed limit prevent speeding tickets that can be costly, it can actually help you conserve fuel. Studies have shown that those who consistently drive over the speed limit use up their fuel faster than those who go the speed limit. Cutting back on this habit might be a good way to save fuel.

6. Use an app or your Kia’s navigation – Most apps that provide you with directions that allow you to find the shortest route from where you are to where you need to go. Getting from point A to point B with as little extra driving as possible can help you save plenty of gas. If your Kia has a navigation system, use it to avoid sitting in traffic behind accidents or trying to circumvent construction.

7. Maintain your Kia – Cars that are cared for properly use their gas more efficiently than cars that don’t get the proper care. Maintenance like making sure your air filters are clean and that your tires are filled to the right PSI will ensure that your Kia makes the best possible use of its fuel. Having tires that are inflated to the right PSI is especially important, as underinflated tires are not just dangerous, they actually require your car to use more fuel to make them go.

8. Clear out the junk – If you have a lot of “stuff” in your car—books, bags, luggage, workout equipment, stuff you put in your car and have never taken out—you could be toting around hundreds of extra pounds of weight that could be killing your gas mileage. If you start to notice that your car requires more and more fill-ups, it might be because you are carrying around a lot of extra stuff that you don’t need to be.

9. Make sure to replace your gas cap – While you might remember to close the cover, if you haven’t screwed your gas cap on tightly, you might be losing gas fumes through the cap. That means you’ll be paying for gas that your car never actually gets to use and contributing to pollution.

10. Use your climate control less. Unless it really is too hot or too cold to go without your A/C or heater, don’t use them. Because your car has to work harder in order to fuel these systems, it will consume more gas when you are using the air conditioning or heater, which can eat up your gas and reduce your overall gas mileage.

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