2014 Kia Optima & Ford Fusion Vehicle Comparsion NJ

On the surface, the Kia Optima and the Ford Fusion are fairly similar vehicles. Even though they have different manufacturers and countries of origin, both of these vehicles are popular midsize sedans with comparable aesthetics and price ranges at the base level. However, a closer look reveals that the difference between these two mainstays of the contemporary sedan market differ in some fairly significant ways.

Kia Optima NJ

2014 Kia Optima


2014 Ford Fusion

2014 Ford Fusion

Environmental Friendliness

These days the concern for an ecologically sound vehicle transcends the market for hybrid or electric cars. Many buyers of more traditional vehicles, like the Optima or the Fusion, are also interested in the environmental impact of their driving. For pure environmental impact, the Optima is the winner with 2.3 times less nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide emitted per mile of driving. What this means is that Kia Optima drivers produce less smog and acid rain with their vehicles. Many environmental concerns are also economic concerns, and the Optima triumphs in this category as well. With a range of 629 miles for highway driving and 561 miles of city driving, the Kia wins out handily when compared to the Fusion’s 407 miles or 363 miles respectively.


The Driving Experience

Even if you have the most efficient car in the world, it is not a good investment if you do not actually enjoy driving it. For power, the Kia Optima edges out the Ford Fusion with 274 horses compared with the Ford’s 175.

As far as handling is concerned, there are some subtle, yet notable differences, including a slightly lower turning radius on the Optima at 35.8 feet versus 37.6. The Optima also has about an inch less height, length, and width than the Fusion, with a curb weight that is lighter by 42 pounds. The Kia also has the distinction of coming with a rear spoiler and more room for the driver and front seat passenger. While these divergences are admittedly understated, they are significant when it comes to handling. Here again, the Kia provides a noticeably more responsive and agile handling experience.


The Kia Optima and the Ford Fusion offer a similar set of features with a few distinctions that give the Optima the edge. Both sedans come standard with cruise control, front air conditioning, keyless entry, and power locks, mirrors, steering, and windows. However, while the Kia also comes with passenger side air conditioning and a keyless ignition, these are not even options for Ford Fusion buyers. Both the Ford and the Kia offer a set of safety features including anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, traction control, and child door locks, but only the Optima includes active head restraints – a potentially lifesaving feature.


Kia Optima NJ Black and White

Kia Optima

When comparing the Ford Fusion and the Kia Optima, it is easy to see that the Optima offers countless advantages both large and small. If you’re interested in a new Kia Optima in NJ, stop by Burlington Kia in Burlington, NJ, to ask any Kia Optima related questions you may have, as well as get behind the wheel for a test drive.

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