2014 Kia Sorento & Subaru Forester Vehicle Comparsion NJ

As you consider your options in five-passenger SUVs, the Kia Sorento and Subaru Forester are top choices to consider. They’re both offered at around the same price point, and upon first glance, appear to be similar in many ways. A closer look reveals that one is the clear winner over the other. Read on to discover the many reasons why the Kia Sorento is topping critic’s lists.

The Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento NJ

2014 Kia Sorento

The style of the Kia Sorento is truck-ish looking, in the best possible ways. It looks strong, elegant, and rugged – and it is. The cockpit has been newly designed for 2014 to include more intuitive controls and the latest technology. Those who’ve test driven this vehicle in the past should give it another spin around the block, because these changes are significant and sure to impress.
Speaking of the latest technology, one of the most exciting features in the newest model is the standard blind spot detection system on every trim. The UVO eServices Infotainment System puts similar systems found in other vehicles to shame. Finally, consider that the first and second row seats are comfortable, roomy, and fully adjustable.

The Subaru Forester

2014 Subaru Forester NJ

2014 Subaru Forester

There are several features to recommend the Forester, but in the end it just isn’t enough. The cabin is tight and quiet, but there is no manual (Turbo) option, unlike with the Kia, and it doesn’t offer paddle shifters the way other similar models do. This is a simple vehicle that does OK for what it delivers, but it lacks the wow and pizazz that other similarly priced vehicles have that also include better standard features.
One of the biggest drawbacks of the Subaru Forester you’ll find is that the audio interfaces and electronic components are clumsy and not intuitively designed. You can get a much better equipped vehicle with the same budget, and you won’t have to deal with outdated technology.


Safety Scores Compared

Auto Safety
Both vehicles get a five out of five star rating in government crash tests, which may initially lead some to believe that they’re both equally safe. This is not true. The Kia scored a remarkable almost perfect score across the board: five out of five stars in 11 out of 12 testing categories. On the other hand, the Subaru came in well behind by earning perfect scores in only nine out of 12 categories. In both overall frontal barrier crash testing and frontal barrier crash testing for the front passenger, the Kia knocked the Subaru out of the park.

Standard and Optional Features

While it may initially look as though both vehicles are similarly priced, the reality is that the Kia comes in at a lower price point. The base Kia has more standard features, which means that to get the same features on a Subaru you’d have to spend more to add those as extra options. A great example is the blind spot detection system, which is standard on the Kia beginning at the SX level, but requires an upgrade on the Subaru.

Burlington Kia

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