2015 Kia Optima & 2014 Kia Optima Model Comparison

2015 Kia Optima Burlington

The 2014 Kia Optima is billed as “not your average sedan” and with a very competitive MPG profile, a 274-horsepower direct injection engine, and roomy, luxurious interior, it’s obvious that the Kia Optima is indeed not your average sedan. Since the Kia Optima’s introduction about a decade ago, the Kia Optima has dominated the competition in terms of safety features, aesthetics, accessories and performance.

2014 Kia Optima vs. 2015 Kia Optima 

The 2014 Kia Optima improved the front-end and tail and added LED fog lamps and LED lighting to its trim. Nappa leather interior was added to the EX-L 2014 Kia Optima and, subsequently, the 2015 Kia Optima adds an aesthetically-pleasing dark-toned cloth interior design. 

Both the 2014 and 2015 versions of the Kia Optima offer five trim levels from the affordable LX and EX to the more high-end SX Turbo and Limited Kia Optima sedans. Many of the changes that the Kia Optima underwent vis-a-vis the 2014 Kia Optima and 2015 Kia Optima, though, involve technology upgrades. For instance, the 2014 Kia Optima featured a 4.3 inch screen as well as available an eight-inch navigation screen. The 2015 Kia Optima goes one step further by offering a UVO infotainment system that combines four innovative services. 

The four services offered on the UVO infotainment system (e.g., Driving Score) are available on the higher-end 2015 Kia Optima trim levels whereas 911 Connect, Parking Minder and other apps will continue to be available on the standard LX trim. Drivers and passengers alike taking the 2015 Kia Optima for a test-drive will also notice that the windshield is acoustic-laminated even in the entry-level LX versions of the 2015 Kia Optima.

2014 Kia Optima Interior NJ

The cruise control switch on the 2015 Kia Optima is also located in a more convenient spot, which is a nod from Kia’s engineers that purchasers of the 2014 Kia Optima had their voices heard. The 2015 Kia Optima also offers a few new paint options, including platinum graphite. The 2015 Kia Optima, overall, mainly makes a series of technological and cosmetic touchups to the 2014 Kia Optima. New apps, on-board screens, and paint options are a few of the upgrades.

Performance and Structural Differences in 2015 Kia Optima 

There are, however, some structural and performance differences between the five trim levels of the 2014 Kia Optima and 2015 Kia Optima. Turbochargers and hybrids round out the five trim levels of the 2015 Kia Optima, yet for all of this power all five trim levels feature 4-cylinder engines. 

A 2.4 liter engine and 192 horsepower was standard on the LX, EX and SX 2014 Kia Optima sedans. On the 2015 Kia Optima sedans, however, the horsepower is upped to at least 200 horsepower on all but the LX trim 2015 Kia Optima. The 2015 SX Kia Optima manages to eke out 274 horsepower from a 4-cylinder, 2.4 liter engine. Shift points as well as steering weightings can be altered in real time with the 2015 Kia Optima SX’s direct select system.


Kia Optima NJ

A windshield with noise-isolation technology has been added to all five trims of the 2015 Kia Optima to address cabin noise concerns over the 2014 Kia Optima. The 2015 Kia Optima is much quieter. To sweeten the deal even more, the 2015 Kia Optima features available heated (and cooled) front seats. Additional, Sirius radio and an eight-speaker surround sound system really enhance the interior features of the 2015 Kia Optima. 

The government gave the 2015 Kia Optima a five-star rating in all but one test. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also gave the 2015 Kia Optima glowing safety reviews.

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