2015 Kia Soul Nappa Leather Package Review

Kia Soul InteriorIt is no secret that Kia is one of the best types of car on the road today. For all budgets, all styles and at all price points you see Kia motors really taking it to the competition. AutoTrader.com reports that Kelly Blue Book awarded Kia as “most affordable” in their 5 year cost of ownership ranking. Kia also ranked as the “Greenest” auto maker in the United States. And the accolades just keep rolling in. This in no small part has to do with their amazing ingenuity and perpetual inventiveness. So it goes for the Kia Soul Umber Package which comes with Nappa Leather inside.

Umber: The Kia Soul Nappa Leather offering is one of the nicest Kia’s ever to roll off the lines. Kia Soul Umber is where the Nappa Leather begins. This leather is a really nice touch; stylish and stunning. The car is available in Fantom Blue or Cloud White exterior colors.

Shebang: Another level up from Umber is the Shebang Package. This level has got everything that the Umber package has with the Nappa Leather but adds in all kinds of other features. Pushbutton start, HID headlights, heated and ventilated front seats, and so much more are what lie in store for customers who go for the whole Shebang!


Base: Of course while both of these packages have the Nappa Leather you may be wondering what else you get in the base Kia Soul model. For 2015 the Kia Soul comes standard with a 1.6 liter four cylinder engine and six-speed manual transmission. It’s interesting that Kia Soul comes with manual transmission standard. However, if driving stick shift isn’t your thing, that’s no problem. The automatic transmission is available for an upgrade. However many drivers who’ve tested out the 2015 Kia Soul anecdotally report that they could totally see novices learning how to drive manual on this car. Even for experienced manual transmission driver, the Kia Soul offers them a challenging and engaged ride. Whether your needs are functional and pavement based or you have loftier expectations of auto adventures, Kia Soul has something for you. Another new feature for the 2015 Kia Soul base model is the Kia Uvo software. This software allows drivers to integrate smartphones inside the car. You can also use voice commands, get emergency assistance, and for a small up–charge, add in fog lights, backup camera, and automatic headlights.

Whatever your needs and whatever your aspirations, the Kia Soul is a great car for all drivers. If you would like to test drive the Kia Soul or any Kia and you are in or around the Burlington New Jersey area, partner up with the team at Burlington Kia!

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