5 Reasons College Grads will Love the 2014 Kia Sorento

2014 Kia Sorento SX

Whether you are a soon to be college grad (or recent grad) who is looking to buy your first car or a parent who wants to reward your child for graduating college with a new car, choosing the right vehicle can be difficult. From evaluating the overall safety features to picking a car that has the features and design you want, there are numerous factors that go into the decision of which car you should buy. Fortunately, the new 2014 Kia Sorento has made it easier to make this decision, as it has a large number of features that make it ideal for any car buyer. In particular, college grads are sure to love the 2014 Kia Sorento with its sleek design, innovative features, and versatility.


5 Reasons College Grads will Love the 2014 Kia Sorento

Though there are numerous reasons anyone, college graduates in particular, will love the 2014 Kia Sorento, there are five that tend to stand out above the rest. These five top reasons why you or your college grad is sure to love this outstanding vehicle are:

  1. It is perfect for taking long road trips – it is extremely common for young graduates to take long trips right after graduating and before they settle down into a job, graduate school, or whatever other responsibilities they have after graduating. The 2014 Kia Sorento is perfect for those looking to take a long road trip across the U.S., particularly if a group of friends wants to come along. The vehicle is built with a three row option, making it easy to fit a lot of people (or luggage and gear) in it.
  2. It has a sleek design – as a crossover vehicle, the 2014 Kia Sorento is the perfect choice for those looking for something bigger than a small car but something that is also agile and easy to maneuver. The Kia Sorento’s compact design, with sleek lines, chrome finishes, and more makes it the perfect choice for many new grads. Some models even include a sunroof for those who like to feel as if they are driving in an open space.2014 Kia Sorento Interior
  3. It is filled with innovative, technologically advanced features – the 2014 Kia Sorento features a center touch screen and expansive entertainment center that includes an XM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, a rear display for reversing, and more. This makes it perfect for those recent grads who are always on the go and expect to be connected wherever they go.
  4. There is the option to get all-wheel drive – even if you plan to only drive the Kia Sorento on the road, having all-wheel drive is a great plus. Not only does it allow for you to drive off-road and get places many other vehicles cannot, it also makes it safer to drive in inclement weather.   
  5. Can save you time and money – when you need a car that is slightly bigger, but gets great gas mileage (and thus, saves you money!), the 2014 Kia Sorento is a great option. With an average of 22 combined highway and city miles per gallon, you can get further on less gas and money. Furthermore, the car has several features that make it easy for you to save time getting places. For example, the rear window is heated, allowing you to easily defrost ice and snow and get you going quicker.

2014 Kia Sorento Burlington NJ

Although these are some of the reasons a recent college grad is likely to love a 2014 Kia Sorento, there are many more! Schedule a test drive today to see what else it has to offer.


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