5 Reasons your Kia needs to shed its Winter Tires

The cold days of winter are finally becoming a thing of the past, if only for a bit, and you are ready to say goodbye to the snow and ice and hello to the warm days of summer. Given New Jersey’s chilly climate, you likely fitted winter tires on your Kia last fall. You might be hesitant to make the switch back to summer tires. There are definite benefits to shedding your Kia’s winter tires, such as our following top five reasons why:

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1.  Make your investment last. 

Winter tires are often more expensive than summer models, therefore keeping them on your Kia year-round will cause them to prematurely wear out. Additionally, wearing down the tread on these premium tires will cause them to have little to no grip for the snow when winter rolls around again.

2.  Spring and summer rains

Summer tires have a special tread that is specifically designed to cope with rainfall, allowing them to safely and effectively disperse road surface water. Winter tires are okay at this but are better suited to snowy and icy conditions. Switching out the winter tires on your Kia will ensure that you have a good grip on slick, wet roads, and less of an aquaplaning risk.

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3.  Hot temperatures equal hot tarmac

Summer tires are comprised of a softer compound that works great with hot tarmac, allowing the vehicle to stick to the road without problems. Harder compound tires, like winter tires, are less forgiving on hot tarmac. This can cause your wheels to spin and possibly slide when taking any corner a bit too fast.

4.  More durable for more rides

There’s a reason you hear more about summer road trips than winter ones. It’s because it’s simply more fun to drive and travel around during the warm days of summer. You will likely notice that you tend to go more places with your Kia during the warmer months of this year. This means that you need a tire that is not only durable, but one that also offers a quieter and smoother ride, which is definitely a summer tire characteristic. Winter tires often have a noisy and hard riding feel that can make lengthy summer car trips unenjoyable.

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5.  Superior braking performance 

There a number of different summer tire profiles and widths you can get for your Kia. Not only does this make such a tire the ideal choice for the sportier car, but most all of your summer choices offer a tread and compound that is designed for excellent braking performance on both hot and wet roads. This is especially important for people who live in rainier climates, such as ours here in New Jersey.

Winter tires are an excellent purchase for the winter weather season. However, during the summer, you should consider shedding this tire for one that has been specifically designed for the driving conditions inherent in the summer time.

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