5 Reasons the Kia Soul is for you

2014 Kia Soul Philadelphia PA

The Kia Soul is a compact car that debuted at the 2008 Paris Motor Show and has been going strong ever since. The 2014 Kia Soul comes in three trims and from the base trim up you’ll find Bluetooth wireless technology, Sirius XM satellite radio and other goodies.

Base Trim, Plus and Exclaim 

Aside from the base model, the Kia Soul eschews traditional names. The three trims are titled: base trim, + (a.k.a., Kia Soul Plus) and ! (a.k.a., Kia Soul Exclaim). This unique approach from Kia doesn’t diminish the fact that even the highest trim is very affordably priced and gets roughly the same great gas mileage as the two lower trims. 



Entertainment Features 

The three trims have remote keyless entry as well as steering wheel mounted controls. Sirius XM audio and a six-speaker sound system are included standard in all three trims. In addition, steering wheel mounted controls, Bluetooth and a USB auxiliary port are included in the 2014 Kia Soul base trim, Kia Soul Plus and Kia Soul Exclaim.

UVO eServices that keep you in contact with your favorite devices comes as an optional add-on feature of the Kia Soul Plus and a standard feature on the Kia Soul Exclaim. An Infinity audio system, speaker lights, and an eight-inch navigation touchscreen are all optional features on the Kia Soul Plus and Exclaim.

Remote Keyless Entry and FlexSteer 

You can now open and lock up your Kia Soul with the push of a button thanks to Kia’s remote keyless entry system. The key can also fold back into the key fob to make things more convenient and manageable.

That said, an optional feature on the Plus and Exclaim is a push-button ignition. Included in the push-button ignition is a digital sensor to only start the car when someone with the Smart key is in the vehicle. If the Smart key isn’t in the Kia and you try to start it with the push-button ignition, the immobilizer kicks in.

Standard at all three trim levels is Kia’s FlexSteer. You can now quickly toggle between normal, comfort and sport modes to account for changing driving conditions or your personal preference.

Kia Soul Exclaim Burlington NJ

Seat Composition and Interior Dimensions 

All three trims feature woven cloth trim and tricot. Optional features on the 2014 Kia Soul Plus and Exclaim are leather-trimmed seats and steering wheel.

The base trim and Kia Soul Plus feature a six-way adjustable seat standard for added comfort. The Kia Soul Exclaim includes a ten-way power driver’s seat with lumbar support standard.

The base trim, Plus and Exclaim offer similar headroom and shoulder room in the front and back. Specifically, the Kia Soul offers about 39 inches of headroom in the front, 55 inches of shoulder room for the driver and front passenger, and 40 inches of legroom for rear passengers.

Without the sunroof, the passenger volume on any of the three trims is approximately 101 cubic feet. This all translates to more than enough space for you and your passengers.

Safety Features on the 2014 Kia Soul 

Three-point seat belts at all seating positions as well as seat-mounted side airbags help to make the Kia Soul a very safe driving experience. Four-wheel anti-lock breaking and electronic stability control make the Kia Soul even safer.

Horsepower and Fuel Economy 

The base trim gets 130 horsepower from a 1.6 liter engine, and the Plus and Exclaim each muster 164 horsepower from a strong 2.0 liter engine.

Around 23 MPG in the city and 30 MPG on the highway for each trim makes the Kia Soul a gift that keeps on giving.

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