Benefits to Buying a Used Kia Sorento in NJ

Used Kia Sorento NJ

Kia Sorento

Many people struggle with choosing between buying a new or used car. While buying a new car does have its advantages, namely that you can get exactly the color and features you want, there are many more advantages to buying a used car. Let’s take a look at the top benefits of buying a used Kia Sorento in NJ.

Lower Price and Lower Depreciation

Price Cut
When most people think of the main benefit of buying a used car, they think about paying less – and for good reason. As you likely know, a new car loses thousands of dollars in value the second it’s driven off the lot. Of course if you buy a car and own it for a few years, it will lose value. But percentage wise, the amount it depreciates will be much less.

Sales Tax Can be Much Higher on New Cars

Of course you’ll pay less sales tax on a used car if it costs less, but state tax laws also require a larger sales tax percentage on new cars. As a result, when you buy a used car you’ll save on payments and taxes.


You Can Get a Nicer Used Car Than You May Think

preowned kia sorento njMany people assume that used cars will only have a few years left in them – if that – or that they’ll be dirty, of poor quality, and simply can’t match up to the sleek look and crisp smell of a new car. The reality is that cars these days are made to run for well over 100,000 miles, and a car that was on its last legs after five years in the past, can now easily make it ten years or more.

You May Have a Larger Selection Than You Think

It’s simply not true that if you buy a used Kia, you’ll only have a few options to choose from. Burlington Kia currently has dozens and dozens of models available. You can find a vehicle in virtually any price range, with any combination of features you’re looking for, and in a variety of colors. If you’re looking for a specific model, there’s a good chance we can find it for you.

Learn From the Experience of Others

If you’re like most car buyers, you probably do plenty of research before investing in a vehicle. However, when you’re buying a new car there’s only so much information you have available to you. Sure, the manufacturer releases the specs, and a few experienced car testers will release their findings, but you won’t know how the tech features will work a year after the car hits the road, or how well the seats hold up over time. When you buy a used car, you’ll have many previous buyers who can provide information on how well a used Kia Sorento stands up under real driving conditions.

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