Benefits to Leasing a Kia Optima

Dominating the European car market since the 1990s, the Kia brand has established itself as a distinctly-unique, cutting-edge, and cleverly-designed contender in the automotive industry – both abroad and in America. For the 2014 line, Kia’s top designer, the German-born Peter Schreyer, created one of the most vibrant midsize sedans in the world – the Kia Optima. Outshining the competition both in its aesthetic-appeal and with all its optional equipment and cutting-edge engine technologies, the Optima also boasts an awesome fuel economy and an unbeatable warranty. What makes the Optima even more appealing is that Burlington Kia at 7 West Route 130 South makes this (and other) Kias available to consumers via their phenomenal leasing program.

Kia Optima NJ


Here are some benefits of leasing:

The Longest Test Drive – Ever

No matter how many times you take a car for a test drive off the dealership’s lot, you never really get the full sense of what the vehicle will be like on different road conditions, in different weather, and at different times of the day or evening. Getting to identify and understand the specific idiosyncrasies of your car only comes with time – and that is exactly one of the benefits of leasing. By leasing a Kia Optima in South Jersey you’ll get two or three years you get to drive your Optima and really acquire a sense of it. Then, at the end of the lease period, you can reflect back on your experience with the sedan and decide if you would like to own it, lease the latest model, or opt for a totally different car. 

2014 Kia Optima Interior NJ

(Almost) Worry-Free Maintenance

One of the benefits of leasing a Kia Optima at Burlington Kia is the freedom you’ll have from not having to worry about any major problems happening to the engine, transmission, or any other major part of the vehicle. Should something occur beyond normal wear and tear cause, the manufacturer and the dealer will typically take care of that for you, at no cost. Of course, you will need to keep gas in it and make sure there’s proper air pressure in the tires; you will need to make sure it has the right fluids and that you get its oil changed as scheduled. Beyond all that, you don’t have to stress about saving money in case something major happens to the vehicle’s engine.

Little (if any) Money Needed at Signing

Burlington Kia offers different specials and has different leasing programs available to its customers. Many times a down payment is not even needed to lease the Kia Optima. If a payment is required, it will be far less than what you would have to pay if you chose to finance and own the car. Furthermore, the money you will be saving upfront by not having to put a big down payment on your leased vehicle will enable you to get the Kia Optima fully-loaded!

2014 Kia Optima Steering Wheel Pad Shifters

Short “Lease” Window

Another great benefit of leasing your Kia Optima is that you can set the lease up for 24 or 36 months. Although you will undoubtedly love your new vehicle and will probably want to either purchase it or lease another Optima at the end of the lease period, the art of leasing gives you that option. Should you opt to purchase the vehicle from the get-go, you’ll find you’re probably locked into a five or six year loan agreement with the finance company. After those years of driving your Kia Optima, you can then decide to keep your vehicle, sell your vehicle on your own, or trade-it in for another Kia. To lease, or talk about leasing the new Kia Optima in NJ, visit Burlington Kia, a top South Jersey Kia dealer!

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