Top 5 Apps For Your Car

Whether you have been slow to the app movement or you’re a long-time app-ster here are five of the best car apps that you can download to your phone right now!

best car apps burlington njWaze (available for iOS and Android): Many people are excited about Waze and for good reason; it’s pretty awesome. Waze is a community driven, user friendly app that’s used primarily for navigation. However Waze has many other cool features as well. Waze tells you about traffic jams in real time. This isn’t just freeway traffic either; it’s traffic in neighborhoods, fender benders on side streets, even police checkpoints or cops lying in wait. Waze also does its best in trying to navigate you around traffic if it’s a problem; getting down to local side streets. Moreover, Waze is free!


Gas Buddy (available for iOS, Android, Blackberry): Rather than drilling down deep for the best gas prices in a search, simply carry around your Gas Buddy and they will do all the work for you. This free app is all about finding the best gas prices for all different grades of gas (and diesel) when you’re out on the road. Whether it’s in another time zone or driving around town, no one likes to pay too much for gas!

Repair Pal (available for iOS and Android): Unless you’re a car person and you have an intimate knowledge of your cars insides, no one really knows what they should be paying for work. The free app Repair Pal does some of this work for you. They will tell you what you will pay at different shops around the area. All of the shops which are on Repair Pal are trusted local names that you can depend on. Repair Pal may even overestimate the charges sometimes; but this is something which is being ironed out. In either event if you could save hundreds of dollars on a big repair job, why wouldn’t you download this free app?

best car apps burlington kiaCar Minder Plus (available for iOS): Unsurprisingly one of the best car apps is all about the health of your car. If you have gone way over on your last oil change, tune up, or you have driven around with that “check engine” light on for the last 50,000 miles, Car Minder Plus will let you know. Another thing about Car Minder Plus is that this app will actually log the service and repairs you have had done and it even go so far as to track your fuel economy to make sure you’re getting the most life from your car!

Witness Driving (available for iOS and Android): A final one of the best car apps for your vehicle is this amazing smartphone dash cam app; Witness Driving. This app logs your time, date, speed, location, acceleration and maybe even most impressively it helps keep track of what’s going on in your car when you’re driving it. This is a great app if you have kids driving your car or if you want to protect yourself from hit and runs, bad drivers, or if you got caught in someone else’s speed trap.

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