Why are my Brakes Squealing?

Drivers depend on their cars’ brakes to work every time they press down the pedal. So when the driver hears a squealing noise, it is natural to ask “Why are my brakes squealing?”

Why are my Brakes Squealing?

A brake squealing noise can happen for a few reasons.

Worn brake pads

Over time, the amount of material on top of the steel plate wears away. If the brake pads wear away too much, it can expose the steel plates. If the steel plates come into contact with the metal rotors, it can cause a squealing sound. That is a very bad sign that you need brake work immediately. When you hit the brake pedal to stop, this causes the brake pads to press against the rotors, causing friction which helps slows the vehicle, bringing it to a halt. The brake pads have a steel plate topped with a highly frictional material that helps the car stop quickly.

Overheated pads and rotors

In some circumstances, the brake pads can become stuck against the rotors. When this happens, the face of the brake pad will begin to overheat. This causes the friction material on its face to become glazed and smooth. The same thing can happen on the face of the rotors.

When you have glazed pads and rotors, the braking ability of both is severely reduced. This causes a high-pitched squealing noise and a loss of braking power. If this happens, you need to get your brakes fixed as soon as possible.

Anti-rattle clips

Your brake pads are held to the brake calipers with pad stays. To keep the pads from rattling around, an anti-rattle clip is added to the securing mechanism. When those clips break, it can cause the pad to start moving around, causing a brake squealing noise when you hit the brake pedal.

Why are my brakes squealing?


The anti-rattle clips need to be replaced.


Loss of pad insulation

When you apply the brakes, a lot of vibrations happen. To keep these vibrations from passing through the brake pads to the calipers, a layer of insulation is added behind the pads. When this padding deteriorates or is lost during a brake job, the vibrations can pass into the calipers, causing a squealing sound.

If you recently had your brakes done, and this squealing occurs, bring the

Poor brake job brakes back to the shop. The shop needs to add insulation pads back into the installation or add silicone insulation gel to keep the vibrations from passing through.

When replacing brake pads, it is standard operating procedure to resurface the rotors. This removes glazing and imperfections. The resurfacing also adds a non-directional finish which helps improve the brake pad friction.

If the rotors are not resurfaced, this can cause a squealing noise when the new brake pads are applied. The fix is to have the rotors resurfaced.

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