Why are my Brakes Squealing

Since brakes are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle, when you notice that dreaded squealing sound coming from your brakes it can definitely generate a bit of panic. Although squealing brake noise can certainly be a cause for concern, try not to become terror-stricken just yet. There are a number of reasons that brakes begin to make a squealing noise, and while sometimes that “nails on the chalkboard” sound can indicate a serious problem, often times the cause is something minor, or even normal.

How do you know when the cause of brake noise is something to be concerned about? The truth is, in many cases you don’t. That is why it is important to have any suspicious noises checked out by a qualified mechanic.

Why are my brakes squealing?

What are Common Causes of Squealing Brakes?

Brake noise can be caused by a variety of things:

  • Driving Conditions: Certain driving conditions, like severe or sudden braking or “riding” the brake on a steep downgrade can cause your vehicle’s brakes to squeal.
  • Weather Conditions: Damp weather conditions, high humidity levels or wet roadways can often cause your vehicle’s brakes to make a squealing or high pitched screeching noise.
  • Type of Brake Pads: Many newer model vehicles are equipped with semi-metallic brakes pads, and while these types of brake pads are a much safer and longer lasting alternative to the older style asbestos pads, they often emit an annoying squeaking sound.
  • Dust Build-up: The dust build-up that is produced from the friction that occurs when you slow or stop your vehicle can cause a squealing noise.
  • Lining Quality: Cheap linings are not made to withstand the heat that occurs from frequent stops, and when the linings get hot they can become glazed and a squeaking sound is often produced, along with decreased braking efficiency.
  • Sticking Calipers: Although this problem is more common with older brake calipers, it can be an issue with new brake calipers as well. When the calipers are not functioning properly, they sometimes clamp down too tightly causing unusual wear on the pads and that dreaded squeal.
  • Worn Brake Pads: Some brake pads are actually equipped with a wear indicator that is designed to produce a high-pitched squeal when it is time for replacement.

If you have noticed any suspicious brake noise, especially if the noise is accompanied by decreased braking efficiency, it is important to have your vehicle’s brakes inspected by a professional service technician as soon as possible in order to avoid more costly repairs or unsafe vehicle operation.


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Why are my brakes squealing?

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