How to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

summer vehicle tipsYou likely already know that you need to take steps to get your vehicle ready for seasons like winter, when the cold temperatures and harsher weather can take a toll on your vehicle. But what about season like summer? Like winter, there are extreme temperatures and harsh weather, both of which can damage your vehicle or make driving dangerous is your car is not properly prepared. Here are some tips for getting your Kia ready for summer:

1. Take off the snow tires or prep your all-weather tires. Most people do not spend very much time thinking about their tires—but they should. The tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. They impact its safety and how well it performs. Right now, before summer gets here and you hit the road for your summer road trips, is the perfect time to make sure that your tires are ready to go. Check to make sure they are inflated properly. If you have snow tires, switch them out for normal tires. Rotate your tires to make sure that all four wear evenly. And take a little extra time to make sure your spare is still in proper working condition.


2. Have your brakes checked. When was the last time you went in and had your brakes checked? Many shops will do this service while your oil is being changed, but if they don’t, make sure to make a special appointment to have them checked. The water and cold that comes along with winter could wreak havoc on your brakes, cracking them, wearing them, and making them prime for failure. Don’t wait until you start to hear your brakes squeal or feel them shudder and slip. Check them before you start to experience any serious problems with them.

3. Time for a car wash. During the winter, and even during the spring, it can be difficult to find the time to have your car washed. If you still have deicer and road grime on your car from the winter, give your car a thorough washing, both inside and out. While the automatic car wash might do some good, a hand wash is usually a better option, as it will ensure that you really do get all of the dirt and grime off of your vehicle. Pay special attention to your wheels and to the underbody of your vehicle.

4. Have your oil checked. Depending on how often you drive your vehicle, you might need to have your oil checked every three months or every six. Your vehicle will likely tell you when it needs an oil change, but it’s still a good idea to check. Check not just its level, but the color, too. If the oil is black and grimy, it’s time for it to be changed. If it is amber, it is still good. Make sure your oil is filled to the right fill marks.

5. Check your coolant levels. While your vehicle uses coolant all year round, it is most important during the hotter months of the year. Low coolant during the summer months could make it impossible for you to drive your vehicle. You should be able to see the container when you lift the hood of your car and there should be marks on the container that show you what level your coolant should be. Refill the coolant or take your car to a shop where they will refill it for you. This will probably need to be done at least once a year, for most vehicles.

6. Check your power steering fluid. Are you starting to feel that your vehicle is a little less responsive to your navigation? Is it starting to groan when you turn the wheel? Even if it is not doing either of these things, don’t be afraid to take a look at your power steering fluid. This is one of the most important fluids in your vehicle. Look in your owner’s manual to make sure you are using the right type of fluid or, alternatively, take your vehicle in to your dealership or a maintenance shop to top it off for you.

7. Test your battery. Batteries might be more likely to fail during the winter, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have any trouble with them once temperatures start to rise. If you are familiar with the composition and construction of your battery, you might want to open its lid and check its fluid level. At the very least, look at your battery and make sure that is no discharge or any kind of leakage from the battery’s top. Many vehicles, especially new Kia vehicles, will have sealed batteries, which means you cannot open them up. In this case, you can take your vehicle to our maintenance department and ask them to test your battery to make sure it is still in prime working condition.

8. Change your windshield wipers. This small, very simple piece of maintenance is one of the most overlooked. Your windshield wipers should be changed at least once a year. After the harsh conditions of winter, it is likely that the rubber on your wipers is cracked or has become rigid, making it difficult for the wipers to adequately clean your windshield. Most summers bring heavy rainfall, which means you are going to want to have wipers that work properly to clear water, road grime, and mud from your windshield.

10 Myths To Consider When Buying A Car

If you’ve never bought a car before (or it has been a long time since you bought your last car) the entire process might be a mystery to you. Instead of just winging your way through the car shopping experience and believing what past car buyers have told you about the process, get informed about car buying. Here are ten of the biggest car buying myths and the truth behind those myths.

1. Buying a car on a rainy day means you will get better service. You are likely to get great service no matter when you come to our dealership, but some people still say that if you shop on a day when it is raining, you are unlikely to see many other buyers on the lot. The truth is that everyone has heard this advice. That means that everyone who is trying to buy a car is trying to do it on a rainy day, which means you are not going to find the lot empty.

 2. Don’t tell the salesperson what type of car you want to trade in before they have priced your new car. Some people think that hiding their trade in vehicle until after they have already cemented the price of their new car is a good way to get the salesperson to give them a better deal on that trade in car. The truth is, however, that all salespeople use the true value of your trade in in order to formulate a trade in price for you.


3. Don’t tell your salesperson you are actually planning on leasing. For some reason, many car shoppers have heard that they can get a better deal on a lease if they pretend that they are actually planning on buying a car and at the last minute tell the dealership they actually want to lease, or that salespeople will inflate a car’s price if they find out that someone is leasing. The problem with this myth is that most vehicles have set leasing prices.

 4. You need to be prepared to walk out on your salesperson. This myth dictates that you will only be able to get the price on the car that you want if you are prepared to drop everything and walk out if they do not give you that price. In the day of the internet, however, when it is very easy to get price guarantees online before you ever show up at a dealership, there is no need to haggle and persuade most salespeople to give you a great deal—you can be sure that you are already getting one.

 kia-picanto5. You have to read every single word in your contract. It’s unlikely that you are going to have the time to do this and even less likely that it is necessary. A dealership is not asking you to sign away your soul. Most car buying contracts are extremely standard—you agree to pay the price of the car and they agree to give you the car. If you feel so uncomfortable in the dealership that you feel like this is a necessity, you are probably buying from the wrong dealership.

6. Demand only to work with the manager. The sales manager is not the only person in the dealership who is able to give you a good price on a vehicle. In fact, every salesperson is bale to give you a great deal. Every dealership has a number of specials and deals for their customers, and every salesperson is authorized to negotiate on price. There is usually no reason to demand to speak only to the sales manager.

 7. Bring a cashier’s check with the amount you’re willing to pay. This is one of the oldest car buying myths that needs to stop being spread around. There is no way that a dealership is going to take kindly to people who behave like this, especially if the number on your cashier’s check was formulated not by the dealership, but by the buyer. Have you taken into account all of the fees and taxes that come along with buying a car? What if the dealership was actually willing to take a price lower than the one on your check?

 8. The internet has all the best deals. While the internet does have some good deals, you can’t buy a car online (yet). This means that the best and most relevant deals are where you can actually buy a car—at a dealership. Many dealership are running deals and specials that they never post online. Looking for a great deal on a car? Visit the dealership to find out what kinds of deals they have on that particular day.

 9. You should get your own financing. This may speed up the car buying process (slightly), but it may not actually be better for your dealership and they may not even be willing to sell to people that insist on finding their own financing. Many dealerships have special deals and partnerships with banks in the area to give you better rates than you would be able to get independently.

10. Buying at the end of the month means the sellers are desperate and will give you a better deal. While it’s true that some dealerships may give you a better deal on stock still on their lot that they want to sell before the month ends, it’s also true that if they have already sold off all of that stock, they are unlikely to have any special deals for getting rid of those cars. Instead, try align when you buy a car with the best deals and discounts.

Top 10 Car Buying Myths

Kia Warranty

There are a lot of misconceptions about the car buying process and what you can expect when you show up on a lot like ours to buy a car. If you’re thinking about buying a new car, knowing what these car buying myths are and why they’re myths can help you have a much smoother, much faster car buying experience. Here are the top 10 myths about car buying that everyone believes but are totally bogus:

1. Extended warranties are just one more way for the dealership to make money.

Many people who come to our Kia dealership believe that we’re trying to milk every single dollar out of them that we can. In reality, all we’re trying to do is make sure they get the best deal on a car that is properly protected. Kia already has an amazing warranty program, but when we’re offering you an extension or promotion, this isn’t just to get more of your money. A warranty can save you from having to pay for some of the most expensive repairs (like for a new transmission). Paying for a new or longer warranty should ultimately save you money in the long run.

2. Kelley Blue Book knows all the most accurate prices.

KBB is a good place to start, there’s no doubt about that. However, Kelley, unfortunately, isn’t the be-all, end-all when it comes to car prices, especially if you’re not looking at an updated prices list and new models have been sent out to lots. The best way to find the average price of cars in your area is to look at dealerships and talk to salespeople to see what they are offering their cars at. Our dealership and other dealerships in the area do extensive pricing research before tacking any price onto our cars.

3. You should never buy a car if this is its first model year.

This is advice often dispensed to people who are looking for new cars, and it’s just not true. Today’s car manufacturers would not send a car out to lots if it wasn’t fit to drive and wasn’t just as valuable as the other cars on that lot. This isn’t the age of the Ford Pinto any longer—every model goes through extensive safety, reliability, and performance testing before they are sent out to be sold, and if there’s ever a problem, recalls are always issued.

4. Online reviews are always to be trusted.

Here’s a secret about online reviews: the only people who leave online reviews without being prompted to are those who either love the car more than anything else they’ve ever driven or those who have problems with the car. That is why you’ll usually see a swath of extremely good reviews, and another swath of very bad reviews, with very few middle of the road reviews in between. Don’t just trust the rabble of reviewers. You need to look at official car reviewing websites (where cars are evaluated and reviewed by professionals).

5. You don’t need to test drive.

More and more often, we find people coming onto our lot who have done their homework and know what car they want to buy. That’s great! Some of them, however, don’t even want to test drive the car before they purchase it. They’ve read about how it drives, and they think they’re ready to make a purchase. You won’t truly know if you’re ready to buy a particular make or model until you’ve actually taken it out on the road, that’s just a fact.

6. If you pay in cash, you’ll get a better deal than if you finance.

If you have cash on hand to pay for your new Kia, you might as well just pay for it outright. However, if you don’t have cash on hand to pay for that new car and you have to finance, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to pay thousands more for that car than if you bought it with cash. Most of the time, a dealer will be more willing to negotiate if you are financing than if you are just flat-out going to pay for the car right then and there.

7. There’s a secret lower price that you can pay if you just ask for it.

Some people arrive on a lot to buy a car believing that all of the cars have been grievously marked up—much higher than their actual price—and that if you just ask for the secret lower price, you’ll be able to get that same car for an astounding deal. The truth is that there is no secret lower price. Car salespeople are ready to negotiate, but they’re not going to be able to sell you a car for lower than the invoice.

8. You can get a better deal online than in person.

While we might occasionally run a special on our website, you still have to come into the dealership in person to get that deal. Plus, there are usually many more promotions and deals available than are listed on the website.

9. You should secure your own financing.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with bringing your own financing, but as a dealership, there are financiers that we prefer working with because they give our buyers better rates, which allow us to offer better discounts. If you are buying a car on financing, it’s probably better to come in and check out our financing options.


10. The end of the month is the best time to buy a car.

Many “car buying tip” listicles with include a point about waiting until the last weekend of the month to purchase a car because the salesperson will be more desperate to make their quota. However, in general what you’ll find is a lot with fewer choices and that the best deals have already passed you by.

Benefits of Buying New over Buying Used

Buying a New Car New Jersey

It’s very tempting to buy a used car. We have a great used lot that has lots of excellent vehicles on it—some are Kia vehicles, others aren’t. There’s no doubt that in many situations, the right thing to do is to buy the used the car. However, in the long run, there are plenty of reasons to opt for a new vehicle, rather than to pay nearly the same price for a car that has already been driven by someone else. Here are just some of the benefits of buying a new car over a used car:

No Shady History

While there are websites that both you and your dealership can use to check on a used car’s history, those websites will only show you the information that has been reported on that VIN. There are many situations in which accidents and repairs are not reported on that vehicle, meaning that neither you nor your dealership will know about them. While this is usually not a huge a problem (it’s relatively rare that a serious problem does not get reported one way or another), it is possible for a used to car to come with a shady history.

One of my best friends posted of Facebook just last week about how excited she was for the used Toyota Corolla she’d just purchased. The next day, she was posting about how she had to turn the car over to the police and get her money back because they’d discovered the car had been stolen and the VIN changed. There is a much smaller chance of that happening when you buy new than when you buy used.

Longer Life

If a car only has twenty years of to live (this is a generalization, many cars, when properly maintained, will run perfectly for far longer than twenty years), and you buy a five-year-old used car, you may only have fifteen years with that car. However, if you bought a new car, you’d have the full twenty years. While the lower price may sometimes justify this trade-off, because you can never really know everything that happened to or was done to that car while it was owned by someone else, in general, the new car is the more cost-effective investment.

Better Features

Even in just the last two years, car technology has advanced so quickly that the difference between a Kia you could buy in 2013 and a Kia you can buy on our lot today is staggering. There are cars with parking assist, with backup cameras, cars that will actually break for you or avoid danger, that will warn you when you’re leaving a lane, that have advanced entertainment features, etc., etc. Many of these features were available on a car two years ago, but you would have had to pay through the nose for them.

Today, many of the features that were considered luxury are now the standard. This means that if you buy a car that is two years old, you probably will be lacking most of the newer features. For some, this may be a bonus. Maybe you don’t want a touch-screen infotainment system. If you do, however, you’ll still have to pay the higher prices to get the higher trim model on the used lot. Or, you could just buy the new car that has all of those features standard.


Today’s cars are also more reliable than they were even five years ago. You have far higher likelihood of having to deal with a serious car issue sooner when you buy used than when you buy new. New cars are unlikely to give you any trouble at all in their first four years, and only minor issues after that, if you keep them well-maintained. Older cars are more prone to breaking down, draining batteries, having engine issues, etc. It’s a difference in how cars are made and in how much that car has been used before it gets to you.

Long Term Savings vs. Upfront Savings

The most basic difference between a new car and a used car is this: long term savings or upfront savings. When you buy a used car, you do get a cheaper initial cost. You will probably also spend more on repairs, gas, insurance, maintenance, etc. over the time that you own that car. Gas mileage and reliability both start to drop off as the car ages, so if you buy an older car, you are already much closer to that drop-off date than if you buy a new car.

On the other hand, new cars cost more initially, but they will also save you money on insurance, gas, and maintenance, especially in the first five years. Because you are the one and only owner of that car, you have control over what kind of care it gets, which can seriously elongate the vehicle’s life. If you buy a car that has already been through someone else’s hands, you have no control over what has already been done to that car.


If you’re set on buying a used car, either to save money or simply because you would prefer an order car without all of the bells and whistles, make sure to shop around, test drive, and learn about the individual and model histories of the cars you are thinking about purchasing. If you’re not sure which is a better option for you, come into our Kia dealership and let us discuss the costs and benefits of each for your specific situation.

Summer-izing Your Kia: How To

Summerize Your Kia

No matter where you and your Kia are going this summer or even if you’re just staying here in New Jersey, doing a little prep work before the heat and rain of summer arrives is always important. Summer means warmer weather and harsher weather. While your Kia is built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, giving it an extra little attention before it arrives can mean a much smoother summer season. Here are some tips to make sure your Kia is as ready for summer as you are:

1. Check the cooling system.

As temperatures rise, your Kia will rely more and more on its cooling system. This means that you probably want to flush your cooling system and refill it before the danger of overheating becomes real. If you want to do this yourself, make sure that you do not take the cap off of your radiator until it and the engine is completely cool. Most Kia vehicles take a 50/50 split of antifreeze and water but check your user manual before refilling the coolant. If you don’t feel comfortable flushing and refilling your system, make sure to bring your Kia into our New Jersey maintenance team.

2. Change your oil and filter.

If you’re planning a road trip this year, it’s important to change your oil before you go. Oil should be checked and changed about every 3,000 miles, though higher quality oil and a high quality system can increase the number of miles your car can go it needs a check or a change. Changing your oil and filter is something that most people can do without professional help, however if you have any concern about what kind to use or if your car is due for a change, taking it into a professional is always a good option.

3. Clean your lights.

Even though summer means longer days and shorter nights, you’ll still want to make sure that your lights are clean and still functioning properly. When it’s dark, turn your lights on and get out of your car to check their brightness and cleanliness. If they are covered with bugs or dirt, give them a thorough cleaning with soapy water and a soft cloth. Additionally, if the lamps have become filmy, use a headlight abrasive to clear the composite off again. If one of the lights is dimming, replace it or have it replaced when you bring your vehicle in for maintenance.

4. Rotate or replace your tires.

Summer can be especially hard on tires. The heat and sunlight can blast a tire, stiffening the rubber and making it more susceptible to popping or shredding. If you have had the same tires for several years, it is time to rotate them or even get them replaced. You can check the tread on your own tires with a penny. Put the penny into the tread, with Lincoln’s head facing you and into the tread. If his head is covered, even just a little bit, you have enough tread. If not, it’s time for new tires.

5. Check your brakes.

All brakes in all vehicles are designed to wear out over time. If your feel your brakes shaking or wobbling when you step on the brake pedal, that is a good indication that you need new brakes. Additionally, if you can hear them squeal when you brake, this usually means it is time for new pads. Some Kia vehicles will even alert you when they need new rotors or brake pads. Even a small problem can quickly bloom into a very large and costly one, so have any brake issues checked and corrected immediately.

6. Check your battery.

Like with your brakes, if you are having a problem with your battery, your Kia will likely let you know. If you want to check it before going on a long driving trip, take your vehicle into a maintenance center and have them test it with a voltmeter. If you do not believe that your battery needs professional attention, summer is the perfect time to make sure that your vehicle’s battery leads are correctly attached to the battery. When the car is off, scrape any corrosion off of the posts and connectors. Clean the battery and the connections, and then retighten them, to ensure a good connection.


7. Replace your windshield wipers.

Just as winter cold can stiffen your windshield wipers and make them useless, summer heat can make them too pliable or dry out the rubber, making them crack and break. When the monsoons hit, you will want fresh windshield wipers to keep your windshield clear and your driving safe. Also, make sure that your windshield wiper fluid is filled. With higher winds, dust, dirt, and road grease, you will want plenty of fluid to help keep your windshield clean and clear.

8. Check your air conditioning system.

Summer is the worst possible time for your air conditioning system to fail. Your car may let you know about any issues with your air filters, but having them checked out and replaced, as well as having the entire system checked, is a great way to make sure that even if you want to drive across country in the blistering heat of summer, you’ll have a reliable air conditioning system the entire way.

Getting your Kia ready for summer doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult. Even if you are not planning to take your vehicle out of the state this summer, make an effort to prepare your car for the summer heat and you’ll ensure a longer, happier life for your car and a safer driving experience for you.

Top Ten Reasons Kias Are Great for New Drivers

Kia Optima NJ

The day has come, your little guy or gal is turning sixteen, and it’s time to start looking into getting them a car. While it might seem, at first, that buying your teenager a car is an unnecessary gift, if they have a car of their own, they’re able to get themselves and their friends around town, they can run errands for you, and when you’re tired of driving, your teen will likely be more than happy to take the wheel of their very own car. Driving is a responsibility and a privilege, and if you’re nervous about allowing your teenager to have his very own car that he can zip around town in, you’ll find comfort in buying him a Kia. Here are the top ten reasons Kia cars are great for new drivers.

1. Advanced safety features.

Every Kia is equipped with top-of-the-line safety features that makes driving much, much safer. Even if your new driver is the safest person on the road, you have to plan for the recklessness and inattention of other drivers. This is where a Kia comes in. With advanced safety features, your new driver will not only be protected if they make a mistake, but also if other drivers makes a mistake. There are also a number of features that just makes driver safer overall, like lights that turn with the road and a parking assist system.

2. Excellent safety ratings.

Again, your new driver might never be the cause of a crash—but that doesn’t mean they will never get in one. New drivers, especially, might not know what to do in the event of a crash, but that’s why Kia is equipped with some of the most advanced safety systems. Kia cars are built to take the energy of a crash. Protecting the driver is the first priority, and that’s what you want when you’re looking for a car for a loved one.

3. Stylish exteriors.

Let’s face it, your kid wants a car that is as stylish as it is functional. He or she doesn’t want to be cruising around town in a dump—they want to look cool. You’re in luck when you buy a Kia. Whether you opt for an SUV or a compact sedan, you are sure to find a car that they love the look of, just as much as you love the safety features.


Kia Exterior

4. Stylish interiors.

Again, your kid wants something cool, as well as functional. Kia cars are expertly styled and extremely functional, with enough cup holders for everyone to enjoy a soda, as well as an intuitive design that puts everything your teen needs right at her fingertips. She won’t be fumbling for the radio or the climate control in a Kia, they are right where she expects them to be, so she doesn’t have to take her eyes off the road. While having a “cool” car might not be as high on your list for your new driver as having something safe and reliable, some cars can do both.

Kia Interior

5. Great fuel efficiency.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a Kia is the exceptional fuel efficiency—that means that having your teen run errands or get himself to and from school is going to be far less expensive than if you bought from another brand. Adding another gas bill to your budget might be daunting, but when you purchase a Kia, you don’t have to budget that much per month to keep his tank full.

6. Excellent warranties.

Another great reason to choose Kia is the range of great warranties offered on all of their vehicles. These warranties far outstrip those offered by any other brand, making most issues during those first five to ten years of driving not really that big of deal. This is a great program for drivers who might still be learning the ropes and for whom a little trouble is inevitable.

7. Reliable.

When purchasing a car for a new driver, how reliable that car is should play a major factor in your purchasing decision. Having an unreliable car is a problem for any driver, but particularly for a new one. Plus, if this car is for your teenager, you will feel much better about letting them drive on their own when you know that their car is not going to break down on them on their way to school. Having a reliable vehicle is vital, and Kia makes some of the most reliable cars on the road.

8. Advanced technology.

If your new driver is tech savvy and wants to take as much advantage of their smartphone and apps as possible, a Kia is a great choice. Many models allow you to wirelessly connect a smartphone to the entertainment system, allowing the driver to play their own music stored on the phone or even use apps like Pandora in order to play whatever they want, whenever they want. The advanced technology, of course, ranges beyond the entertainment system, with advanced sensors and alerts that let you know immediately if something is wrong with your vehicle.

9. Affordable.

You don’t want to pay more than you have to for a safe, reliable, stylish vehicle. You’ll find that compacts like the Kia Rio start as low as $14,000, making them an extremely affordable choice when it comes to purchasing a car for a young person. Even a larger car like a Sportage will be less expensive than most sedans from other brands.

10. Great standard features.

One of the roadblocks most new car buyers find when purchasing a car is that brands start off with a very basic model that has almost no features—some may not even have power windows! Every Kia comes with a wide variety of features standard on all of their vehicles, so you don’t have to spend thousands more than you intended to, just to get the features you need.

Top Ten Reasons to Drive a Kia

2015 Sedona SX Limited

Kia continues to grow in the American market due to extremely high value and crash test ratings from independent evaluation firms. Kia cars are sporty and fun to drive, and most of all, are priced competitively. If you haven’t checked out your NJ Kia Dealer yet, now is the time. Here are ten great reasons to drive a Kia.

1. Lots of upgrades. Not that the standard models are lacking, but Kia’s upgrade packages come with lots of choices, so you can really personalize your car in a way that few other manufacturers will let you. If you want LED lights, you can have them. If you want aluminum wheels, don’t worry, we’re on it. Heated front seats, remote access, a push button ignition—all things you can have if you pick upgrades. And here’s what’s great about upgrades on Kia vehicles: you can get a better car, at the same prices as our competitors. You can get what’s akin to a luxury vehicle, without the luxury price tag.

2. Better interiors. For some companies, interiors come second to body styling and what’s under the hood. At Kia, what’s inside is just as important as what’s outside. Seats are designed to make long trips feel like short trips. There’s also lots of foot room and the backseat isn’t an afterthought. You know if you’ve sat in a car where the backseat is an afterthought—it’s uncomfortable, you have no leg room, even when the front seats are pulled all the way forward, and there are no cup holders back there. Upgrades like sun roofs and rear air conditioning just make the interior all the more welcoming.

kia sedona interior

3. Great drivability. They are fun to drive, it’s as simple as that. We’ve always known what some car companies are just starting to figure out, that a car needs a little bit of punch to really engage the driver. The more responsive the car is, the more alert the driver will be. When a car is actually fun to drive, with great acceleration and no lag, that’s when people pay attention to the car and the road.

4. Great for twisty roads. If you live in the mountains or often take trips there, you’re going to love driving a Kia. All of our models hug the road so you feel completely in control, even on the most twisty and dangerous looking of roads. Don’t let the sleek body fool you, these cars are powerhouses that do as they’re told.

5. Great ratings. When it comes to safety and reliability ratings, Kia has been awarded plenty of both, including a 5-star crash test rating, awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Sportage, for example, was picked as a HIS Top Safety Pick last year, and our cars are routinely picked for “safest” and “most reliable” picks by just about any organization that makes those kinds of determinations.

6. Improved warranties. Every new car buyer wants a great warranty There’s no way around it—you need to be able to rely on the company just as heavily as you rely on the car itself. That’s why Kia has one of the best warranties in the business, with a ten year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty, complete with five years of roadside assistance. Those are perks that you’re only going to get when you drive a Kia.

7. Lots of choices. Kia has lots of cars to choose from, starting with Rio and the Forte, up to the Sorento and the Sedona. There are about fourteen models to choose from, and those are just the standard cars. When you look at the upgrade packages available for each car, you have a lot of choices. It’s almost always the number one complaint that car shoppers have—there isn’t enough variety. There’s plenty of variety with Kia, whether you need a small car to zip around town or a big SUV for toting around the entire family.

Kia Lineup Camden NJ

8. Lower prices. Don’t be fooled—lower prices doesn’t mean lower quality cars. You can get a great car, at a much better price than with other companies—whether you’re looking for a compact, a sedan, or a SUV. Kia has made a splash in many of the car classes in recent years, with hits like the Rio and Forte. The Forte especially, is a favorite among sedan drivers, not just because it is so competitively priced, but because it has all of the features that they want. Kia never tries to reel you in with a low price and then jack it up just so you can get the features that should be standard.


9. More versatility. Your Kia doesn’t just have to be for running errands around town. It’s just as good for a road trip as it is for dropping the kids off at school. Kia cars have been specially designed to be multi-purpose, with lots of trunk space for luggage, toting tools, hauling boxes, etc., as well as the improved engine that actually makes it fun to drive.

10. Great for new drivers. If you’re a parent looking for a car for your new driver, Kia’s cars are not just in the perfect price range, but also have the features that you need, including lots of airbags, heated mirrors, and steering wheel controls that keep a driver’s hands on the wheel. If there are any problems with tire pressure, transmission, and power steering, the car lets you know. Features like these can put your mind at ease as you let your teenager hit the road by themselves.

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Earning, and Maintaining, our A+ BBB Rating

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The acronym “BBB” abbreviates “Better Business Bureau,” a non-profit organization established in 1912 to improve relationships and enhance trust between vendors and buyers. There are 112 local BBBs across the U.S. and Canada, each with its own Board of Directors. All are responsible for monitoring businesses within their own region.

Angie’s List on Steroids

As the Internet grows, so does the number of review sites such as Angie’s List. Sadly, user-generated material is largely unmoderated, and entirely unconfirmed. To post a negative review, all a competitor has to do is subscribe under a false name and voila: the target business is assassinated.

Happily, the BBB is a far more reliable source; its grades are not impacted by non-staff commentary. Ratings are given by BBB staff, and reflect the judgments of that entirely unbiased, professional team. Other than word of mouth, there is no better guide to a business’ ongoing performance.



No business automatically qualifies for BBB accreditation. All must apply, after which the BBB researches the business and its principal stockholders, verifies all pertinent information, and requests proof of claims, where relevant. Many applicant companies are not successful in their applications. Only after acceptance does the grading process begin.

While the business’ grade is being established, it must:

  • Build trust by maintaining a positive marketplace track record
  • Subscribe to established standards of honest advertising
  • Trade honestly regarding products, services and material terms
  • Be open concerning policies and guarantees that might impact a customer’s purchasing decision
  • Honor all agreements and representations, both in writing and verbal
  • Respond to customer disputes speedily and professionally
  • Protect all customer data collected, and use it only professionally
  • Embody integrity in all business dealings and commitments

Ongoing Performance

Burlington Kia has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since February 1st, 2004; more than a decade. Through that period, Burlington Kia has been continually, consistently accredited by the BBB, which maintains records that detail every interaction over the most recent three years. In all that time, only five issues have been logged concerning Burlington Kia, and only one of the five was lodged more recently than 2012; all have been promptly and amicably resolved. This is why we have an A+ rating with the BBB (the BBB rates on a scale of A to F, with F being the lowest grade and A+ being the very highest). 

To establish a business’ grade, the BBB considers 16 factors, including:

  • Number of complaints made against the business, and filed with BBB
  • Seriousness of complaints filed
  • Whether the business responded appropriately to the complaint(s)
  • Whether the business responded in a timely manner to the complaint(s)
  • Whether the business made good faith efforts to resolve complaint(s)
  • Whether the business addressed the underlying problems(s), if there’s a pattern to repeat complaints

The BBB also considers the length of time a business has been in operation, that business’ willingness to abide by BBB settlement resolutions, the professional licenses and qualifications held by the business, and whether any questionable advertising practices have been identified.

Clearly, an A+ rating with the New Jersey Better Business Bureau is a ringing endorsement. It is something that we here at Burlington Kia are extremely proud of. There is no better grade that we can attain, but, as a team, we are determined to maintain the maximum rating we’ve already earned. To learn for yourself how we achieved our A+ grade, and to put our ongoing philosophies to the test, simply drop in unannounced at our dealership at 7 West Route 130 South, Burlington, NJ 08016, or begin the process by using our Contact Us facility.

Why Buy Kia’s in Cherry Hill NJ at Burlington Kia

In today’s market, there are practically dealers on every corner. In the process of choosing the best dealership, you will be undoubtedly confronted with several choices and options. However, making the wrong decision can be costly and can haunt you for a very long time. Instead, the best option is to choose a dealership you can trust and one that has your best interest at heart.


At Burlington Kia, you will find everything you need to make the most intelligent decision towards the purchase of your new vehicle. The following information explains some of the top reasons you should buy Kias in Cherry Hill at Burlington Kia. 
New Kia Dealership Burlington NJ

Superior Customer Experience 

As the only A+ rated Kia Dealership in South New Jersey, you can rest assured your visit will be as pleasurable of an experience as possible. With a professional and friendly staff, you can trust your questions will be answered, and your representative will work toward your satisfaction. These are a few of the facets of Burlington Kia that has made the dealer fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau and the #1 Kia Dealer for three years in a row. 

In addition, DealerRater awarded Burlington Kia the 2014 Dealer of the Year. This esteemed rating is based on several customer reviews based on the following areas: 

  • Customer Service 
  • Quality of Work
  • Friendliness
  • Overall Experience
  • Pricing

With an overall rating of 4.8 based on 93 different customer reviews, it is clear Burlington Kia places an infinite amount of value in customer satisfaction. 


When it comes to the inventory, Burlington Kia offers one of the largest new, Certified Pre-Owned, and used car inventory in the area. Best of all, you can browse the entire inventory online from the comfort of your home. If you are shopping on a budget, you can browse through the Burlington Kia Specials to find the right vehicle perfect for your budget. 

Kia Certified Pre-Owned Dealership

As one of the few Kia Certified Pre-Owned dealerships in Jersey area, Burlington Kia is able to offer better vehicles for lower prices. In order for a vehicle to qualify for the program, the vehicle must be 5 years or new and have less than 60,000 miles. As a result of these standards, any Pre-Owned Certified Kia comes with the following program benefits: 

  • 10-Year / 100,000 Mile Limited Power Train Warranty 
  • Travel Breakdown Coverage
    • Rental car reimbursement
    • Trip interruption reimbursement
    • Towing
  • Roadside Assistance150+ Point Quality Inspection 
    • Complimentary refuel
    • Lock out service
    • Flat tire service
    • Towing service
  • CARFAX Vehicle History Report 

Buying a New Car New Jersey

Fringe Benefits

While getting an excellent deal on your Kia and having a professional and knowledgeable sales professional are key, the drive toward your satisfaction only begins there. To make your experience as memorable as possible, Burlington Kia also offers the following customer fringe benefits:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Express Maintenance
  • Certified Technicians
  • State-of-the-art Service Facility 
  • Courtesy Shuttle
  • Complete auto detailing facility 

State of the Art Service Department

In addition to selling used, certified, and the full line of new Kia vehicles, Burlington Kia also offers a state of the art service department. Since every manufacturer’s vehicle is different, Kia Burlington’s service department specializes in servicing Kia vehicles. In most cases, when you have service done to your vehicle or repairs, your parts will be in stock. As a result of this experience, your vehicle will be much more likely to be diagnosed and fixed more quickly. 

Where to Celebrate Memorial Day in Burlington Township, NJ

Memorial Day is a federal holiday that allows Americans to pay tribute to fallen soldiers while also enjoying time with their friends and family. On this unique day of remembrance, many people choose to have picnics, barbecues, and other types of outdoor parties. For those looking to celebrate Memorial Day in Burlington, NJ, there are several great options.

Burlington Township NJ

The Lone Bugler Performance and Speech

71 year old retired Army First Sergeant Richard Pinter, more commonly referred to as the Lone Bugler, will perform ceremonies to commemorate fallen members of the military. The Lone Bugler has been performing for over 12 years. On Memorial Day at 2:00 PM, the Lone Bugler will be performing at the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Burlington. The Lone Bugler also gives a speech that touches on topics like the importance of Memorial Day and the benefits that families of fallen veterans are entitled to.

The Memorial Day Parade

This year’s Memorial Day parade will be held in Burlington on May 26 at 9AM. Parades are a very common way to celebrate Memorial Day. Some people celebrate by donning unique, patriotic outfits or painting their face and joining in the parade, while others may prefer to just watch and take in all of the festivities.

Greenlanders Park

This park is located on the western side of town, less than a mile away from the Delaware River. Greelanders is a great place to have a picnic or spend some time relaxing with the people that you care about. It also includes a basketball court so that you can get some exercise and have some competitive fun while celebrating Memorial Day.

John F Kennedy Lake

Many people prefer fishing as a way to relax and get their minds off the stress of their day-to-day responsibilities. There are several different types of fish that can be found in the John F Kennedy Lake. Others will simply enjoy the relaxing view of the water as they spend some time reflecting on the sacrifices made by members of our military.

Neshaminy State Park PA

Laurel Hill Cemetery

If you have a deceased friend or family member that was in the military, it is a good idea to pay your respects at their gravesite. This is a common tradition during Memorial Day celebrations. It allows United States citizens to remember the sacrifices made so that they could enjoy the freedoms and benefits that they have today.

Neshaminy State Park

Just across the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, Neshaminy State Park is a 339-acre park that is bisected by the Neshaminy Creek. Neshaminy State Park includes two picnic areas and swimming pools. If you want to celebrate Memorial Day with some boating fun, Neshaminy State Park provides two boating access areas to the Delaware River.

Independence Hall Philadelphia PA

Independence Hall

Further into Pennsylvania but still only twenty miles from Burlington, Independence Hall is a wonderful place to spend some time during Memorial Day weekend. At Independence Hall you get to see the place where the brave founding fathers decided to declare independence from England and create the Constitution to bring our country together. Be sure to check the National Park Service web site to find out the most updated information about park hours during Memorial Day weekend.


Whichever way you decide to celebrate Memorial Day this year in Burlington, be sure that you have the right vehicle to do so. At Burlington Kia you can find a wide range of SUVs, sedans, and vans for any driving requirements. The courteous team at Burlington Kia will be happy to help you get into the perfect new ride for your Memorial Day festivities.