The Best Kia Models for College Students

studentWhen you are going off to college is the perfect time to buy a new car. This car will follow you through your college experience and make it much easier to get around your new town. With a car comes freedom, and especially if you are going to school somewhere far away from your home, having a car makes it much easier to travel back and forth and to get where you need to go, even if you are unfamiliar with the city or town where your university is.

While we know that any of our Kia models will be great for a new college student, there are some cars in our showroom that are going to be better for younger drivers. Whether you are going off to college for the first time or you are in between semesters right now, now is the perfect time to buy. We’ve picked these five vehicles specifically because they are fun to drive, stylish, and safe. They are also affordable, which makes them ideal for college students who might be strapped for cash. Here are the best Kia models for college students:

1. The Kia Soul This vehicle is perfect for the college student that loves to stand out. There are simply no other vehicles on the market right now that look like the Kia Soul. This vehicle is all about attitude, with unique styling that makes it perfect for your unique student. While it’s true that style is important, safety and functionality are just as important, especially to your parents. On these fronts, the Kia Soul still succeeds. It has some of the best safety features in the industry and an interior that is focused on the driver. This means that everything you need is within reach and that you can easily tune the radio or adjust your settings, without taking your eyes off of the road. It is one of the most affordable models in our showroom, despite the angular, unique styling and the range of great safety features and it also boasts up to 31 mpg. It is inexpensive to purchase and it is also inexpensive to drive. While it is a compact care, you will never feel claustrophobic in this vehicle!

2. The Kia Forte This is the smallest vehicle in our showroom, but it definitely does not lack the power that most young drivers are looking for. It prides itself on being zippy, and with up to 37 mpg, it is going to be a very economical choice. It is also one of the least expensive options, which, especially when buying your first car, can be a huge bonus. It’s a great starter car that can easily adapt to your life after graduation. The Forte comes in a number of different varieties, including the standard four door design and a hatchback variety, which gives you just a little bit more storage room and a different look to the vehicle overall. This can be the ideal choice for anyone who wants a high quality sedan or hatchback, but doesn’t want to pay the high prices other brands are demanding even for their cheapest options.

3. The Kia Sorento A sedan might feel like the most obvious option for a young driver, but sometimes they just do not provide enough room for the student that often needs or wants to drive around large groups or haul gear. This is where the Kia Sorento comes in. Still much less expensive than your average SUV, the Kia Sorento provides much more seating (up to eight people) and also provides you with much more power. If you are a student who also likes to get away from the university on the weekends, either to hike or camp or just explore, this could be the very best option for you.


4. The Kia Sportage An SUV, especially one as economical as the Sportage, can be the perfect vehicle for a college student. You’ll have a little bit more room, which is always appreciated when driving around friends and roommates, and the bold styling of this vehicle is certain to turn heads. As great for hauling skis as it is for toting art supplies, you cannot go wrong when you choose this vehicle. It starts at just over $20,000 for the most basic trim, which comes with all of the safety features and infotainment features that you need. Higher trim levels will give you more features. While it does not get as stellar gas mileage as one of the sedans might, it still gets up to 30 mpg, which could still help you save at the pump.

5. The Kia Optima The Optima is one of the most popular cars on our lot and across all Kia dealerships. Why? Because the Optima is so versatile. It is styled to be both bold and sleek, without losing any of the practicality of a traditional sedan. It is bigger than the Forte, so those who need a little bit more cargo space and leg room might want to choose the Optima over something smaller like the Forte or the Rio. You’ll find luxury accents and plenty of safety features, so that you always feel like you are safe on the road, in addition to having fun while driving. It gets up to 37 miles per gallon, so you do not have to worry about paying through the nose for gas as you go on weekend adventures.

Which Kia Vehicles Are Best for Families?

Vehicles from Kia’s lineup are routinely being chosen as great cars for families. Many families choose Kia specifically because of the perks that this brand offers to buyers with families. Not only are there advanced safety features that come standard on every single vehicle, most vehicles are equipped with both plenty of seating and infotainment systems that make driving around more than one person simple and easy.

What defines a family vehicle? You could, theoretically, put your family in any vehicle. When I was growing up, my father drove a little blue hatchback that barely had seating for four people; even when we were kids, we simply did not fit in the vehicle and going anywhere was a difficult and uncomfortable process. But what makes a great family vehicle?


The first criteria is seating. How important this criteria is will fluctuate depending on how many people there are in your family. Larger families usually prefer minivans because they provide up to seven seats. There are also large SUVs that could provide a third row of seating, making it easy to transport more than just four people in comfort. However, for a family of between two and four, you might have plenty of seating with just a standard sedan.

The second criteria you will want to consider is storage space. Even if you are just driving the kids to school and picking them up, if the vehicle you choose does not even have enough storage space for three normal backpacks, you might be looking at a car that is simply too small. Because families usually need more groceries and carry more luggage when they travel, the more storage space you can get, the more comfortable you will be in that vehicle.

Fuel economy is another important factor. Having more people in a car means that the car will consume more gas to get where you want to go. It could also mean that the vehicle is driven more than a vehicle would if it was driven by just a single person or by a couple. The better the vehicle’s fuel economy is, the less it will cost to drive, and in a situation where you will probably have to be buying more gas than a single person does, it is always nice to know that your car makes the most out of every gallon of fuel that you put into it.

The last and most important criteria is safety. Everyone wants to drive a safe car, but if you are driving around your family, you are likely more concerned with safety than the average person. A car that has had thorough child and passenger safety testing, that has airbags not just in the front seat, but all around the interior of the vehicle, and that has preventative features in the interior of the vehicle is going to be a much better option for most families.

Which Kia Vehicles Are Best for Families?

If you are looking for a vehicle specifically for your family, Kia has a wide variety of option. There are two however that stand out, even from the excellent selection this brand offers. The first is the 2016 Kia Optima. It was chosen by Kelley Blue Book as being one of the Best Family Cars and it was also awarded the KBB Best Buy Award. What makes this sedan so perfect for families? It succeeds in all four criteria.

While it does only have two rows of seating, it has ample leg room and comfortable padding, making it a great option for families that have felt crammed into other sedans. It is one of the larger sedans in Kia’s lineup, which means there is plenty of room both side to side and in the leg areas for even the tallest individuals. It also has a great trunk with more than sixteen cubic feet of space, so there will always be enough storage space for your family.

For fuel economy, the Kia Optima cannot be beat. It gets 39 highway mpg, and if you buy the hybrid option, it will get even better gas mileage, so you make the most out of every tank. And for safety, KBB liked the rearview camera, the alerts for both lane departure and front end collision, and that there was a surround view camera that helped keep drivers apprised of their surroundings. All in all, it more than succeeds in being a perfect family car.

The second standout option is the 2016 Kia Sedona. What has really earned this minivan the KBB’s attention are the seating options. It has three rows of seating, making it great for larger families or for families that often find they have more than four people to drive around. It actually has seating for up to eight! There is also ample cargo room, and the additional rows of seats can be used for even more cargo space, should you require it.

Like the Optima, the Sedona has a wide variety of safety features, all of which are designed to both prevent a crash from happening and from making a crash less catastrophic if it does happen. It has the same surround-view camera, lane assist, and adaptive cruise control that you will find on the Optima.

Which vehicle is right for you and your family? The only way to know for sure is to come down to Burlington Kia and test drive both of them! Keep in mind that there are different trim levels that will provide even more comfort and even more safety features.

Best Kia Vehicles for Young Professionals

professionalBeing a young professional can be exciting, but it can also mean long hours and late nights while you are trying to establish yourself in your chosen profession. Buying a car is often part of just starting out in life, but deciding which one specifically to purchase, especially if your life is still in flux, can be difficult. How do you know what vehicle is going to function just as well for you in three years as it does right now? The key is to buy a vehicle that is versatile. Luckily, Kia has a wide variety of those in its lineup. Here are the best Kia vehicles for young professionals:

The Kia Optima

The Optima is probably Kia’s most versatile vehicle and one of its most popular. It is designed to be both stylish and fun to drive, which makes it a great option for younger drivers. It’s also armed to the teeth with the best technology optima has to offer, as well as a number of great safety features, which could be a selling point for those who have long commutes and spend a lot of time on the road. This is a mid-sized sedan, which makes it larger than some of Kia’s other sedans, for more storage space and leg room. You certainly won’t sacrifice sportiness, however, if you choose the Optima.

The Kia Soul

The Soul is, without a doubt, the most unique vehicle in Kia’s lineup, which should make it the perfect choice for anyone who wants a car that marches to the beat of its own drum. It has everything that makes a sedan great, while being extremely unique-looking. On a less-aesthetic level, it is a fun-to-drive, engaging vehicle with plenty of technology and advanced handling. If you want to turn heads and to drive a vehicle that no one else at the office is going to be driving, this is the one for you.

The Kia Sportage


If you are looking for a vehicle that is as stylish as it is versatile, the Kia Sportage is a great option. Not only is the Sportage getting a few incredible updates this year (including being the first to get Kia’s updated UVO3 infotainment system), this vehicle is affordably priced, starting at just over $22,000. This makes it comparable to many entry-level sedans for most other brands, but gives you the functionality and look of a SUV.

If you find yourself often needing to haul stuff or people around, this is the vehicle for you. While some brands might opt for a more utilitarian design, the Sportage is sporty without being drab, and is still tons of fun to drive.

The Kia Forte

The Kia Forte is routinely among the cars listed as being the best for those just starting out in their careers—and for good reason. It’s stylish, there are plenty of different color options, which makes it customizable, and it gets great gas mileage. It is also less expensive than most other vehicles, starting at just under $16,000, which makes it much more accessible than even the cheapest sedans from most other brands.

The Forte has a lot going for it. Despite its relatively small size, it still has a roomy interior, a high quality infotainment system, and a sporty design that makes it a great choice for someone who does not want a sedan that looks like something their mother would drive. One of the best reason to pick a vehicle like this is to be able to get more vehicle for a lower price. The low entry price makes it possible to upgrade to a higher trim level and get more features, while still paying less than you would for other vehicles.

The Kia Rio

The smallest and least expensive vehicle in Kia’s lineup, the Rio still has plenty to offer. Not only does it have a combined MPG of thirty-one, it starts at just over $14,000. You cannot find a sedan, even a sub-compact, from any other brand, at that price. They just don’t exist. If you need a car and you want to buy a new car, but you can’t find anything that is affordably priced, this is a great alternative. You will be looking at very low monthly payments, or a shorter payment track, giving you the flexibility to pay off your vehicle quickly.

The Rio comes in two different configurations. There is the standard Rio, which has four doors, and the Rio 5-door, which is essentially the same as its four-doored alternative, except that it is a hatchback. This gives the Rio an even sportier appearance.

The Optima Hybrid

Last, but not least is the Optima Hybrid. It looks almost exactly like the Optima, but it has one important improvement: gets a combined MPG of thirty-eight. This means that if you have a long commute or you just want to protect the environment, you could seriously reduce your impact on the environment, simply by buying this vehicle.

What is especially impressive about this option, is that, despite being a Hybrid, it is still reasonable priced, starting at just under $26,000. This is not a price point you are going to be able to find from most other brands. If you want to purchase a vehicle that protects the environment or allows you to use less gas, you are probably going to see yourself with few options that start under $30,000. Kia does it and provides with a stylish, eco-friendly option that any young professional would be proud to drive.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Car

A car is a serious financial investment and the initial sticker shock can put some people off of the idea of actually completing the purchase. It is important to remember that like other large purchases, there are many different types of financing available that make it possible to buy the car and then pay it off in more manageable installments. Some buyers will continue to waffle about actually making a purchase, not realizing that the freedom and convenience that comes along with buying a car is worth the expense. Here are ten reasons to buy that car you’ve had your eye on:

1. Ability to go wherever you want, whenever you want – Many cities have great public transportation, but many of those cities also have very specific train and bus routes that only run at certain times of the day and even only on certain days of the week. A car, on the other hand, does not have these limitations. Instead of trying to plan your life around a complicated public transportation schedule, you can just get in your car and go where you want to go, when you want to go there.

2. Freedom outside of your own city – Trying to get from one city to another is one of the most annoying situations when you do not own your own transportation. Instead, you have to rely on the trains, planes, and busses, all of which are much more expensive and which make it difficult to get to a specific destination in that city. If you are relegated to public transportation, you will often have to take several different methods and might still have to end up walking a great distance in order to get exactly where you want to go.


kia optima3. Reliability – When was the last time that the train in your city was perfectly on time? Or that the bus was not delayed? These might be minor annoyances on the average day, but if you have to be to work by a certain time, it can be extremely annoying that public transportation in this country does not run like a well-oiled machine. These types of transportation are just not reliable. When you buy a car, on the other hand, you have a very reliable way of getting around, especially if you take good care of that car.

4. Comfort – Unless you are willing to pay to sit in first class, you are going to find no better way to travel than in your own car. Today’s cars are designed to be comfortable, even for long drives, which makes them far superior to plastic bus and train seats, which are notoriously uncomfortable. If you are tired of having to sit or stand for long journeys on the train or on the bus, a car is a great alternative.

5. Safety – As a passenger on a bus or on the train, you probably do not want to fall asleep. You could have your bag or wallet stolen, or you might be harassed by another passenger. As a passenger in a car, however, you are much less likely to be attacked or robbed. Because the driver and passengers are the only people in this form of transportation, you are much safer. You are also safer in the instance of crashes—cars are designed to protect their passengers form collisions. Other forms of transportation are not.

6. More stylish – No matter how clean and sleek a bus, plane, or train was when it was first built, after only a few weeks of use, it is going to be dirty and grimy. While there are some types of transportation that are cleaner than others, no type of transportation is as stylish as a well-designed car. Kia, specifically, has a wide variety of stylish vehicles to choose from, making it easy to find one that allows you to travel in style.

7. More personalized – Many drivers treat their vehicles like an extension of their homes. They decorate them and personalize them. Even the type of car that you purchase can be very personal. There are reasons why some people buy a Kia Optima and others opt for the Kia Soul EV. With lots of different types of vehicles on the market, everyone can find a vehicle that fits their personality and helps them achieve the persona they want to achieve.

8. Faster – Sometimes, taking the train is going to be more convenient than driving yourself. But there is no doubt that taking the train from one city to another is going to take far more time than driving yourself from one city to another is going to be. Car travel, except for plane travel (which is the most expensive way to get around), is going to be the fastest way to get where you need to go, almost across the board.

9. Higher quality – One of the reasons many buyer are unsure as to whether or not they should buy a car is because they are afraid that car is going to fail them five years after they purchase it. The truth is that the cars you can buy today are going to be of a much higher quality, get much better gas mileage, and be all around better than the cars our parents could buy when they were our age.

10. Adapts with you – A car can easily follow you through many different times in your life. It is as useful for a student who is just getting his start in life as it is for a married professional. Buying a high quality vehicle from our Kia dealership is a great way to get a car that can adapt with you as your life changes.

Which Kia Sedan Is Right for You?

Kia has a wider variety of sedans and compacts than most other brands. When step on to the lots of other brand’s dealerships, you’ll find two, maybe three different kinds of sedans. Kia has nine different kinds of sedans and compacts, making it easy for someone looking for something very specific to find that thing, but more difficult for someone who is not yet quite sure what they are looking for to find the right vehicle for their needs. Out of the wide variety of sedans and compacts, which one is right for you? Here is a brief overview of all the sedans you can find at our New Jersey Kia dealership:


The Optima is often considered to be the flagship of Kia’s offerings. It’s one of the most popular and definitely one of the most versatile vehicles on the road. Starting at just over $21,000, there are lots of options for those that both want a great car and want to save on monthly payments. With a combined MPG of thirty, it is gets you where you need or want to go, efficiently. The Optima is the third most efficient vehicle in Kia’s entire lineup, and there are plenty of colors to choose from, too.


The Cadenza is a jump in price, but it’s also a jump in quality. Starting at around $33,000, this is one of two luxury offerings that Kia provides. The Cadenza has a sharp, clean look, and is perfect for young professionals or small families that want something truly stylish to get around it. At twenty-two miles to the gallon, it is still very efficient, and has great safety ratings.

K900kia sedan

At the very top of Kia’s lineup is the K900. This vehicle is packed to the brim with luxurious touches. It has the best technology and styling, and plenty of legroom in both the front and back seats. It is designed to be perfectly aerodynamic and to have one of the quietest rides of all cars on the road. Sleek, there are few vehicles on the road that can rival it. It starts at $49,000, and for good reason. The advanced safety features and stunning design make it a great prestige vehicle for anyone looking for something with both style and power.


Moving on from the sedans, we have the compacts. The Forte is the first and perhaps most popular of the compacts, starting at around $16,000. At thirty-one miles per gallon, it is also the second most efficient of Kia’s sedan and compact line, beat out only by the Optima Hybrid. The Forte has sporty styling, with the modern, aggressive Kia grill. While it may be less expensive than the Optima, Cadenza, and K900, it definitely doesn’t lack when it comes to luxury. This vehicle has plenty of great features standards, and a variety of trim levels that make it even more attractive.


If you prefer a five-door vehicle, this variation on the Forte provides just that. It is a little bit larger, which makes it a little bit more expensive and reduces its gas mileage a little. It starts at just over $18,000 and has a combined miles per gallon of twenty-eight. The five door design gives you a little more cargo room, but it’s the styling that most people are after. It has the look of a hatchback, without sacrificing two doors as most designs do.

Forte Coup

The Forte Coup starts at $18,590 (2016), and definitely kicks things up a notch when it comes to style and power. If you want the sports car experience, without having to pay the sports car price, this is an excellent alternative. It boasts a turbo-charged engine and a two-door design that makes it sleeker and more stylish than just about anything else Kia has to offer. It does all of this without losing the high safety ratings that it shares with the other Fortes.



The Rio may be the least expensive vehicle in most Kia dealerships, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything to offer. It starts at just $14,165 (2016), and, like the Forte, gets thirty-one combined miles per gallon. That makes it extremely efficient, while also having plenty of power. The small size is perfect for first-time car buyers, small families, and commuters, and it looks great on the road. There are three trim levels to choose from, if you want extra technology. All safety features come standard!

Rio 5-Door

There is also a five-door version of the Rio. The differences between the Rio and the Rio 5-Door are largely cosmetic—they share the same direct injection engine that gives these little cars some zip, and they have all of the same safety features. And come in all the same colors. What the five door does have, however, is that fifth door, which gives the vehicle the hatchback appearance that some might be willing to pay a little extra for.

Optima Hybrid

Last, but not least, is the Optima Hybrid. It has everything that the Optima does, except that it is a hybrid. At thirty-eight combined miles per gallon, it is the most efficient of the sedan and compact options, while still being extremely affordable. It starts at just under $26,000, and comes with all of the same technology and luxury that the original Optima does. If you want a vehicle that is as affordable as it is environmentally friendly, this is probably the one you want.

What Are the Perks of Buying a Car With a Higher Trim?

Some people come in looking to buy the “right” car. Others are looking for the cheapest car. Kia has vehicles that will cater to both of these types of buyers, but for those that are looking for the “right” car, you might not be able to find all of the perks that you are specifically looking for in the most basic trim.


What is a “trim?” Basically, a car’s trim is what level of features it has. For example, a basic trim (at least for Kia) will have many great features, including power windows and cruise control, but it might not have the most advanced infotainment system and definitely won’t have features like heated seats. What exactly comes with each car will vary from model to model, and it might even vary within the trims themselves, depending on what we’ve ordered or what another nearby dealership has ordered but wasn’t able to sell. Here are some of the most popular perks that you get when you pick a vehicle that has a higher trim:

  1. kia optimaPower-folding mirrors – These might not seem like a big deal, until you have them on your vehicle. Especially if you have to park in a garage or in a tight parking spot, there’s nothing better than being able to fold in your mirrors so you don’t have to worry about scraping them on the wall, a pole, or another car.
  1. Satellite radio – Satellite radio is pretty much standard on every vehicle now, but you will often get a better infotainment system (touchscreen, more options, more available connections), when you purchase a vehicle with a higher trim. This can make it much easier to access to media that you want to access.
  1. Back up camera – This is by far one of the most popular features that people want on their vehicles today, especially when purchasing one of the larger vehicles. Not only can this feature make it much easier and safer to back out of your driveway, it also simplified parallel parking and prevents you from ever hitting a child or animal that is too short to be seen through your back windshield but could still be harmed by your vehicle.
  1. Push button start – Another customer favorite, this feature allows you to start your car from inside the house—a great feature for the extreme heat of summer or cold of winter. You don’t even have to go outside to start your car cooling down or heating up, and because it doesn’t require you to put your key in the ignition or leave the doors unlocked, it’s much safer than actually going outside to start your car and leaving it running in the driveway.
  1. Navigation – While many Kia vehicles will come with OnStar, which can be used to navigate in a pinch, higher trim levels will give you a built in navigation system that works just like the navigation on your phone. Basically, you’ll be guided by a voice and show the path on a screen in your console, both of which can be a great perk for the directionally challenged.
  1. Blind spot detectors – This is still fairly new technology, but is technology that could save a life—both yours and the lives of others on the road. What this feature does is monitor your blind spots and if you try to change lanes while there is something in your blind spot, the vehicle will alert and will prevent you from hitting the vehicle or motorcycle that you would have otherwise hit.
  1. Sunroofs – Sunroofs are a great feature on any vehicle, and they usually only come on limited edition or very high trim level vehicles. If you’re a fan of the sun roof, whether for letting a little extra sun into your car on a warm day or for cruising under the stars at night, you can definitely get them, but they’ll very rarely be standard on a vehicle.
  1. Upgraded seating material – Most higher trims also come with better upholstery. This may be premium leather or just a more expensive type of cloth, depending on your preferences. While not everyone is a fan of leather, many find there is nothing more luxurious than beautiful leather seating in their favorite vehicle. This is definitely a luxury, but when you purchase a Kia, it’s usually a luxury you can afford.
  1. Power lift gates – Instead of having to actually get out of your car and pop the trunk, you can do it from a button inside your car. This feature is standard on most sedans, but might not be on SUVs and vans, which have a much larger lift gate. Why bother with a feature like this? Anytime you’re packing the car and your hands are full, it’ll be much easier to be able to press a button and have the gate open for you than having to put everything down to open it manually.
  1. Heated and ventilated seats – For both cold and warm days, this feature is one of the most sought after out of all of the premium features offered in higher trim levels. Heated seats will keep you warmer on cold days and ventilated seats will help keep you cool, even if temperatures are rising outside.
  1. Slide and stow seats – In SUVs and vans, being able to “slide and stow” extra seats if you need to haul something large or want a nice flat area for luggage or even for an animal, is a major perk. While some models may have this feature standard, most higher trim levels have better slide and stow features.

Kia’s Recent News and Awards

Kia is growing. We’re not only one of the fastest-growing automotive brands—we’re also one of the U.S.’s biggest brands. The reason? We don’t have to look any further than our vehicle line-up. It’s an exciting line-up that continues to evolve. Our new vehicles have impressed the auto industry and, most importantly, thrilled drivers.


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2015 Kia Sedona earns NHTSA 5-star Safety Rating
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Other Recent Awards









Looking at a Chevy Cruze? Try a Kia Optima, Rio, or Forte

Kia Forte Vs Chevy Cruze

It would be ridiculous to say that Kia is the only company that makes high-quality cars. You already know that there are plenty of other manufacturers that put serious time and detail into their vehicles. If we didn’t believe other brands made great cars, we wouldn’t buy them off of our customers and sell them on our used lot. We also find, however, many buyers come to Burlington Kia and Turnersville Kia wanting to know how our vehicles compare to another brand’s and why they should choose ours instead of another brand’s.

If you’ve stopped by Chevy’s webpage or their lot to look at their sedans and compacts, here is a detailed comparison of Kia’s models of the same size and in the same price range.


Kia Optima vs. Chevy Cruze

The Cruze does start off at a lower price point, though Chevy’s basic “LS” model does lack some of the features that Kia’s basic package on the Optima will offer. For example, cruise control is not available in the lowest trim options for the Cruze, but is standard on all Optima trims, even the most basic version. In order to get some of the more basic features with Chevy, you will have to bump up to the second or third trim, which puts the prices of this vehicle on par with the Optima.

There’s also something to be said, we think, for a company that offers its buyers a standard trim package that puts their vehicle in the 21st Century. Both Chevy and Ford remove cruise control and power windows from many of their lower trim packages and require the buyer to bump up to the next highest trim in order to get those necessary features.

The Optima also has more color choices to choose from, both for the exterior and interior of the vehicle. While Chevy is always expanding their color options, Kia now has more options for the buyer looking for a specific color, both inside and outside the vehicle.

Chevy does beat Kia when it comes to gas mileage, due to the Eco-Boost engines, but these engines are not standard in the Cruze, which means that the car you will likely be purchasing will not have the advertised 42 combined mpg, but will instead have fuel economy more in the low 30s. The Optima has a combined 27 mpg, which isn’t Kia’s best mileage, but will definitely help you save at the pump compared to many other vehicles.

Kia Rio vs. Chevy Cruze

Like the Optima, the Kia Rio has Cruze beat when it comes to what’s included in a standard package. While the Rio is technically a compact, which some people would think doesn’t necessarily put it in the same category, it is comparatively sized and priced, which makes it a great alternative for buyers who come to our lot looking for something similar to the Cruze.

Where the Rio has Chevy beat is both in price and combined MPG. The Rio starts at just under $14,000, which makes it the ideal option for someone looking for a functional little sedan for running errands or commuting. Because its starting price is so low, many buyers choose to spring for a higher trim package, which makes this car even more functional, including benefits like a backup camera and an even more powerful engine.

The Kia Rio also offers 37 highway mpg and incredible safety ratings, which makes it a great buy, despite what other vehicles you might be looking at. The Rio is definitely one of Kia’s best values, and especially for first-time car buyers who are wary of locking themselves into car payments for the long-term, this lower-priced option can be a great way to get a beautiful, reliable vehicle (with one of the best warranties on the market), without having to get financing for $25,000.

Kia Forte vs. Chevy Cruze

In between the Rio and the Optima in Kia’s lineup is the Forte. Starting just shy of $16,000, this compact car is often the first our salespeople will point out when someone tells us they’ve been over to Chevrolet and seen the Cruze. They start out at similar prices and have many of the same features. Of course, like all Kia cars, the basic trim package will have more of the most essential features than Chevy’s L or LS trim can provide for the Cruze.

A combined 31 mpg put the Forte nose to nose with the Cruze when it comes to gas mileage, and while there are limited color options for the Forte, most buyers find that they can find a paint color they like, especially if they choose the EX trim (which has far more options than the LX).

The Bottom Line

It’s important to shop around when you are looking for a car. If you’ve settled on a sedan, you are probably looking at all of the sedans that both we and our competitors offer. It’s important to remember that while shopping around is great, you shouldn’t let flashy deals blind you to the aspects of car buying that are actually important. For reliable, beautiful vehicles, Kia is definitely one of the best options. We have a wide variety of sedans and compacts to choose from that are competitively priced, so it’s easy to get the car you want.

Every brand’s selection of vehicles will have their own positive and negative aspects. We think that Kia is the best not only because of their high-quality cars, but also because of the excellent warranties they offer their drivers. So, if you’ve looked at the Chevy Cruze, it’s time to stop by our New Jersey Kia dealership and see the Optima, Rio, and Forte.

The Kia Optima vs. The Kia Optima Hybrid

2015 Kia Optima Hybrid

Kia offers two different versions of the mid-sized sedan called the Optima. The first is a standard gas vehicle like most cars on the road. The second is a hybrid. While there are some obvious and immediate differences between the Kia Optima and the Kia Optima Hybrid, there are also quite a few similarities, which can sometimes make it difficult for a person to choose one over another, especially if the price difference is not really an object. If you are considering both the Optima and her more eco-friendly sister, here’s what you need to know about both cars.


The price difference between the regular Optima and the Hybrid is the first thing that most people notice. The Optima starts around $22,000 for the very basic trim, while the Hybrid starts around $26,000. That $4,000 difference is usually a sticking point for buyer, especially those that are on a budget.

What most people do not realize, however, is that while the Hybrid does have a higher initial investment, the hybrid format means that the driver spends far less on gas over the life of the car. This can mean far fewer trips to the gas station. Even if you have to get gas once a week with a standard vehicle, that can add up to hundreds of dollars a month. If you can half those trips, you half that cost.

The additional cost on the Optima Hybrid covers all of the extra technology that goes into making the car a hybrid vehicle. It is not just a gas-powered vehicle with a more powerful battery. Hybrid cars have sophisticated technology that helps the car and the driver make positive driving changes that save gas, in addition to the gas-saving electric motor and battery pack.

Miles per Gallon

The standard Optima gets 27 combined miles per gallon, meaning that it gets 23 miles per gallon in the city and 34 miles per gallon on the highway. Most Optimas will outperform those projected numbers, unless you really do only use your Optima for short trips, driving around town, running errands. This makes the Optima, even with the benefit of the electric motor in the Hybrid, a much better investment than most mid-sized sedans, that may only get 20 or 25 combined miles per gallon.

The Hybrid, on the other hand, gets a combined mpg of 38, with 36 in the city and 40 on the highway. This enables you to get at least ten more miles out of every gallon of gas. Past Kia Optima models can hold about 18.5 gallons of gas, which means that you can get about 185 extra miles out of your car, before you would have to fill it up again. Whether you have a long commute to or from work every day or you just don’t want to fill up as often, a Hybrid car can make all the difference.


One of the best parts about Kia is that both the Optima and the Optima Hybrid come with the largely the same features and styling. The standard Optima does have more color choices for both the interior and the exterior, but the Hybrid still has plenty of colors to choose from. The safety systems are both top of the line and the cars’ bodies have nearly the same builds, despite being very different under the hood. When it comes to picking a stylish, technologically advanced, luxury vehicle, without the luxury price, both of the Optima’s versions are a great pick.

What is a hybrid car?

But what really makes the Hybrid different from the Optima? In short, where the vehicle gets its power from. Most vehicles have an internal combustion engine that burns gasoline in order to power the car. While hybrid cars still do have the combustion engine and a tank for fuel, they also have an electric motor and a battery—usually a different battery than what is found in gas-powered vehicles.


The electric motor, also called a motor-generator, powers the car along with the combustion engine. They also have a feature that recharges the battery when the car is braking, whether it is at a stoplight or while the vehicle is moving downhill. Many will also have a feature that utilizes electric charge in the motors to power the vehicle, if enough exists, further cutting down on how much gas a vehicle will use.

Why buy an Optima Hybrid instead of an Optima?

While a hybrid car will not completely eliminate the need for gasoline, a hybrid car is a great option for those who both want to save money on gas and cut down their carbon footprint. Because hybrids require less gas to run over their lives, they produce less pollution and contribute less to well drilling and other damaging practices that harm the ecosystem.

The ability to buy less gas is often impetus enough for most people. Choosing the Hybrid over the regular Optima is a difficult one. If you consider how much money you will save on gas, the difference in price does not become such a big deal. The difference in between a monthly payment for an Optima and a monthly payment for an Optima Hybrid would be more than covered by the amount of money you save on gas.

What other eco-friendly options does Kia offer?

All Kia cars are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, with many models having much higher miles to the gallon than other cars in their classes. Kia also offers another eco-friendly car, this time a strictly electronic vehicle that requires no gas at all: the Soul EV.

Best Kia Vehicles for Commuters


Whether you live in the suburbs and commute in to the city every morning for work or you live across town from your job, commuting is a part of your everyday life; if not your everyday life, then at least five days out of the week.

While there are always plenty of public transportation options, nothing gives you the freedom of your own car, enabling you to arrive at work exactly when you want to and leave when your day is through—without having to wait on a platform or at a bus stop. The long daily drive, however, means that you have very particular car needs. If it’s time to look into a new commuting vehicle, here are the best Kia vehicles for commuters:


One of the smallest cars in Kia’s lineup, the Kia Rio also has one of the best combined miles per gallon out of all of their cars. The small size may be a negative for some drivers, especially carpoolers, but those who commute solo will appreciate the zip and the maneuverability of driving a smaller car. Plus, if you have to park in a parking structure or lot with limited spaces, you might often find that the compact spots are the only ones left—and your Rio will fit perfectly.


Starting at just over $14,000, it’s a great choice for young professionals just starting out or for those who don’t want a car with a lot of flash and bang, but still runs great. The great interior and sound system will make commuting a breeze, even if you end up stuck in rush hour traffic—which is another place that high mpg will come in handy. With both four door and five door models and a variety of colors to choose from, the Rio is definitely a great option for commuters.


The Forte is another compact car, with thirty-one miles to the gallon, just like the Rio. A little bit bigger, with more features, the Forte has plenty to offer a driver that is going to spend a lot of time in its interior. One of the areas where Kia really excels is in producing cars that are extremely maneuverable and safe to drive. Those who spend an hour or more in their cars every day want exactly those two features—you want to be able to avoid accidents or to be protected if one is not avoidable.

The Forte also comes in a range of colors and with a slightly higher-end interior and build, which makes it a great middle-of-the-road car for someone who still doesn’t want to spend $30,000 on a luxury vehicle. Starting at just under $16,000, this vehicle is a great option for those who have to be on the road for a large chunk of their days.

Soul EV

While the Kia Soul is a good option for commuters, especially those that want a car unlike anything that anyone else is going to have on the road, the Soul EV is a unique option for those that want to make their commute very environmentally friendly. The EV stands for Electronic Vehicle—the Soul EV is completely gas-free. While it might not be the right option for every commute (especially the commuter who does not have somewhere to charge the car while in the office), it can be an excellent choice for someone who has to drive twenty-miles each way to and from work and doesn’t want to add to the growing pollution problem.


Kia Soul EV

The Soul EV can go 105 miles before it needs a charge, so if there is the likelihood of being stuck in rush hour traffic for a few hours, this electronic vehicle might not be the best choice. However, if your commute is usually smooth and you want to eliminate your carbon emissions entirely, the Soul EV is the way to go.


The Optima is the most well-known and well-loved car in Kia’s lineup, and for good reason. With twenty-seven miles to the gallon and a high-end interior, it’s a great option for someone who is going to be logging five or more hours a week just in getting to and from work. When driving to work is a necessity, you absolutely need a car with great gas mileage, and this makes Optima a great choice.

Kia Optima NJ

The 2015 stars north of $20,000, but for upgraded features and interior, it’s definitely worth a little more, too. Definitely one of the highest-quality cars in the entire selection, this car makes a great choice for a commuter who wants to bridge the gap between a sensible sedan and a luxury vehicle. There’s also a hybrid version, starting around $26,000.


Many commuters don’t commute alone, and for those that are carpoolers as well as commuters, the Sportage is a great option. The cheapest crossover in Kia’s selection of vehicles, with a combined miles per gallon of twenty-four, it’s easy to see why there’s been so much hype around this vehicle. It also has many of the luxury accents present in the other vehicles, and the size makes it perfect for hauling one, two, or even four coworkers along with you. Carpooling is a great way to reduce the number of cars on the road and fight pollution, and it can also make a long car ride less dull!

Bottom Line

The right commuting vehicle for you will be the one that ticks all of your boxes. Do you want something small and sporty with great gas mileage? Do you want something that doesn’t use gas at all? How about a great carpooling car? Something more luxurious? Decide what features matter most to you and then pick the Kia that best fills those needs.