Which Kia Is Right for Me?

Kia Soul EVWith so many different models to choose from, it can be difficult, especially for first time buyers, to find the Kia that is perfectly right for their needs and life. While coming to the dealership and sitting in and test driving the different vehicles is the best way to figure out which vehicle is for you, getting an idea of each model beforehand can help you narrow down your choices. Here are Kia’s models and some basic information about each to help you decide which you want to test drive.

Kia Optima

Starting at $21,690, the Kia Optima is definitely one of the more popular choices among buyers. It has the right features, at the right price point to make it a common pick. With 27 combined miles per gallon, it can help a buyer save money on gas. Available in a range of colors, with a range of different trim packages, a very basic model still looks expensive, while a tricked-out Optima can rival vehicles from luxury manufacturers.

Kia Cadenza

Starting out at $34,900, this sedan has a combined miles per gallon of 22. This car’s draw is power and style. Available in a range of deep luxurious colors and with premium interior materials, the Cadenza is a great pick for anyone look for a mid-priced luxury sedan.

Kia K900

The $54,500 K900 is Kia’s answer to the luxury sedan. Solidly built to be responsive and safe to drive, the K900 is a great option for anyone looking for a vehicle that is as great for running errands as it is for picking up your boss for a client dinner.

Kia Sorento

What’s great about the Kia Sorento is not just its price, but its style and excellent MPG. Buyers with family or friends that often find themselves driving around like the Sorento because it has plenty of leg room and storage space, so even long road trips are comfortable. It’s somewhere in between a minivan and a crossover, so it can get you where you need to go, without everyone feeling crammed into a small space. This vehicle is perfect for anyone who needs more space than a sedan can offer.

Kia Sedona

Though the Sedona is the only minivan in Kia’s lineup, it’s definitely one of the best minivans on the road today. Affordable, with plenty of storage space and seating for the whole family and all of their book bags or luggage, the Sedona goes where you need it to go and does what you need it to do.

Kia Soul

One of Kia’s most unique offerings, this crossover starts at just $15,190. While it is not the least expensive vehicle on the list, it does have 26 combined mpg, and the shape and colors available for this vehicle make it one of a kind. Anyone looking for something truly unique will love the Kia Soul.


Kia Sportage

The Sportage, starting at just $21,900, is popular amongst buyers who want a rugged, inexpensive, but still luxurious vehicle that is as reliable as it is sporty. The trim options make it possible to transform this vehicle into the ultimate camping machine or into a useful and elegant commuting car.

Kia Rio

Kia is one of the only car manufacturers to have both a complete line of sedans and a complete line of compacts. The Rio is available in both the four and five door models, and because it is starting at just $13,990 and has 31 combined mpg, this is a popular pick for first-time buyers or just someone that wants an inexpensive, reliable, stylish car that gest them where they need to go. Most drivers report both the four and five door models as being responsive, zippy cars, with great maneuverability. Smaller than the sedans, this Rio might not be ideal for buyers who often need to drive around more than three other people.

Kia Forte

The Kia Forte rivals the Rio for gas mileage, but is a little bit bigger and has a few more features. There are two other versions of the Forte available, including the Forte5, and the Forte Koup, both of which have even more features than just the base model. These cars are designed to turn on a dime, follow instruction, and have lots of safety features that make them perfect for young and old drivers alike.

Kia Optima Hybrid

While most manufacturers are now offering a hybrid model, none are offering a hybrid starting at just $26,000. The hybrid version of the Optima gets up to 38 combined mpg and comes with all the same features as the non-hybrid Optima. It’s an ideal pick for anyone looking to save money on gas and lessen their impact on the environment.

Kia Soul EV

Kia is one of the only manufacturers to have a commercially available, completely electricity powered vehicle. The Soul EV looks and acts just like a Soul, but because it is powered just by electricity, not by gas, it is the most environmentally friendly choice.

Which One Is Right for Me?

It’s easy to get caught up in the design and flash of buying a new car. Having too many choices can leave you stymied. In order to narrow down your choices, think about what you are going to use this vehicle for. Are you going to use it just to commute to and from work? To errands around town? To road trip during the summer? To drive around your friends and family? The more space you need, the larger the vehicle should be, like a SUV or crossover.

However, if you just want something small and manageable, at a great price, a sedan or compact is likely going to be a better choice.

Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Buy a Kia

Kia K900 NJ Kia Dealer

The groundhog might have said six more weeks of winter, and though we just had our “Snowmageddon 2015,” spring is right around the corner. Here at Kia Dealers NJ, we are getting ready to open up a new facility for the Burlington Kia Store and are starting our spring cleaning process, just like most of you are. Spring is a great time to buy a new car, especially at our New Jersey Kia dealership. If you are looking for a new car, here are eight reasons you should buy a Kia this spring.


1. Easier to get the model you want.

The new 2016 models will start rolling onto our lots in late summer, and early fall. If there is a 2015 that you are in love with, spring is the perfect time to buy one, before they start to be pushed out by newer models. Each model year brings slight changes to the style, color options, and technology available in our Kia vehicles, so if you want a 2015 model, spring is the perfect time to buy.

2. You’ll have your tax refund in hand.

Having a little bit of extra cash in the bank can make it easier to get the vehicle that you want. Once you find the car that you love, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you can make the down payment. Your tax refund may be more than enough to cover that down payment, or at least offset it. And because we have great financing options, after-tax season is a great time to make a car purchase.

3. A Kia makes a great graduation present.

With financing options and individualized payment plans, buying a Kia vehicle is now more affordable than ever. Many parents at least want to help their graduate buy a car, as a reward for completing either high school, university, or a post graduate degree. A car can help that child move into the next stage of his or her life, and a Kia is a great investment in that future. Kia offers the best warranties and protection programs out of any other manufacturer, and all of the models are built to last. It’s the most worry-free car purchase you can make. You’ll be secure knowing that even if something does go wrong, that car is covered.

4. Shopping early has its advantages.

Most people save their car buying for the summer or fall, as those new models hit the lot. While this is great if you want one of those new models, shopping early in the year does have its advantages. Kia vehicles are loaded with new technology ever year, but if you’re not interested in having a touch screen navigation system in your vehicle, shopping early in the year will mean being able to find a more basic model, before all of the older models are cleared off the lots to make room for the newer ones.

5. More attention from our salespeople.

Because more people shop during the summer and fall months, for those who hate shopping on a crowded lot or have lots of questions and need lots of help when picking a Kia, shopping during the spring definitely has its benefits. Fewer people on the lot means less competition for you—you don’t have to worry about that other couple who’s looking at the same Optima. While we always try to give each person our undivided attention, with fewer shoppers, the entire buying process will be faster and more convenient for you during the summer.

6. Break in the car before winter.

One of the disadvantages of buying a car in winter is having to spend those first months driving in the year’s most dangerous conditions. When you buy in spring, you have almost a full year before any snow falls, which gives you plenty of time to learn your Kia’s quirks and get used to how your particular model behaves, before you have to deal with any real inclement weather.

7. Great time to buy used.

The winter usually brings an influx of used vehicles onto our lot, as individuals trade in their old cars to offset the cost of buying a new car for the Christmas season. That means, come spring, our used showroom will be ripe for the picking. Especially when you shop at our New Jersey Kia dealership, you’ll find high-quality used vehicles—all year long, yes, but especially in the spring. If you want to buy a new car, but don’t want a “new” car, spring is great for shopping used.

8. Less expensive.

If you buy a car at the beginning of winter, you will also usually have to buy a set of snow tires and make sure that your vehicle is fully outfitted for the onset of winter—which can be expensive. On the other hand, if you buy during the spring, you usually don’t have to buy any extra accessories, until the end of the year. You’ll already have brand new windshield wipers (because the car is brand new) and you won’t need snow tires for at least eight months.

Buying a car is a big decision, whether you can pay cash, or whether you choose our most flexible payment plans. Kia endeavors to make the decision as easy as possible, by making sure that their cars have the guarantees and warranties to cover just about everything. Spring should be a time of new things and new experiences; buying a Kia is a great way to gain mobility in your life, without the worry that usually comes along with car buying.

8 Steps to Buying a Kia


Buying a Kia (or any new car) is exciting, but some people also see it as tedious and inconvenient. It doesn’t have to be! We are committed to make the car buying process as simple and easy as possible. If you want to make your car shopping experience fast and fun, we have a few tips to kick start the process and make sure you have all of the necessary information you need to find the right Kia, at the right price.

1. Get pre-approved for a loan.

While you don’t have to get your own car loan or seek out your own financing, being pre-approved for a loan can shorten the car buying process. Anyone who has purchased a car before knows that the process that takes the longest is the actually buying part, not looking at cars or going on test drives. Being pre-approved may also make it easier to get a better interest rate when you finance your car purchase, whether you go with an outside loan or with financing from our dealership.


2. Research Kia vehicles online.

Starting your car buying process in the comfort of your own home is a great way to narrow down which models you actually want to look at. Having an idea of what kind of cars we have in our showroom, before you step onto the lot, allows you to cut out the time you might spend looking at a truck or SUV when what you really want is a sedan (or vice versa). Either way, knowing which Kia models you want to see and familiarizing yourself with gas mileage numbers, the colors each vehicle comes in, the trim levels, etc. can jumpstart the entire buying process.

3. Price your trade-in.

If you have a car that you want to trade in, it can be helpful to use an online tool to see how much that car might be worth. Most tools require you to enter the make and model of your car and to give it a “quality” rating, based on damage to the paint, interior, mechanics, etc. These tools will then spit out a price that can give you a good baseline idea of how much that car is worth. Often, when you actually bring the car in, it will be worth more than those online estimates and can seriously offset the price of a brand new Kia.

4. Research what deals the manufacturer and dealership are offering.

Both manufacturer and dealership will often be running specials that can make buying a car far more affordable. Having these deals in mind, especially if they refer only to a specific model or model year, can help the dealership point you towards the vehicles with the best prices. When you come in armed with information about specials and discounts, you’re much more likely to find the right car, at a great price for your budget. Even a car that would normally be out of your price range, and therefore would not be on your radar, with a special might be perfectly inside your budget.

5. Call ahead.

Again, this isn’t a necessary step, but if you’re looking to test drive a very specific car, letting us know that you’re coming can shorten the process. That way, we can have the car or cars out and ready to go when you arrive. This means you have to spend less time waiting and more time actually test driving the cars and making a decision. Calling ahead also usually allows us to make sure we have one of our staff free to help you the moment you drive onto the lot.

6. Discuss financing options.

Unless you’re going to pay for your Kia outright, you’re probably going to want to discuss financing options. We offer a number of great financing options that make it easy to get the car that you want, with a monthly payment that won’t break the bank. Especially if you have a trade in you’re going to offer our dealership, talking directly with us about your financing is usually the best way to get an accurate interest rate and monthly payment. While online tools can give you a good idea, only talking to us directly will give you the best idea of your options.

7. Sign the paperwork.

Again, the most time consuming part of car buying is actually making the purchase. We work to make sure this process is not as protracted as most people believe it will be. After we’ve discussed financing and set up a payment schedule, all that’s really left to do is to make the down payment and sign the paperwork. At our dealership, we truncate the process so you don’t have to sit and wait for hours in order to get your Kia.

8. Take a tour of your new car.

Even if you’ve test driven the exact car that you just purchased, there are probably some things you don’t know about it yet. The salesperson will walk you through all the basics and little features of your car, from how to turn on the high beams to connecting your phone to the Bluetooth. This stage gives you a crash course in how to drive your car. Take a moment to flip through the owner’s manual before you drive off the lot.

These steps should make the car buying process much shorter and much easier! When you come to our lot with a little research under your belt and a little bit of knowledge about what you’re looking for and how much you want to pay, we can get you into the right car quickly.

Spring Cleaning Your Kia

Kia Sorento

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to clean off the road grime and salt residue of winter and time to get your Kia ready for your spring and summer road trips. Spring is all about getting a clean start, and after months of harsh weather and the salt, deicer, and other chemicals used to combat that harsh weather on the road, most cars are ready for a deep cleaning. Here are some expert tips for cleaning your Kia and preparing for warmer weather:

1. Get rid of trash

Before taking your car through the power wash, hand washing it, or even vacuuming out the interior, grab an empty grocery sack and go through every cubby, slot, and storage area in your car, removing all of the trash that’s accumulated over the season. Most people spend more time in their cars during the winter, as driving is warmer and faster than traveling on foot. This extra time probably means extra receipts, straw wrappers, and just general refuse. Before any other cleaning efforts, make sure to get rid of this rubbish.

2. Switch in your normal tires

If you opted for snow tires for the winter (which is always a good idea), as soon as the snow pack starts to melt is the perfect time to trade out those snow tires for your regular set. This will keep your snow tires from getting too worn down when you don’t actually need to use them, and may actually be better for spring weather, which is more prone to rain showers than snow flurries. Once temperatures start to rise and there is no sign of any more winter weather in your future, it’s time to give the snow tires a break.


3. Detail the wheels

Even if you are planning to take your Kia through the carwash, you might want to give your wheels and tires a little extra attention. Even the best automatic carwash can’t compare to some good old fashioned elbow grease. Your tires and wheels probably have a good coating of road grime from a winter of dirty slush and deicer on the road. Take a bristle brush and some soapy water and really get into the crevices and grooves of your wheels. Then, spray down the tires, removing anything embedded in the tread. If you have snow tires and are taking them off, giving them a thorough clean before shelving them will make them ready to go come next November.

4. Give it a hand wash

While an automatic carwash might be faster than hand washing your Kia, it usually wastes more water and may not be as detailed as you want to be to get your vehicle looking showroom ready again. You know where your car has the most built up dirt, so you know where the car needs more attention. If you do choose to hand wash your car, make sure to use a soap that is designed for cars. Dirt, especially built up dirt, can scratch your paint if your just rub it around with water and soap that isn’t actually designed to remove dirt from car paint.

5. Dry the car

Even if the daily temperatures are rising into the 50s and 60s, temperatures could still occasional drop below freezing during the spring. That means you want your car to be completely dry before those cold temperatures hit. Use a soft cloth to dry off your car after the wash will make sure that the water doesn’t have a chance to freeze and possibly damage your vehicle.

6. Clean the undercarriage

This is where visiting the automatic carwash with your Kia might be the only option. The underside of your car is likely coated in grime and chemicals from a long winter of driving. Especially if your community uses salt to deice your roads, you are going to want to make sure that the salty residue is completely cleaned off of your car’s metal components, as that salt can speed up the erosion process. Make sure to pick the setting on the wash that provides a thorough undercarriage wash.

7. Vacuum the interior

If you have a suitable shop vacuum or other vacuum that you don’t mind taking outside, you can do this in your own driveway. Otherwise, many carwashes have vacuums you can use, for free or for a few cents. Make sure to lift up the floor mats and vacuum up any salt or pebbles that has ventured underneath those mats. If those mats are stained from a winter of muddy or grimy shoes, you might consider giving them a spray down with a hose or a run over with a wet vac.

8. Clean the interior

Using either a gentle all-purpose cleaner or a cleaner formulated specifically for car interiors, wipe down the dashboards, console, cup holders, and all other plastic, leather, or composite materials in the car. Use a pen or a pencil, wrapped in a cloth, to get into the crevices and edges, removing stubborn crumbs and dust. Don’t neglect the doorjambs, where salt and dirt can hide. Once you’re done with this step, you might want to cruise around your neighborhood with the windows rolled down to air out the smell of the cleaner.

9. Schedule a maintenance appointment

Spring is the perfect time to get your oil changed and your fluids checked. You can bring your Kia into our maintenance department and we will make sure you are running smoothly and have all the fluids you need to keep running smoothly as temperatures continue to heat up.

10. Replace your wiper blades

Your wipers have taken a beating during the winter. In preparation for April showers, replace the old wiper blades with a set of brand new ones to make sure they’ll do their job when the rain does come.

Why Coming to the Dealership is Better than Shopping for Your Kia Online

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Most people start their car buying process online, looking at the Kia website in order to find their new car. While the internet is a great place to start, especially if you want to narrow down the list of cars you want to see to ones in your price range and that have the features that you want, coming to the Kia dealership is always the best way to really get a good idea of which Kia is right for you. Here’s why:

1. Test drives

Test driving is really the only way you can be sure you’ve found the right car for you. Looking at the car online is one thing, but you won’t really know how it looks and feels until you’re actually sitting in the car. You may love how a car looks, but if you’re not a fan of how it drives, it’s not the right car for you. And the only way you can really make this determination is by driving it. Additionally, the models on the Kia website are not always the same models that we have on the lot. Each car on our lot comes with unique features and trims.

2. In-person consultations

One of the biggest benefits of coming into our dealership is talking to one of our staff. While you might have a good idea in your head about what kind of Kia you want, our salesmen are trained to listen to what you want in a car and present the make and model that best fits your needs. On occasion, we’ll have someone come onto the floor who is sure that they want an SUV, but ends up walking away with a sedan. Because our staff have intimate knowledge of our cars, they’re more able than a website to help you find the exact right vehicle.

3. Find cars in your price range

The price that’s listed on Kia’s website is rarely the price that you’ll find at the dealership. We often have our own sales and specials that can make finding the right car even more affordable. And you can’t haggle with a website. You can haggle with us (though we don’t think you will need to). We know that your goal is to find a great car that’s well within your budget, whether you’re looking to buy or lease. While both the main Kia website and our website can give you a good idea of what a vehicle might cost, only when you come to the dealership can we give you a firm number.

4. See what’s feasible

We’re lucky in New Jersey, to never be too far from the things that we need or want. In some places, the cars that they have on the lot are the only cars that the customers can choose from. If we don’t have the right car, in the right trim or in the right color, we will find it for you. We can usually find just about any color and trim and get it to our dealership in a couple of days.

5. More relevant information

While the website will give you plenty of great information about the gas mileage and the engine, when actually looking at cars, one of our staff can tell you about all the other features of that particular make and model. For example, if you want a car with a great stereo system or a quiet ride, actually seeing the car in person and talking to a salesman that really knows those cars is the only way to find one that really fits your criteria.

6. Fewer compromises

The Kia website can only show you a very narrow set of vehicles. In reality, the range of vehicles that come to our showroom and to our lot are diverse and are designed to appeal to a wide variety of buyers. This huge variety to choose from means you don’t have to compromise a great sound system for a quiet ride or more trunk space for a roomier cabin. While we do list all of our cars online, the only way to really see what we have in our showroom and on the lot is to visit us in person.

7. Pictures rarely do the car justice

Even if you’ve already honed in on the exact vehicle or vehicles you want to drive, coming to our Kia dealership can seal the deal. We love working both with customers who aren’t sure what they want and with those that know exactly what they want. If you’ve spent a little bit of time looking at the cars online, it’s still a good idea to come and sit in and test drive them. You won’t get to see all of the little features and quirks of a car until you’re talking with a knowledgeable salesman and physically sitting in the car.

8. Financing and payment plans

Again, there are online calculators that will help you estimate your monthly costs for a specific vehicle, but only when you’re ready to buy, sitting in our showroom can we tell you what your financing options and payment schedule could look like. There are many factors that go into your financing options and payment schedule, and discussing them in person is always the best policy, especially if you want to get a great price and a reasonable payment schedule.

Some people like to do as much car shopping online as they can before coming into our dealership. Others try to cut the dealership out altogether! We still believe that actually coming to our showroom is the best way to get the right car at the right price.

How to Get Your Kia Ready for Spring


Winter can take a toll on your vehicle, which can extend into spring, if you don’t take a little bit of time to prepare your car for warmer weather. While it may feel that winter is still in full swing here in New Jersey, it will be spring before we know it, and that means it’s time to start thinking about how to get your Kia ready for the warmer temperatures. Here are our ten tips for preparing your Kia for spring.

1. Defend against road salt and other ice-melting chemicals.

In order to keep our cars from sliding all over the road during the winter, the state usually puts down sand, salt, or liquid ice melt in order to help keep the roads from icing over. While this is great for driving, it’s not so great for the metal and composite materials every car is made from. As the weather warms up and there’s less chance that there’s going to be more of these chemicals on the road, thoroughly wash the underbody of your car, just to make sure all of those chemicals, which can aid in rust and erosion, are removed.

2. Give it a spring cleaning.

Winter is a great time to track things in and out of your Kia, from snow to mud to sidewalk salt. Your Kia’s interior has probably taken a beating over the season, and because winter isn’t exactly the best time to get out and vacuum your vehicle or take it through the carwash, now is the time. Vacuum up any debris, clean out the jockey box and side containers, and give everything a wipe down with some glass cleaner. Then, take your car through the car wash or do a detailed hand wash to remove road grime.


3. Check your tires.

Winter is probably the worst season for tires. Sand or gravel on the road can wear down your tread faster than normal driving. As temperatures warm up, the air in your tires will start to expand, which means that they may become over-full. The ideal tire pressure for your Kia vehicle will be in the owner’s manual. Make sure your tires are neither too full nor too empty, and rectify the problem, if one exists. If your tires have worn down over the winter season, it might be time to consider getting new tires for your car.

4. Check your wipers.

Most wiper blades are not made to survive more than a year or so. The cold of the winter and the heat of the summer can dry out and crack the rubber of the wiper, making them ineffective. Spring usually brings plenty of rain to our area, and that means you’re going to want a new set of wiper blades if yours are worn out or damaged from a long winter of use. You don’t want to find out during our first big rain storm that they are no longer capable of keeping the rain off of your windshield.

5. Make sure your fluids are topped off.

If you haven’t taken your Kia in for its yearly oil change, now is the time. You can call our service department and set up and appointment for a checkup, oil change, and to top off your fluids. Winter temperature and weather can cause a car to work overtime, meaning that many of your fluids may be depleted after this season.

6. Check your battery.

Winter is also the worst season for your battery. The cold can really suck the life out of battery. Just because it’s warming up a little bit doesn’t mean that you can just forget about your battery. If you have a voltmeter, use it to check your battery and ensure that it’s still putting out enough power. If it’s not, you might want to have your Kia checked to ensure the alternator is working properly or if you just need a new battery for the upcoming year.

7. Replace your air filter.

Your air filter is one of the most integral parts of your engine, preventing dust and unwanted substances from clogging up your cylinders. They make sure that your Kia gets the best gas mileage and no matter how well you take care of your car, your air filter will start working less effectively over the years. Spring time is a great time replace your air filter, as spring winds will likely mean there is more dust and pollen in the air, that you don’t want to get into your engine.

8. Check your radiator.

The cap on your radiator should fit snugly, in order to ensure proper pressure in your cooling system. Spring is the perfect time to make sure that your radiator’s cap is still working properly and that your cooling system has the proper pressure. Another cap you should check is your gas cap. If it doesn’t have a snug fit, you’re going to be wasting gas and killing your gas mileage, as plenty of that fuel will just be vaporizing, instead of being utilized.

9. Flush your cooling system.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can always bring your Kia into our service department and we will do it for you. Flushing your cooling system and refilling it will help to prevent rust and get rid of any sediment that may have collected in the system over time. If you’re not sure what kind of coolant to use or the proper ratio of coolant to water, make sure to check your owner’s manual.

10. Check your spark plugs.

Spark plugs take a beating, especially during the winter. The variation in temperature and the increased driving that most people do in the winter can put strain on your spark plugs. If they are dirty, you might not be getting the best firing, and therefore you are wasting fuel. Check and make sure they are clean and ready for use.

The Five Best Accessories for the Kia Sedona

2015 Kia Sedona SX LimitedA van is a great way to haul around your entire family, without squishing everyone into the back of a sedan. If you have more than two kids, you have probably, at some point, considered getting a van or mini-van, that allows you to get your family around in comfort—and probably with less bickering. Over the last ten years, the van has somewhat fallen out of profile. A downturn in the economy and rising gas prices meant that buyers wanted smaller, more fuel-efficient cars, even if they weren’t exactly functional for the large family.

Now that the economy has started to recovery, families are once again seeing the benefits of a large vehicle—one that gets their family where they want to go, without sacrificing fuel efficiency. That’s what the Kia Sedona has to offer. It’s a stylish minivan with plenty of power and options to make it great for the family of four or more that wants to enjoy their commutes and road trips, instead of being trapped together in a less-than-ideal compact sedan.

The current Sedona minivan has more advanced technology and better features that previous model years, making a great choice for families looking for a vehicle with a little more room that won’t break the bank. There are also a number of accessories you can add to your Sedona to make it even more functional.


1. The Splash Guards Kit

Here in New Jersey, we get plenty of rain and snow. That means a set of splash guards are essential for your Sedona. As you zip around town on your way to work or to drop the kids off at school or running errands, splash guards will prevent the water, snow, or ice from being sprayed up into the van’s undercarriage.

Why is this important? Because, as you already know, cars in New Jersey, because of the moisture, are more susceptible to corrosion. If you can keep the moisture out of your Sedona’s components, you’ll see less corrosion over time, and that means a longer life for your van, which in turn means lower repair or replacement costs. While splash guards might seem like an unimportant addition to your vehicle, they are one of the best ways to help prevent moisture from damaging all of the vital, moving metal parts in your van.

2. All Weather Rubber Mats

If you have kids or pets, these are essential. The new Sedona has an upgraded interior and it’s definitely one of the biggest selling points. That means that you want to keep it in optimal condition for as long as possible. If you have kids or pets, you know how difficult it is to keep them from getting mud, snow, rocks, sand, and all manner of mess on the mats of your van.

While you could attempt to make everyone clean off their shoes before they’re allowed to get into your Sedona, there’s an easier way to keep your interior looking clean and beautiful. That’s with all-weather rubber floor mats. Whether you have an avid soccer player that gets into the van covered in mud and grass, or whether you have a big dog that’s bound to be a little muddy after a hike, these floor mats will protect your interior from whatever is tracked into your vehicle. They’re much easier to clean than the fabric mats below and if you buy them directly from your Kia dealership, you’ll get a set made specifically for your Sedona, with a perfect fit.

3. Trunk Cargo Mat

As a busy family, you probably do more than your fair share of “toting.” Even just dropping the kids off at school can mean three backpacks, three pairs of shoes, three lunches all strewn in your van’s cargo area. It’s where you put your groceries after a shopping trip, where you stow your son’s bike when you pick him up from a friends, and where you put the art supplies you need to take to the PTA meeting tonight.
Your cargo area gets a lot of action—that’s what it’s there for. But it also means that it’s the first part of your car to get worn and scuffed up. There is a way to prevent this, however, with a carpeted trunk cargo mat. This mat is designed to protect the interior of your cargo area, so you can get on with your errands, without worrying about ruining the beautiful interior of your Sedona. Again, if you buy one right form your dealership, you’ll get a mat that fits your van perfectly.

4. Rear Cargo Organizer

Besides the stylish interior (and exterior), another selling point of the Kia Sedona is cargo space. There’s plenty of it, making your Sedona more functional than other vans on the road, whether you need lots of space for luggage on a road trip or for shopping sprees. A rear cargo organizer is a great way to maximize your cargo space.

The one offered by Kia is a net that you can use to capture loose items like shoes, delicate groceries, or shopping bags, so they are at your fingertips whenever you might need them. It can even help keep your Sedona clean, by keeping muddy shoes or other dirty items off of your cargo area.

5. Chrome Accents

Is this a functional accessory? Maybe not—but it is a stylish one. The Kia Sedona has taken some serious design hints form European cars, and a little bit of chrome around the windows only adds to that. While most Sedonas don’t come with this standard, it’s easy enough to add, and it only makes your van look more stylish and expensive. It’s a great way to take your Sedona to an entirely different level.

Top Ten Reasons Kias Are Great for New Drivers

Kia Optima NJ

The day has come, your little guy or gal is turning sixteen, and it’s time to start looking into getting them a car. While it might seem, at first, that buying your teenager a car is an unnecessary gift, if they have a car of their own, they’re able to get themselves and their friends around town, they can run errands for you, and when you’re tired of driving, your teen will likely be more than happy to take the wheel of their very own car. Driving is a responsibility and a privilege, and if you’re nervous about allowing your teenager to have his very own car that he can zip around town in, you’ll find comfort in buying him a Kia. Here are the top ten reasons Kia cars are great for new drivers.


1. Advanced safety features.

Every Kia is equipped with top-of-the-line safety features that makes driving much, much safer. Even if your new driver is the safest person on the road, you have to plan for the recklessness and inattention of other drivers. This is where a Kia comes in. With advanced safety features, your new driver will not only be protected if they make a mistake, but also if other drivers makes a mistake. There are also a number of features that just makes driver safer overall, like lights that turn with the road and a parking assist system.

2. Excellent safety ratings.

Again, your new driver might never be the cause of a crash—but that doesn’t mean they will never get in one. New drivers, especially, might not know what to do in the event of a crash, but that’s why Kia is equipped with some of the most advanced safety systems. Kia cars are built to take the energy of a crash. Protecting the driver is the first priority, and that’s what you want when you’re looking for a car for a loved one.

3. Stylish exteriors.

Let’s face it, your kid wants a car that is as stylish as it is functional. He or she doesn’t want to be cruising around town in a dump—they want to look cool. You’re in luck when you buy a Kia. Whether you opt for an SUV or a compact sedan, you are sure to find a car that they love the look of, just as much as you love the safety features.

Kia Exterior

4. Stylish interiors.

Again, your kid wants something cool, as well as functional. Kia cars are expertly styled and extremely functional, with enough cup holders for everyone to enjoy a soda, as well as an intuitive design that puts everything your teen needs right at her fingertips. She won’t be fumbling for the radio or the climate control in a Kia, they are right where she expects them to be, so she doesn’t have to take her eyes off the road. While having a “cool” car might not be as high on your list for your new driver as having something safe and reliable, some cars can do both.

Kia Interior

5. Great fuel efficiency.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a Kia is the exceptional fuel efficiency—that means that having your teen run errands or get himself to and from school is going to be far less expensive than if you bought from another brand. Adding another gas bill to your budget might be daunting, but when you purchase a Kia, you don’t have to budget that much per month to keep his tank full.

6. Excellent warranties.

Another great reason to choose Kia is the range of great warranties offered on all of their vehicles. These warranties far outstrip those offered by any other brand, making most issues during those first five to ten years of driving not really that big of deal. This is a great program for drivers who might still be learning the ropes and for whom a little trouble is inevitable.

7. Reliable.

When purchasing a car for a new driver, how reliable that car is should play a major factor in your purchasing decision. Having an unreliable car is a problem for any driver, but particularly for a new one. Plus, if this car is for your teenager, you will feel much better about letting them drive on their own when you know that their car is not going to break down on them on their way to school. Having a reliable vehicle is vital, and Kia makes some of the most reliable cars on the road.

8. Advanced technology.

If your new driver is tech savvy and wants to take as much advantage of their smartphone and apps as possible, a Kia is a great choice. Many models allow you to wirelessly connect a smartphone to the entertainment system, allowing the driver to play their own music stored on the phone or even use apps like Pandora in order to play whatever they want, whenever they want. The advanced technology, of course, ranges beyond the entertainment system, with advanced sensors and alerts that let you know immediately if something is wrong with your vehicle.

9. Affordable.

You don’t want to pay more than you have to for a safe, reliable, stylish vehicle. You’ll find that compacts like the Kia Rio start as low as $14,000, making them an extremely affordable choice when it comes to purchasing a car for a young person. Even a larger car like a Sportage will be less expensive than most sedans from other brands.

10. Great standard features.

One of the roadblocks most new car buyers find when purchasing a car is that brands start off with a very basic model that has almost no features—some may not even have power windows! Every Kia comes with a wide variety of features standard on all of their vehicles, so you don’t have to spend thousands more than you intended to, just to get the features you need.

Why Is My Car Shaking?

Why Is My Car Shaking?  This is a very common question among car owners.

Kia Certified Pre Owned Warranty

The good news is that your Kia is going to last you decades if you take good care of it. The bad news is that at some point during those decades of driving your Kia, you are probably going to encounter some shaking. No matter how careful you are, your car is still a car, with lots of moving parts, and eventually, those parts are going to wear down and need replacing.

Because you can’t see most of your car’s most active parts (they’re hidden by your wheels and by the hood), you might not even realize that they are worn down. Shaking, whether during driving or braking, is a good indicator that something is wrong with your car. You may not even notice the vibrating at first, when it is very subtle, but eventually, you will begin to feel the car shaking as you drive down the highway or come to a stop at a light and know that it needs some attention.

But why do our cars shake? What kinds of problems can cause this vibration? Here are five of the most common reasons that your car is vibrating and what you can do about them.

1. A problem with the engine.

While you might not be able to tell at first, the shuddering may be coming from your engine. This can happen in a number of different situations, including during acceleration, when you hit or exceed a certain speed, or after a few minutes or hours of driving. This is likely because your engine isn’t getting the air, spark, or fuel that it requires.


If it is the engine that’s shaking, you will likely be able to feel where the shaking is coming from. When the shaking comes from your engine area, your car is likely trying to tell you that it is in need of some new spark plugs, which can ensure that your engine gets the oxygen, fuel, or spark that it needs to run smoothly. Having your spark plugs checked to make sure that they are all in working order and that they are connected correctly could solve this problem.

Another reason your engine might be shaking is because of clogged or dirty filters. If your air or fuel filters are mucked up, the engine isn’t getting what it needs.

2. A problem with the axle.

One of the most common causes of a vibrating car is a bent axle. This is one of the many rotating parts that can be damaged during a collision (though it may be something as simple as hitting a particularly deep pot hole). If it is bent or somehow bumped out of alignment, it will likely still turn, but it will create a shaking sensation, rattling the entire car as it goes.

In that same vein, if the axle’s joints are starting to wear out, either from long-term use or because it lacks the proper lubricant, road grime can creep up into your axle and damage it, again causing that rattling as you drive.

3. A problem with the brakes.

Does your car only shake when you use the brakes? While some shaking is natural during an emergency braking situation (if you have antilock brakes), the brakes should not shake as you come to a gradual stop. This could indicate worn rotors, misaligned calipers, uneven wearing on your pads, or completely worn away pads.

The older your car is, the more likely it is to have a bent, worn, or warped rotor. The same goes for the calipers and the pads. If your pads are worn down, they will have a difficult time gripping to rotor. If the rotor is unevenly worn, the entire brake system will shake as it attempts to pull the car to a stop. Air in the fluid lines, missing pads, and grooved rotors can all cause brakes to shake and rattle the car.

4. Your wheels are wobbling.

If your wheels are wobbling, you likely feel the vibrations throughout the entire car, but most intensely through the steering wheel. Most people assume this is a problem with the alignment and just get their wheels realigned. While this may solve the problem in some instances, it does not always solve the larger problem, which is an issue in the wheel’s hub.

If the wheels are wobbling at the hub, it may point to a number of different culprits, ranging from damaged wheel bearings or a wheel whose “runout” is not entirely circular (meaning that it does not spin in a perfect circle when rotating). In these instances, a new wheel usually solves the problem.

5. Your tires are having issues.


Tires are the most common cause of any shakiness or vibration in your car, and the solution is usually fairly simple. If your car is vibrating only when you get up to a certain speed, it may mean that your tires are out of balance, and simply having them balanced can solve the problem. This may also be caused by uneven tire pressure, so check your pressure and make sure they are all at the correct level, as dictated by your manual.

Additionally, if your tires have uneven wear on the tread or have a separated tread, they can shake and wobble while driving around. In some instances, what seems like a tire problem, may actually be a bent rim or other wheel problem. If the tires seem to be the cause of your car’s shakiness, make sure to bring your Kia into our service department for maintenance or necessary replacements.

Top Ten Reasons to Drive a Kia

2015 Sedona SX Limited

Kia continues to grow in the American market due to extremely high value and crash test ratings from independent evaluation firms. Kia cars are sporty and fun to drive, and most of all, are priced competitively. If you haven’t checked out your NJ Kia Dealer yet, now is the time. Here are ten great reasons to drive a Kia.

1. Lots of upgrades. Not that the standard models are lacking, but Kia’s upgrade packages come with lots of choices, so you can really personalize your car in a way that few other manufacturers will let you. If you want LED lights, you can have them. If you want aluminum wheels, don’t worry, we’re on it. Heated front seats, remote access, a push button ignition—all things you can have if you pick upgrades. And here’s what’s great about upgrades on Kia vehicles: you can get a better car, at the same prices as our competitors. You can get what’s akin to a luxury vehicle, without the luxury price tag.

2. Better interiors. For some companies, interiors come second to body styling and what’s under the hood. At Kia, what’s inside is just as important as what’s outside. Seats are designed to make long trips feel like short trips. There’s also lots of foot room and the backseat isn’t an afterthought. You know if you’ve sat in a car where the backseat is an afterthought—it’s uncomfortable, you have no leg room, even when the front seats are pulled all the way forward, and there are no cup holders back there. Upgrades like sun roofs and rear air conditioning just make the interior all the more welcoming.

kia sedona interior


3. Great drivability. They are fun to drive, it’s as simple as that. We’ve always known what some car companies are just starting to figure out, that a car needs a little bit of punch to really engage the driver. The more responsive the car is, the more alert the driver will be. When a car is actually fun to drive, with great acceleration and no lag, that’s when people pay attention to the car and the road.

4. Great for twisty roads. If you live in the mountains or often take trips there, you’re going to love driving a Kia. All of our models hug the road so you feel completely in control, even on the most twisty and dangerous looking of roads. Don’t let the sleek body fool you, these cars are powerhouses that do as they’re told.

5. Great ratings. When it comes to safety and reliability ratings, Kia has been awarded plenty of both, including a 5-star crash test rating, awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Sportage, for example, was picked as a HIS Top Safety Pick last year, and our cars are routinely picked for “safest” and “most reliable” picks by just about any organization that makes those kinds of determinations.

6. Improved warranties. Every new car buyer wants a great warranty There’s no way around it—you need to be able to rely on the company just as heavily as you rely on the car itself. That’s why Kia has one of the best warranties in the business, with a ten year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty, complete with five years of roadside assistance. Those are perks that you’re only going to get when you drive a Kia.

7. Lots of choices. Kia has lots of cars to choose from, starting with Rio and the Forte, up to the Sorento and the Sedona. There are about fourteen models to choose from, and those are just the standard cars. When you look at the upgrade packages available for each car, you have a lot of choices. It’s almost always the number one complaint that car shoppers have—there isn’t enough variety. There’s plenty of variety with Kia, whether you need a small car to zip around town or a big SUV for toting around the entire family.

Kia Lineup Camden NJ

8. Lower prices. Don’t be fooled—lower prices doesn’t mean lower quality cars. You can get a great car, at a much better price than with other companies—whether you’re looking for a compact, a sedan, or a SUV. Kia has made a splash in many of the car classes in recent years, with hits like the Rio and Forte. The Forte especially, is a favorite among sedan drivers, not just because it is so competitively priced, but because it has all of the features that they want. Kia never tries to reel you in with a low price and then jack it up just so you can get the features that should be standard.

9. More versatility. Your Kia doesn’t just have to be for running errands around town. It’s just as good for a road trip as it is for dropping the kids off at school. Kia cars have been specially designed to be multi-purpose, with lots of trunk space for luggage, toting tools, hauling boxes, etc., as well as the improved engine that actually makes it fun to drive.

10. Great for new drivers. If you’re a parent looking for a car for your new driver, Kia’s cars are not just in the perfect price range, but also have the features that you need, including lots of airbags, heated mirrors, and steering wheel controls that keep a driver’s hands on the wheel. If there are any problems with tire pressure, transmission, and power steering, the car lets you know. Features like these can put your mind at ease as you let your teenager hit the road by themselves.

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