Winterizing Your Kia


Though it may not officially be winter yet, we have already had plenty of winter weather. That means it’s time to winterize your car and make sure that your beloved Kia is prepared for the upcoming New Jersey winter. If you’ve ever gone out to start your car in the morning, warming it up before you leave for work or school, and found that your battery is dead, or found your car sliding across even the smallest patches of ice, or simply had to sit in cold winter traffic for hours on end, you know how important it is to prepare your car for the cold weather of winter. We have ten tips for making sure your car is as prepared for the cold season as possible.

1. Start or update an emergency kit.

Winter is the season when car emergencies of any kind can be especially devastating. Whether it’s just a blown tire or a wreck caused by ice on the highway, you want to have a few tools and a little bit of gear handy.  Whether you are just stopped waiting for highway patrol to clear away the crash or are involved in the crash yourself. Some of the most essential items include jumper cables, ice scraper, flashlights, a screwdriver, extra gloves, and a blanket. You might consider throwing in a few bottles of water and granola bars, just in case you are stuck in a snow drift or on the highway for a few hours.

2. Check your Kia’s belts and hoses.

Even if you just had your belts and hoses checked during the summer, summer heat rarely puts as much strain on these engine components as extreme cold weather does. Cold can weaken the rubber, allowing it to snap, even while your car is in motion. Replace any hoses or belts that look worse for wear.

3. It’s time for new windshield wipers and fluid.

If you haven’t gotten your Kia new windshield wipers this year, they can be the perfect Christmas present for your car. If you’ve ever driven through a snow or ice storm with last year’s wipers, you know the difference that brand new wipers can make. Summer heat can dry out the blades and make them less effective at clearing your windshield. When you’re in a jam, with ice and snow building up on your windshield, fluid can help melt and remove these annoyances, so make sure you’re fully stocked.

4. Make sure your defrost and heat are in top condition.

Bring your car in and let us check your defrost and heat units—you don’t want to discover that these things aren’t working when you’re already fifteen minutes late to work. These are essential in the cold New Jersey winter, and you don’t want to be without them.

5. Always gas up.

It might not get cold enough to freeze gas here (most years), but the cold weather could bring condensation into your gas tank, which could eventually invade your fuel lines and cause them to freeze and split. If you keep your gas tank full of gasoline, however, you’re less likely to encounter this problem, and the more gas you have in your tank, the less likely it is to turn to sludge in freezing temperatures.

6. Make sure your antifreeze levels are correct.

Antifreeze helps to prevent your engine from freezing, but only if you have the right ratio of antifreeze to water in your radiator. One part antifreeze to one part water is consider optimal, especially in subzero temperatures. If you don’t feel comfortable checking your Kia’s levels on your own, you can always let our service department do it.


7. Check your oil.

Before it becomes too cold to stand outside and check your oil, make sure you have enough for the coming season and that it isn’t getting too thick. Cold weather can cause oil to thicken, which means the oil might not flow as freely as your engine needs it to. Look at your Kia Ownership Manual to see what kind of oil is best for your vehicle. Again, if you do not feel comfortable checking and replenishing your oil supply, you can come into our service department and we will do it for you.

8. Check your battery.

Even if you just bought your Kia this year, check the battery before temperatures really start to drop. Cold weather makes your battery work harder and it can be extremely annoying to have to jump it at night in a snowy parking lot after holiday shopping. Check for any corrosion or fraying on the cables and battery terminals. Even the best batteries can die after five years, even if you take good care of your car, so make sure that yours is ready for the oncoming storm.

9. Check your tires.

As temperature drops, the air in your tires will contract and they will lose tire pressure. That means that you will likely need to give them some more air as days continue to get colder and colder. Not having enough air in your tires means less than optimal traction, which is a bad thing even in the best of weather and can be devastating in winter weather. Make sure that they are filled to their required pressure and check them regularly throughout the season.

10. Consider snow tires.

While most cities in New Jersey do a good job of clearing their roads, sometimes there’s no helping going out on snowy, icy roads. If you already know that you are going to be doing a lot of winter driving, snow tires can make a big difference. Not only can they help you get out a jam, they can prevent sliding on slick streets and can even make it easier to plow your way through a snow drift.

If your old car isn’t worth all the maintenance, let us show you a new one!

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Top Ten Reasons to Drive a Kia

2015 Sedona SX Limited

Kia continues to grow in the American market due to extremely high value and crash test ratings from independent evaluation firms. Kia cars are sporty and fun to drive, and most of all, are priced competitively. If you haven’t checked out your NJ Kia Dealer yet, now is the time. Here are ten great reasons to drive a Kia.

1. Lots of upgrades. Not that the standard models are lacking, but Kia’s upgrade packages come with lots of choices, so you can really personalize your car in a way that few other manufacturers will let you. If you want LED lights, you can have them. If you want aluminum wheels, don’t worry, we’re on it. Heated front seats, remote access, a push button ignition—all things you can have if you pick upgrades. And here’s what’s great about upgrades on Kia vehicles: you can get a better car, at the same prices as our competitors. You can get what’s akin to a luxury vehicle, without the luxury price tag.

2. Better interiors. For some companies, interiors come second to body styling and what’s under the hood. At Kia, what’s inside is just as important as what’s outside. Seats are designed to make long trips feel like short trips. There’s also lots of foot room and the backseat isn’t an afterthought. You know if you’ve sat in a car where the backseat is an afterthought—it’s uncomfortable, you have no leg room, even when the front seats are pulled all the way forward, and there are no cup holders back there. Upgrades like sun roofs and rear air conditioning just make the interior all the more welcoming.

kia sedona interior

3. Great drivability. They are fun to drive, it’s as simple as that. We’ve always known what some car companies are just starting to figure out, that a car needs a little bit of punch to really engage the driver. The more responsive the car is, the more alert the driver will be. When a car is actually fun to drive, with great acceleration and no lag, that’s when people pay attention to the car and the road.


4. Great for twisty roads. If you live in the mountains or often take trips there, you’re going to love driving a Kia. All of our models hug the road so you feel completely in control, even on the most twisty and dangerous looking of roads. Don’t let the sleek body fool you, these cars are powerhouses that do as they’re told.

5. Great ratings. When it comes to safety and reliability ratings, Kia has been awarded plenty of both, including a 5-star crash test rating, awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Sportage, for example, was picked as a HIS Top Safety Pick last year, and our cars are routinely picked for “safest” and “most reliable” picks by just about any organization that makes those kinds of determinations.

6. Improved warranties. Every new car buyer wants a great warranty There’s no way around it—you need to be able to rely on the company just as heavily as you rely on the car itself. That’s why Kia has one of the best warranties in the business, with a ten year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty, complete with five years of roadside assistance. Those are perks that you’re only going to get when you drive a Kia.

7. Lots of choices. Kia has lots of cars to choose from, starting with Rio and the Forte, up to the Sorento and the Sedona. There are about fourteen models to choose from, and those are just the standard cars. When you look at the upgrade packages available for each car, you have a lot of choices. It’s almost always the number one complaint that car shoppers have—there isn’t enough variety. There’s plenty of variety with Kia, whether you need a small car to zip around town or a big SUV for toting around the entire family.

Kia Lineup Camden NJ

8. Lower prices. Don’t be fooled—lower prices doesn’t mean lower quality cars. You can get a great car, at a much better price than with other companies—whether you’re looking for a compact, a sedan, or a SUV. Kia has made a splash in many of the car classes in recent years, with hits like the Rio and Forte. The Forte especially, is a favorite among sedan drivers, not just because it is so competitively priced, but because it has all of the features that they want. Kia never tries to reel you in with a low price and then jack it up just so you can get the features that should be standard.

9. More versatility. Your Kia doesn’t just have to be for running errands around town. It’s just as good for a road trip as it is for dropping the kids off at school. Kia cars have been specially designed to be multi-purpose, with lots of trunk space for luggage, toting tools, hauling boxes, etc., as well as the improved engine that actually makes it fun to drive.

10. Great for new drivers. If you’re a parent looking for a car for your new driver, Kia’s cars are not just in the perfect price range, but also have the features that you need, including lots of airbags, heated mirrors, and steering wheel controls that keep a driver’s hands on the wheel. If there are any problems with tire pressure, transmission, and power steering, the car lets you know. Features like these can put your mind at ease as you let your teenager hit the road by themselves.

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15 Life Hacks to Make You a Better Driver and Improve Your Kia

kia optima hybrid

Life hacks are little ways that you can drastically improve your life—and that’s definitely something we approve of here at Burlington Kia. We know that driving a Kia can improve your life, but how can you use life hacks to improve the life of your Kia? Here are fifteen of our favorite life hacks for the car and for drivers!

1. Use toothpaste to clear cloudy headlights. This one is for years down the road, after you’ve had your Kia for a while. Just like it keeps your teeth clean and healthy, toothpaste can keep your headlights bright and clear. Use a little bit on a toothbrush, scrub them really well, and then wipe away, being sure not to get any toothpaste on the paint job. You’ll be safer when driving in the dark!

2. Use a putty knife to remove old registration stickers. If you live in an area of New Jersey that requires your car to have a registration, either for tollbooth/bridges, or for parking purposes, getting the old registration off to put the new one on can be a pain in the butt. Just scrape up the corner and then carefully scrape the sticker and the sticky stuff off your windshield with a putty knife.

3. Use a staple remover to put a cool keychain on your keys. Instead of breaking all of your fingernails trying to hold the key ring open long enough to put a keychain on, just use a staple remover. It bites in between the rings and holds them far enough open to get the keychain on.

4. Use those seat warmers to keep a pizza hot. If you get the Kia upgrade that includes the seat warmers, you can use them to keep other things warm, besides just yourself. They’ll keep a pizza nice and warm as you drive it home.

5. Use a pool noodle to stop banging your car doors on the walls of your garage. Cutting a pool noodle in half and affixing it to the wall of your garage is a great way to protect your Kia’s doors from getting banged up every time you park in the garage.

6. Use a parking app to keep track of where you left your car. Forgetting where you parked is the worst! There are lots of apps that allow you to set your car’s location and then easily find your way back to it, once you’re done with your task.

7. Get the navigation upgrade and save time and gas. Kia’s navigational system is designed to get you to the right location in the shortest amount of time—that means using less gas. Did you know that drivers that use navigation use less gas over the lifetime of their car than other drivers? Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?

8. Park your car towards the rising sun for better defrosting each morning. If you can’t park your car inside on a snow New Jersey night, try parking it so that your windshield faces east. That way, as the sun rises, it will get a jump on defrosting.


9. Get the proper mirror position. You once wanted to be able to see the edges of your car in your rearview mirrors. What this does is actually widen your blind spot. Instead, adjust them so that you can see more of the road.

10. Cool down your car fast. This one’s for the summer months! Start by rolling down all the windows except one. Then, get out of your car and flap the door with the rolled up window open and closed a few times. This will circulate the air in the car and drive all the really hot air out the windows.

11. Learn about hypermiling. Hypermiling is a series of changes that drivers can make to their driving habits that improves the gas mileage of their car. When undertaken with a Kia, you can seriously boost the already impressive miles per gallon, just with a few simple changes like not tailgating (which allows you to not tramp on your brakes every time the car ahead does), and not flooring your gas pedal, but accelerating gradually, over a larger distance. Basically it means driving in a more moderate fashion so that the car uses its gas more efficiently.

12. Don’t overload your keys. Did you know that a heavy keychain can actually harm your car’s ignition? Most people don’t think about how delicate that ignition actually is, and has to be. Heavy key chains pull down on the mechanism and can cause it to deteriorate over time—which means that the car’s whole electrical system can fail.

13. Get a cigarette lighter charger. If you don’t smoke, you can make the most of your cigarette lighter by actually getting an adapter that lets you plug in a USB. That means you can charge your phone and tablet while you drive.

14. Use hand sanitizer to melt iced over keyholes. If you wake up in the morning and find your car iced over—not that uncommon here in New Jersey—use a little bit of hand sanitizer to melt the ice around your keyhole, so you can get the key in and start your Kia’s defrosting process.

15. Use a little cooking oil to keep your doors from freezing shut. If you’re also finding that your Kia’s doors freeze shut during the height of the winter, try rubbing the plastic and rubber down with a little bit of cooking oil before you head inside to keep warm while the snow or ice falls outside. This will prevent your doors from freezing shut so you have easy access to your car next time you need it.

The Future of Burlington Island

The Future of Burlington IslandBurlington Island NJ – Its name may sound like a brand of designer clothing, but Burlington Island NJ has recently seen its idyllic 396 acres, located on the Delaware River centrally between Bristol and Burlington, cut up rough with County planners and preservationists.

Amusements and Education 

Over the decades that the island’s future has been uncertain, numerous plans to maximize leisure usage have been mooted, from a boat-building school to a base for light shows beaming into the night skies.

Currently, plans for a water park and a zip line facility are gaining momentum, while other initiatives being championed include a destination resort for tourists interested in history as well as recreation. The latter proposes a celebration of the island’s Native American and Colonial periods, with a three-stage movement through the facility starting at a scholarly a re-creation of a Lenape – Delaware Indian – Village, through a performance amphitheater to a replica of a pioneer-era trading post. 

Commercial leisure usage of Burlington Island, NJ is nothing new; after two decades’ use as an informal picnicking and bathing area, the Island Beach Amusement Park was constructed in 1917. Patrons arrived on paddle-wheel boats, to enjoy – endure? – a teeth-rattling wooden roller coaster named The Greyhound. Within ten years or so, two separate fires had destroyed the infrastructure, 

Dredge Dumping 

Happily, one negative rumor concerning Burlington Island NJ has been proved false. Word had it that a for-profit company had leased the island from the city, and the Board of Island Managers, BOIM, for a ten-year span. Sentiment was running high that the dense woodlands would be denuded of trees to accommodate river sediment. 

BOIM member Murray Sonstein commented that a version of the rumor “… surfaces every few years. It’s false.”


While for-profit sludge dumping is no longer on the cards, it may be that the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection – in a move which seems entirely at variance with its name – is considering a proposal to designate at least part of the island as a sediment discharge for the Army Corps of Engineers. 


The Corps does indeed dredge sections of the river, deepening channels for various, usually commercial, reasons. When that sediment hardens, it can be sold to developers. In the intervening time, the dump takes on the barren, blighted appearance of a moonscape. Currently, when the Corps is actively involved in dredging for cargo vessel access, its spoil piles are all located on the Pennsylvania side of the river.

Given that option, perhaps a carefully-controlled leisure development would be the lesser of two evils, even for died-in-the-wool environmentalists.

Certainly, fee-paying visitors would ease the tax burden that’s currently levied on Burlington residents (the island is officially part of the city of Burlington), but developing the island while at the same time preserving its natural environment is imperative. For one thing, eagles nests on the island, and disturbing them is prohibited by federal law. It is, at least in part, this convoluted mass of competing imperatives which has held development at bay for so long.

Other Transport Burlington Island

If talk of paddle steamers and dredgers makes you yearn for an automotive adventure of your own, you’re invited to inspect the full inventory of new and certified used Kia cars and SUVs at Burlington Kia, a premier Kia dealer serving Burlington, Willingboro, Bristol and Mansfield New Jersey. The showrooms, at 7 West Route 130 South, Burlington, NJ 08016, trade from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Mondays through Fridays, and 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturdays (we’re closed on Sundays). For weekend family picnics, check out Burlington Kia’s surprisingly spacious Rio subcompact, or the larger Sorento five-door.