15 Tips To Make Your Used Kia Look New Again

Kia Forte Koup

When you first drive your New Kia off the lot, it is gleaming, both inside and out. It is perfectly clean. The first time you drive through a puddle, you can feel the dirt splattering on your beautiful exterior! And then your friend gets into the car and put his muddy shoes on your pristine floor! How annoying! Just driving around town means picking up a lot of dirt and dust—and if you’ve taken your Kia on a road trip, you know how dirty it can get.

Luckily, cleaning a used Kia does not have to be a chore. Like cleaning anything that you love, it can be fun to restore the interior and exterior to their former glory. We’ve got fifteen tips and tricks to make cleaning your car easier than ever.

1. Use scrub brushes for your floor pads. Unlike your house, it’s easy to take your car’s carpet out and scrub it clean. The best way to get any ground in dirt out of the low-pile carpet is to take a stiff scrub brush to it, with a little bit of carpet cleaner. Add some elbow grease into the equation and you’ll have a perfectly clean carpet in no time.

2. Combat musty air systems with bursts of compressed air. If you have had your Kia for a while and your air conditioning or heating smells musty when you turn it on, it’s likely full of dirt and dust. The best way to clean it out is to spray some compressed air into the intake, blowing the debris clear.

3. Don’t use acid on your tires. There are lots of cleaners formulated for tires that contain different kinds of acid. Acid that can eat away at your tires and shorten their lifespan. Just steer clear.

4. Hand washing is better than an automatic wash. You want to take care of your Kia. That means giving it the best possible baths. Most people will opt for the automatic wash—but you’re not most people. To make sure that your car’s exterior is meticulously clean, it’s best to wash by hand.

5. Wax on and off. Waxing your car isn’t just for special occasions. It’s to protect your car’s paint job. Regularly waxing your car is the best way to prevent rust spots and damage to your paint, even over years and years of driving.

6. Use a glass cleaner for glass. When it comes to really detailing your Kia, don’t opt for all-purpose cleaners. Pick a glass cleaner that is specifically designed for cleaning glass in cars. This means it will have fewer streaks and reduce any film that may build up.


7. Use a car interior cleaner for the interior. The same goes for cleaning the seats, console, and storage of your Kia—pick a cleaner that is made specifically for the interior of cars. You’ll get a better clean and you won’t have to worry about nasty fumes building up in your car once you’re done cleaning.


8. Don’t miss the details. For example, the tops of windows, that are hidden when the window is rolled all the way up, or the carpet underneath your seats, or vacuuming out the places that only you see, like the trunk.

9. Use a soap made especially for cars. It’s a big mistake to use soap that is formulated for dishes on your car’s paint. Sure, this soap is great for cutting road grime, but it’s also great at stripping away any wax that’s left on your car and eating away at your paint. Repeated use of this kind of soap means a serious deterioration in your car’s paint job. Stick to soap that is made for use on cars.

10. Start at the top and work down. When cleaning the interior of you cars, don’t start by vacuuming and soaping the carpets. Start by dusting off your dashboard and steering wheel. When you do start vacuuming, start at the top, so don’t have to back track as you dislodge dust and dirt from the upper parts of the car.

11. Scrape off stickers with a razor blade or putty knife. If you have old parking or advertisement stickers on the windshield of your car, use a razor blade or putty knife to scrape them up. If they leave sticky residue behind, you can go back in with that razor blade or use a cleaning product specifically designed to get rid of goop.

12. Use a paintbrush to clean air vents and other small spots. There are lots of small places in your car that collect dust, starting with your radio, to the vents, to the arm rests. Use a paintbrush to sweep this dust off.

13. Use a screwdriver or pen wrapped in a cloth to clean narrow places and in grooves. There are also lots of nooks and crannies that hold crumbs and dirt and dust pretty well, even with a thorough vacuuming of your car. The best way to clean these spots is to wrap a flathead screwdriver or a pointy pen in a rag and run it along the crannies to pull out the gunk.

14. Clean off windshield wipers. Don’t neglect your windshield wipers. If they are covered in dirt, be sure to give them a thorough, but gentle washing so they are ready to go the next time you are caught in a rain or snow storm.

15. Pick a washing routine and stick to it. The best way to make sure that your car does not need extreme deep cleanings is to give it regular, spot cleanings. Pick a cleaning routine, whether it is every other week, once a month, or every two months, to give it a vacuuming, wash, and wax.

15 Life Hacks to Make You a Better Driver and Improve Your Kia

kia optima hybrid

Life hacks are little ways that you can drastically improve your life—and that’s definitely something we approve of here at Burlington Kia. We know that driving a Kia can improve your life, but how can you use life hacks to improve the life of your Kia? Here are fifteen of our favorite life hacks for the car and for drivers!

1. Use toothpaste to clear cloudy headlights. This one is for years down the road, after you’ve had your Kia for a while. Just like it keeps your teeth clean and healthy, toothpaste can keep your headlights bright and clear. Use a little bit on a toothbrush, scrub them really well, and then wipe away, being sure not to get any toothpaste on the paint job. You’ll be safer when driving in the dark!

2. Use a putty knife to remove old registration stickers. If you live in an area of New Jersey that requires your car to have a registration, either for tollbooth/bridges, or for parking purposes, getting the old registration off to put the new one on can be a pain in the butt. Just scrape up the corner and then carefully scrape the sticker and the sticky stuff off your windshield with a putty knife.

3. Use a staple remover to put a cool keychain on your keys. Instead of breaking all of your fingernails trying to hold the key ring open long enough to put a keychain on, just use a staple remover. It bites in between the rings and holds them far enough open to get the keychain on.

4. Use those seat warmers to keep a pizza hot. If you get the Kia upgrade that includes the seat warmers, you can use them to keep other things warm, besides just yourself. They’ll keep a pizza nice and warm as you drive it home.

5. Use a pool noodle to stop banging your car doors on the walls of your garage. Cutting a pool noodle in half and affixing it to the wall of your garage is a great way to protect your Kia’s doors from getting banged up every time you park in the garage.

6. Use a parking app to keep track of where you left your car. Forgetting where you parked is the worst! There are lots of apps that allow you to set your car’s location and then easily find your way back to it, once you’re done with your task.

7. Get the navigation upgrade and save time and gas. Kia’s navigational system is designed to get you to the right location in the shortest amount of time—that means using less gas. Did you know that drivers that use navigation use less gas over the lifetime of their car than other drivers? Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?

8. Park your car towards the rising sun for better defrosting each morning. If you can’t park your car inside on a snow New Jersey night, try parking it so that your windshield faces east. That way, as the sun rises, it will get a jump on defrosting.

9. Get the proper mirror position. You once wanted to be able to see the edges of your car in your rearview mirrors. What this does is actually widen your blind spot. Instead, adjust them so that you can see more of the road.

10. Cool down your car fast. This one’s for the summer months! Start by rolling down all the windows except one. Then, get out of your car and flap the door with the rolled up window open and closed a few times. This will circulate the air in the car and drive all the really hot air out the windows.

11. Learn about hypermiling. Hypermiling is a series of changes that drivers can make to their driving habits that improves the gas mileage of their car. When undertaken with a Kia, you can seriously boost the already impressive miles per gallon, just with a few simple changes like not tailgating (which allows you to not tramp on your brakes every time the car ahead does), and not flooring your gas pedal, but accelerating gradually, over a larger distance. Basically it means driving in a more moderate fashion so that the car uses its gas more efficiently.


12. Don’t overload your keys. Did you know that a heavy keychain can actually harm your car’s ignition? Most people don’t think about how delicate that ignition actually is, and has to be. Heavy key chains pull down on the mechanism and can cause it to deteriorate over time—which means that the car’s whole electrical system can fail.

13. Get a cigarette lighter charger. If you don’t smoke, you can make the most of your cigarette lighter by actually getting an adapter that lets you plug in a USB. That means you can charge your phone and tablet while you drive.

14. Use hand sanitizer to melt iced over keyholes. If you wake up in the morning and find your car iced over—not that uncommon here in New Jersey—use a little bit of hand sanitizer to melt the ice around your keyhole, so you can get the key in and start your Kia’s defrosting process.

15. Use a little cooking oil to keep your doors from freezing shut. If you’re also finding that your Kia’s doors freeze shut during the height of the winter, try rubbing the plastic and rubber down with a little bit of cooking oil before you head inside to keep warm while the snow or ice falls outside. This will prevent your doors from freezing shut so you have easy access to your car next time you need it.

Top Five Organizing Accessories for your Car

Car Accessories

No one wants their car to be overtaken by clutter and that is where car organizers and accessories come in. These are just a few of the best car accessories that make the perfect tools to help you keep your car neat and tidy, especially when it’s a new Kia!

Kid Car Organizer 

This is one of the best car accessories for not only organization but for those with kids. This organizer fastens to the back of the front seats and equip with plenty of pockets. There are several styles for the back seat organizer. But they all are great for holding anything a parent my need on hand for their kids. For example, DVDs, bottles of water, books, toys, diapers and wipes.

It is a great tool for the frequent traveler as well. Store your road maps so they are easy to access. If you are in cooler weather stow an umbrella, ice scraper, or gloves. These organizers attach easily to the head rests and have various pockets of different sizes depending on the style you pick and what you need it for.

The Trunk Organizer 

One of the best car accessories for any driver is the trunk organizer. Trunk organizers come in many different shapes and sizes in order to fit any trunk size. These can be great for shopping trips. They can be used to keep things contained and to stop items from rolling around in the trunk.

It is a perfect accessory for those that travel with a lot of items in there car. These organizers can be stashed in the very back of the trunk with all the normal tools, jumper cables, tire kits, and other necessities. There are trunk organizers that can be hooked down which are perfect for trunks and SUVs.

Sun Vizor Pouch 

This sun vizor pouch is perfect for anything you need quick at hand. There is a zipper pocket that can hold small lotions, hand sanitizer, tissue, or anything you may need. There are small, slim pockets to house emergency contacts, cards and other information. The sun vizor pouch can also hold your cell phone and even a pen if you need to write something down.

Compact seat Organizer

Top Organizers for your Car

The seat top organizers can hold a lot of various items and have a non-skid bottom. It is one of the best car accessories companion for the person on-the-go. It can hold everything from water, to snacks, and electronics or other supplies the busy driver needs. The seat organizer is convenient since it is easy to remove when you are not in need of it.


Commute Cell-cup Holder 

This little car accessory keeps your cell phone, conveniently mounted. How many times have you often just tossed your phone aside when you get in the car? This organizer fits into your car’s cup holder and holds everything in place.

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Top Five Life Hacks for your Car

There’s nothing like learning a few simple life hacks to make life easier. Life hacks are just little tricks to make things work better and more efficiently, whether it’s in the kitchen or in the car (or anywhere else, for that matter). In fact, there are a ton of life hacks for the car that many drivers aren’t familiar with.

The following are five of the best life hacks that you should use for your car:

Storage hammock – Many cars have car coat hooks, but they tend to be a real nuisance. Hanging a bar across the hooks so that you can hang a bunch of clothes or jackets off of it makes it more difficult to see behind you if you are driving and can be really annoying to anyone sitting in the back seat. Instead of using these car coat hooks, pick up a mesh bungee from a motorcycle shop (they’re intended for holding spare helmets on the rear of a motorcycle) and attach the four corners to the grab handles on your car’s ceiling. This will create a taught hammock like space, allowing you to store jackets and clothes up against the ceiling. Because most cars are curved towards the top, this shouldn’t block the view of the driver.

Life Hacks for your Car

Cup holders – The cup holders in most cars are barely adequate and are still kind of hard to use while driving. Pick up a gimbaled drink holder from a marine or boating store that you can mount directly onto the door panel of your car, making it much more convenient to reach your drink while driving safely.

Moveable shades – There’s nothing more aggravating then driving right into a setting sun. The sunlight makes it incredibly difficult to see the road ahead, and the visors on your car never seem to be able to block all of glare. Moveable shades are basically small moveable tinted plastic sheets that you can move across your windshield. They are used by pilots in flight to help block glare and can just as easily be used in your car.

Melt frozen locks – If you’re driving around in New York, then odds are good that you’ve experienced iced over car locks during the winter. So what’s the best way to get into your car if your lock has frozen over? Simply put a little bit of water less hand sanitizer onto your car key before inserting it into the lock. The alcohol content in the hand sanitizer will melt the ice in the lock.


Car Life Hacks

Fixing damage – Guess what? Not all damage requires that you take your car to the body shop to get it fixed – especially cosmetic damage. You can fix smaller scratches and dents by yourself. Use nail polish to fill in any scratches in the paint and to cover up metal that has been exposed in order to avoid rust. To remove dents, pick up some dry ice at a grocery store and apply it to the dent. The extreme cold will actually pop dents back into place – just be sure to wear gloves when handling dry ice.

These are five of the best life hacks for your car. If you are in the market for a new or used KIA, then be sure to contact us at Burlington KIA to ask about our huge inventory of KIA vehicles, including the 2015 KIA Optima. Feel free to drop in at any time at our Burlington KIA dealership, located at 7 West 130 South in Burlington, NJ. We hope to see you soon!