Driving During The Christmas Season

driving-safely-on-christmasAs we approach the Christmas season, families get ready to get out onto the road. Here at Burlington Kia, many of our employees and their families are going to be hitting the road and getting out to visit loved ones. That means more cars on the road, often during winter driving conditions, and that is why driving safely during the Christmas season is so very important.

When you head out onto the road, whether it is in a vehicle you bought at Burlington Kia or not, you want to make sure you are safe. You could be visiting family, you could be coming home from a Christmas party, or you could be working on Christmas. No matter what the circumstances, we want to make sure you are safe.


Here are the tips to make sure you drive safe during the Christmas season.

  1. If you are coming off a Christmas party and heading home, you may have had a couple of drinks. There is nothing wrong with having fun at a Christmas party, but there is something wrong with drinking and driving. This is why you need to make sure you have a designated driver on hand to drive you home.
  2. If you don’t have a designated driver, then before you go to any Christmas party, you need to ensure you have cab numbers in your pocket. That way you can call a cab before you leave the Christmas party and you won’t have to worry that something bad is going to happen.
  3. If you are a driver, and you are sober, there is still a danger when you are driving during the Christmas season and it doesn’t come from the weather. According to the US Department of Transportation, you should stay off the roads between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. during the Christmas season because that is when drunk driving accidents are the most likely to happen.
  4. Before you drive anywhere during the Christmas season, because of the risk of bad weather, you should have your car serviced. We would be happy to do this for you at Burlington Kia, or our other dealerships of Allentown Kia and Turnersville Kia. We can ensure that your tire pressure and tread level are proper, that your oil has been changed and that all the important fluids are at their proper levels in your car. Remember, a car that is well-maintained is a car that is going to be safe. This is very important, especially when driving conditions are not the best.
  5. Naturally, you want to make sure you pay attention to the road conditions before you go anywhere. If you feel that chains are recommended when driving, then put chains on, or ensure you have good winter tires.
  6. Tailgating doesn’t get you anywhere faster and when conditions are icy, you are only setting yourself up for rear-ending someone. That can cause severe injury to you and to the other person, and set up years of financial headaches.
  7. Speaking of accidents, you should always watch your speeding when you are on icy roads during the Christmas season. We love to see you at Burlington Kia, but we don’t want you to come in with a damaged car. It is important to remember that it will take you 10 times as long to stop a car on an icy street than a dry one. Give yourself enough room to stop for the safety of you and everyone else on the road.
  8. When you are travelling to see family, you probably want to take a lot with you. There are presents, your own family, luggage and much more. That can begin to add a lot to the car and that can also mean you run the risk of overpacking your car. When you pack up the car too much, you are creating a lot of blind spots for yourself. You won’t be able to see behind you when you look in the rear view mirror for one. In addition, you will also run the risk of loose items in the car becoming dangerous objects that are flown around the car if there is an accident. The air bag can help when you are in a rear-ender, but it won’t help if a suitcase flies from the back of the car and hits you in the head.
  9. Driving with family can also mean a lot of distractions. Those distractions can add to the danger of the road when you are not paying attention to it. To combat this, always make sure you have something for everyone to keep their minds occupied. Put a movie on the car, or have the kids use their tablets. Whatever you can do to keep them occupied, you should do it. It will make the family happier, it will make you happier and it will make the entire trip much safer.

You are important to us at Burlington Kia. We want you to be safe and we want you to drive this year without worry of an accident. We want all our customers to have a great holiday season and that means making sure that they are safe this holiday season. We don’t want you coming to us with a damaged car, because that means someone was hurt. We don’t want you to be in a situation where you and your family are in danger on the road either.

The best thing to remember when you are driving this Christmas season is that you should pay attention to the road, pay attention to the conditions of the road, and ensure you always give yourself time to get to your destination. Remember, it is fine to get somewhere fast, but it is better to be late than never when you are getting to a family gettogether. Your relatives would rather you were five hours late, than not arriving at all and that is something very important to remember.

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