Earning, and Maintaining, our A+ BBB Rating

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The acronym “BBB” abbreviates “Better Business Bureau,” a non-profit organization established in 1912 to improve relationships and enhance trust between vendors and buyers. There are 112 local BBBs across the U.S. and Canada, each with its own Board of Directors. All are responsible for monitoring businesses within their own region.

Angie’s List on Steroids

As the Internet grows, so does the number of review sites such as Angie’s List. Sadly, user-generated material is largely unmoderated, and entirely unconfirmed. To post a negative review, all a competitor has to do is subscribe under a false name and voila: the target business is assassinated.


Happily, the BBB is a far more reliable source; its grades are not impacted by non-staff commentary. Ratings are given by BBB staff, and reflect the judgments of that entirely unbiased, professional team. Other than word of mouth, there is no better guide to a business’ ongoing performance.


No business automatically qualifies for BBB accreditation. All must apply, after which the BBB researches the business and its principal stockholders, verifies all pertinent information, and requests proof of claims, where relevant. Many applicant companies are not successful in their applications. Only after acceptance does the grading process begin.

While the business’ grade is being established, it must:

  • Build trust by maintaining a positive marketplace track record
  • Subscribe to established standards of honest advertising
  • Trade honestly regarding products, services and material terms
  • Be open concerning policies and guarantees that might impact a customer’s purchasing decision
  • Honor all agreements and representations, both in writing and verbal
  • Respond to customer disputes speedily and professionally
  • Protect all customer data collected, and use it only professionally
  • Embody integrity in all business dealings and commitments

Ongoing Performance

Burlington Kia has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since February 1st, 2004; more than a decade. Through that period, Burlington Kia has been continually, consistently accredited by the BBB, which maintains records that detail every interaction over the most recent three years. In all that time, only five issues have been logged concerning Burlington Kia, and only one of the five was lodged more recently than 2012; all have been promptly and amicably resolved. This is why we have an A+ rating with the BBB (the BBB rates on a scale of A to F, with F being the lowest grade and A+ being the very highest). 

To establish a business’ grade, the BBB considers 16 factors, including:

  • Number of complaints made against the business, and filed with BBB
  • Seriousness of complaints filed
  • Whether the business responded appropriately to the complaint(s)
  • Whether the business responded in a timely manner to the complaint(s)
  • Whether the business made good faith efforts to resolve complaint(s)
  • Whether the business addressed the underlying problems(s), if there’s a pattern to repeat complaints

The BBB also considers the length of time a business has been in operation, that business’ willingness to abide by BBB settlement resolutions, the professional licenses and qualifications held by the business, and whether any questionable advertising practices have been identified.

Clearly, an A+ rating with the New Jersey Better Business Bureau is a ringing endorsement. It is something that we here at Burlington Kia are extremely proud of. There is no better grade that we can attain, but, as a team, we are determined to maintain the maximum rating we’ve already earned. To learn for yourself how we achieved our A+ grade, and to put our ongoing philosophies to the test, simply drop in unannounced at our dealership at 7 West Route 130 South, Burlington, NJ 08016, or begin the process by using our Contact Us facility.

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