Graduating? Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy a Kia and How to Do It

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Graduating from college is a huge achievement! Even if you are going to go on and get a higher degree, this is the beginning of the rest of your life—real adulthood! Don’t let that scare you, adulthood is just as fun as college, and there are fewer rules. Right after graduating from college, buying a car is one of the biggest “adult” things that you can do.

Many graduates will put this off until they are much older, but the truth is that right now, when you are just starting your career and establishing your work habits, is the best time to buy a car, especially from a manufacturer like Kia that has the best warranties on the market and the best cars at the most reasonable prices. Here’s why now is the perfect time to buy a Kia and how to do it.

Why Now?

Why not now? Buying a car is intimidating. The prices listed online are high compared to any other purchase you’ve had to make—but remember, you are not paying the full price of the car outright. You are going to be making installment payments. Because you have to get a loan (the dealership will usually arrange one for you) in order to buy a car, you will be building credit, which is extremely important for a young person who is going to be trying to buy a house, apply for other loans, or obtain lines of credit in the near future.

Now is perfect time because right now is when you are starting the second stage of your life. You are no longer a student, you are now part of the workforce. Having your own car can be an asset as a busy professional. You are not confined to the schedules of public transportation and having your own mode of transportation makes it possible for you to run errands, go grab lunch, and even carpool with your coworkers.

Kia offers great financing plans on reasonable priced vehicles. Especially if you are interested in a subcompact, you can find great options like the Kia Rio, that are extremely inexpensive and enable you to get on the road quickly and affordably—especially because great gas mileage comes along with smaller, lighter vehicles. Even if you do want a larger vehicle, Kia is still the best place to find the most cost-effective vehicles on the market.

How to Buy a New Car for the First Time

You might have accompanied parents on car buying trips in the past, and they might be accompanying you on your first car buying trip. It’s important to remember that every dealership is different and not every Kia dealership in NJ is going to have the same stock on their lot. Doing a little bit of research beforehand can help you find a dealership that either has exactly what you want or is willing to order it from another lot. Here are some tips to help you find the right car:

1. Think about what you will be using your car for. If you are just going to be commuting from home to work and running small errands around town, you will probably want a subcompact or a sedan. These can be as good for carpooling as they are for running errands and they have the best gas mileage out of all gas vehicles. However, if you are planning on needing to drive around more than three other people or are looking for a car that will take you on adventures, as well as to and from work, a crossover or SUV might be more ideal for your needs. Think about what your car will be used for and then carefully consider which vehicle will meet those needs.

2. Research warranties. As a young professional, the last thing you want to be worrying about is maintenance for your vehicle. That’s why Kia is a great option, no matter what kind of vehicle you decide you need. Kia has some of the best warranties on the market. This, paired with the low-maintenance promise of their vehicles, makes it easy and inexpensive to take care of your vehicle. While warranties won’t cover all repairs, whatever the warranty doesn’t cover, a good insurance policy should cover.

3. Look at the used lot, too. While buying a new car is usually the most popular choice for most new buyers, looking at the used lot may allow you to find a high quality car, in a recent model year, at a much lower price than you would have to pay for a new vehicle. When looking into buying a used car, it is extremely important to test drive the vehicle and research that exactly vehicle’s history. While not all people sell their cars back to the dealership because they have an issue, some people do, and you do not want to pick up a used car that will start causing you problems in a few months.


4. Go on lots of test drives. When you come to our New Jersey Kia dealership, we encourage our buyers to test drive any and all cars before they make any final decisions. We may even encourage you to test drive a model you had not considered, simply so you can compare it to the other models. Test driving will allow you to get a feel for the car and find the one that has the features that you like best.

Buying a car as a new graduate doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to find the ideal vehicle for you!

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