How Often Should you Change your Oil?

How often do I change my oil?Most car owners have asked at one time or another, “How Often Should You Change Your Oil?”

This question is usually followed by the affirmative response, “every 3,000 Miles.” However, this is not completely true.

The 3,000 mile rule is a great way to keep the majority of car owners on a preventative maintenance regiment.  However, the truth is that knowing when to change the oil is scientific.   Ultimately, it’s different for every vehicle and every type of driver.  Furthermore, it’s crucial to understand your engine and its needs, because appropriate oil change intervals are vital to the life of your vehicles engine.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind


The type of oil used in your car directly influences how often you need to get your oil changed. Yes, synthetic oils are more durable; hence, extending the time between oil changes.  However, before you run out and grab a bottle of synthetic oil off the shelf, consider two factors.

  1. Synthetic Oil is significantly more expensive.
  2. Synthetic oil is not recommended in all vehicles; mainly, older cars (25 years+).

Frequent stop and go traffic tends to eat up the life of any oil. This is something to acknowledge for city drivers or those who sit in traffic during work commutes.

  • Do haul items with your vehicle? Are you landscaper, tow truck, etc? Hauling places additional stress on an engine, and frequent hauling will require additional oil changes.
  • Are you a low mileage driver? If you’re only driving 3,500 to 5, 5,000 miles a year it is recommended that you change your oil once a year.  Oil is designed to work best after it’s fully warmed up and frequent low mileage prevents it from doing so.

How often do I change my oil?

Use your resources

Dig through your glove-box, and take out the owner’s manual. It will be your best friend during this process. Inside will be the manufacturer’s recommended mileage between oil changes, which can range anywhere from 3,000 to around 15,000 miles. It will also inform you on which type of oil works best for your specific model.

Take Away

Every car and every driver is different. Take the time to learn about your engine’s specific needs. It will save you money and extend the life of your engine significantly.

Need Additional Help?

If you need additional assistance. the service pros at Burlington KIA are more than willing to assist you with all your tire maintenance needs.  Visit ourService Center at 7 West 130 South, Burlington, NJ 08016 or call us today at (866) 889-5504.


  1. I got new Kia optima with 4000 miles
    should I have oil change now
    when I bought this car nobody told me how often do oil change
    thank you

    • Hi Casey,
      We would love it if you would reach out to a service department representative at either or to discuss.
      Thanks for visiting!

    • I would because like you I recently purchased my sorento with 5700 miles on it and for my peace of mind I just had my first oil change yesterday.

    • Thanks again, we look forward to hearing from you in our service department at either or to discuss.

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