Kia Luxury Vehicles Reviewed

Recently, Kia has made a huge push into the luxury market with the introduction of the two luxury sedans: Kia Cadenza and the Kia K900. Historically known for their no-frills, economical commuter cars, Kia, along with its sister company Hyundai, have stepped up the game, having since evolved into an elite automotive brand able to compete head-to-head with industry, such as Toyota, Nissan, and Honda. 

Kia’s popularity and sales have increased exponentially over the past decade with an impressive new vehicle line-up that includes the best-selling Optima and Sorento. If you are reading this, you – like many others – are obviously intrigued about what Kia brings to the luxury table. The good news is that Kia has a lot to offer you. The new Kia Cadenza and K900 are both luxurious, powerful, and flashy. But are you wondering which is right for you? The following is a brief review of these two premier Kia luxury reviews:

Kia Cadenza

2014 Kia Cadenza Burlington NJ

  • Performance and fuel economy. This full-size luxury sedan has a powerful 3.3-liter V6 engine capable of pushing out over 290 horsepower with little sacrifice to its fuel economy ratings. Its six-speed automatic transmission offers prompt and smooth shifting, with a suspension that gives the feeling of driving across clouds. The EPA gave this big body car an impressive 19 city mpg and 28 highway mpg.
  • Interior. The Cadenza interior has a style that competes and exceeds that of many more expensive Mercedes-Benz models. Seating is especially comfort with standard leather upholstery and heated and cooled front seats, with the option of heated and cooled rear seats as well. The Kia Cadenza keeps the noisy world outside with an effective noise insulation design. This sedan comes standard with the KIA UVO system, one of the best peer-reviewed infotainment systems in the industry due to its intuitive menus and user-friendly controls. Additionally, the Cadenza includes an 8-inch digital touch screen, keyless entry, navigation, back-up camera, rear parking sensors, and an impressive 12-speaker Infinity surround-sound system.
  • Safety. State-of-the-art safety features set this luxury sedan well apart from other models in its class. The Kia Cadenza received top scores in all of its Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s crash test results. Its standard safety features include front, side, and rear head airbags, traction control, four-wheel ABS featuring brake assist, traction control, and electronic stability control. Unique advanced features include blind spot detection technology designed to prevent drivers from shifting into an occupied lane, a front lighting system that adapts to ambient light, and a superior cruise control feature that can help avoid collisions.

Kia K900


2015 Kia K900 Burlington NJ

  • Performance and fuel economy. This top-of-the-line sedan comes equipped with a monster 5.0-liter V8 engine capable of pushing out a jaw-dropping 420 horsepower. Its eight-speed automatic transmission offers smooth and efficient rear-wheel drive. While the V8 offers a 15 city mpg and 23 highway mpg, drivers can opt for a more fuel-economy model with a V6 engine offering 331 horsepower.
  • Interior. The K900’s exceptionally comfortable interior makes it a luxury car like none other. This sedan features a stylish inside that outfitted with soft-touch wood and matte sliver metal. Drivers can choose between black or white Nappa leather seats that can be automatically heated and cooled. The K900 comes standard with duel-climate control, LED ambient lighting, and a large touchscreen display.
  • Safety. The K900 offers the same safety features as the Cadenza, plus some. Additional safety features include advanced collision warning system, last-minute automatic braking, rear cross-traffic alert, and a surround-view navigational system.

For more information about the Kia Cadenza and K900 or to test drive one today, visit us at Burlington Kia.

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