Kia UVO Explained

2014 Kia Sorento

2014 Kia Sorento UVO

These days, almost every car maker is adding at least some degree of advanced technological features to their popular models with varying degrees of success. However, few manufacturers come close to what Kia offers drivers with the Kia UVO system. For those unfamiliar with this peerless technology package, these are some of the benefits that UVO provides.

Excellent Entertainment

UVO Entertainment

UVO Entertainment

Gone are the days of relying on terrestrial radio, cassette tapes, or even compact discs to provide in-car entertainment. The UVO Digital Jukebox incorporates the still disparate elements of modern music listening, including music from smartphones and USB flash drives, into one intuitive interface that allows you to easily listen to your entire music collection through your Kia’s stereo system.

Advanced Convenience

Convenience has always been the name of the game when it comes to the many features offered by car makers, but UVO takes convenience to a whole other level with iPhone and Android compatibility, Advanced Voice Recognition, color touchscreen, eServices Guide, Google Maps-powered Personal Points of Interest, and more. UVO creates a seamless experience for drivers and passengers like no other.


Making Maintenance Easy

No matter how reliable your vehicle, there is always going to be at least some maintenance to take care of on a regular basis. UVO makes this as easy as possible for Kia owners with the option to schedule maintenance directly through your mobile app and receive important maintenance reminders directly through UVO eServices. Instead having to bring your vehicle in for important diagnostic tests, you can schedule regular diagnostics through UVO as often as you like, and UVO will let you know the details of any critical issue it detects at any time. When issues are detected, you have the option to send for roadside assistance or schedule maintenance directly through the touchscreen.

Peace of Mind with Emergency Services



During emergency situations on the road, precious seconds and minutes can make a huge amount of difference. The UVO system’s 911 Connect minimizes the time and effort it takes to summon emergency services by automatically calling 911 and – if possible – communicating the location of your vehicle as soon as an airbag deploys. With the Enhanced Roadside Assistance feature, UVO will connect you with Roadside Assistance and transmit pertinent data whenever you run into a maintenance issue – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The myriad benefits of UVO are just part of what is remarkable about Kia ownership. Visit Burlington Kia to learn more about what Kia vehicles have to offer.

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