Why Kia’s are perfect for Music Lovers

Nothing is more natural when you are driving a car you love than to turn up the radio and play your favorite music. A Kia is the perfect vehicle if you are a music lover and want to enjoy both a comfortable exciting ride and a great sound system while you drive. The audio system in the Kia has many features that are sure to love. At Burlington Kia, we can help you choose the perfect model with the highest quality sound system that will give you the best experience of your favorite music while you are in the driver’s seat.

Kia has a partnership with Infinity, a manufacturer of high-end home, auto and marine sound systems. You can experience Infinity’s cutting edge audio technology in a Kia automobile. Their Logic 7 proprietary technology creates an amazing envelope of sound in the vehicle cabin by distributing the audio signal to seven or more different channels. This system is designed especially for surround sound systems in the enclosed environment of an automobile.

Kia Optima NJ

Infinity’s Metal Matrix Diaphragm speakers employs a lightweight composite of ceramics and metals that delivers clear high tones and bold low sounds with minimal distortion. They are engineered for great sound and long life. The Dual Voice Coil subwoofer effectively handles deep bass sounds and is placed in the rear of the vehicle for minimal distortion. The Infinity sound system can be installed many Ikea models for an enhanced audio performance.

The Kia Optima features 12 speakers in eight different locations with an 11-channel DSP amplifier to create a harmonically rich sound for the entire cabin. The Kia Sorento features the 11-channel amplifier with 12 speakers in ten different locations to produce an incredible audio experience that is optimized for the interior acoustics of the vehicle.

2014 Kia Soul NJ

Pump up your music experience in the Kia Soul. Ten speakers, including a sub-woofer mounted in the rear quarter panel, deliver high quality sound to all the passengers in the vehicle. You will turn heads as you cruise around town playing your music.

For a high-end audio experience, check out the luxurious Kia Cadenza. The Infinity Logic 7 Surround Sound system offers 12 speakers placed around the vehicle. It also has speed dependent volume to compensate for ambient noise and provide high quality music. It also features clickless controls for the volume and tone of the sound.


2014 Kia Cadenza NJ

A Kia vehicle is set up to deliver amazing sound through the audio system like no other vehicle. So whether you want to race down the highway to loud rock music or cruise around the boulevard to techno and hip-hop, a Kia will deliver an incredible audio experience. If you love classical music, the Infinity sound system will make driving in your Kia feel having front row seats in a concert hall. Visit us at Burlington Kia to test drive one of our vehicles. Bring your portable music device to plug in so you can enjoy your favorite tunes while you drive.

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