Satellite Radio Packages for Your New Car

Satellite radio packages are available in all new Kia models from Burlington Kia at 7 West 130 South in Burlington, NJ. The type of package you select from Sirius XM will depend on your taste in music and how much time you spend in your new Kia.


Sirius started the satellite radio trend and the company continues to dominate with four major satellite radio packages. Sirius subscribers can also add internet radio based on the type of satellite radio used.

You can select music, sports or all news, talk and political reporting. Religious stations are also available. Many people prefer the A La Carte package that allows them to select the channels they prefer to hear in their new Kia.


The commercial-free musical options are endless with everything from 1940’s jazz and swing to the latest trends in rap, rock, country, blue grass and jazz. Classical music, opera and Broadway musical channels are also available.

Satellite radio packages let you relive your teenage years from any decade from the 1940s and 50s to this century. There is a channel that plays all Elvis Presley music. Remember the 1960’s with the Beatles and Rolling Stones. If you enjoyed ABBA in the 1970’s, you will find them again on Sirius.

Sports and talk

The Basic satellite package that Sirius offers has over 80 stations with music, Howard Stern, Oprah and Friends, XM Public Radio, NFL, NHL, PGA golf, Major League Baseball and NASCAR included. Several sports stations are available with play-by-play game descriptions.

The Select package allows you to choose at least 140 channels that you will use in your car. People on the road select stations that offer traffic and weather information for their area.


Sirius gives local news, traffic updates and weather for the Greater New York – New Jersey area and Philadelphia among other metropolitan regions.

The All Access package offers all channels including CNN, MSNBC, FOX and other cable stations that are connected to the satellite system for news and information. Canadian radio and Spanish language channels are also available with satellite radio packages.

There is a Family Friendly packages and one that gives you access to only the news, sports, road, and weather channels. Choose whatever works for you. Monthly and annual rates are available.

Kia technology

Sirius XM capability is an option with every new Kia, including the 2015 Soul EV, the new all-electric vehicle. Infinity Premium Sound, HD radio and Digital Jukebox are part of the infotainment package that includes Sirius XM.

Test drive a new Kia at Burlington Kia and learn about the latest technology in all models. Burlington Kia also has late model previously owned Kia automobiles. The Satellite radio can be added to any vehicle.

Check out 2014 and 2015 models of the Kia Rio, Sorrento and Optima hybrid along with the Soul.


Burlington Kia has an excellent service department to check and repair all models. You can be pre-approved to lease or purchase a new Kia. This dealership also serves Willingboro, Mansfield, Bristol and other south New Jersey townships.

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