Synthetic vs Conventional Oil

Synthetic vs Conventional Oil

At one time or another, we have all taken part of this scenario in some fashion.

You are standing in the aisle of an auto department store on a Saturday morning shopping for oil.  In an aisle in is a weekend warrior holding in one hand a bottle of conventional motor oil; in other, synthetic.   A confused look is upon his face, and you know just what he’s thinking:

“I have no idea what to choose? Should I go with synthetic oil or convensynthetic-vs-conventional-oil-burlington-kiational oil. Should I choose by brand? Does it really make that much of a difference?”

In that moment you realize, that you and the man described above share a common bond. But don’t worry.  There are answers to these common automotive questions.

The first thing anyone should do in this scenario, is take a deep breath, put both bottles back on the shelf, and head back to your car in the parking lot.  Next, open your glove box, dig past the mints, expired flares, tissues, and read what is in your owner’s manual.  Your owners manual will describe which oil is suitable for your vehicle.

Conventional Oil:

Conventional motor oil has been used in automobiles for over 100 years.  Over the years, important additives have been added to conventional oil that are vital in keeping engines running their best.  These additives provide proper heat tolerance and breakdown resistance.

Conventional oil costs very little and sometimes is referred to as the less effective oil due to its price.  However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Although it is true that conventional oil requires frequent oil changes, it is also true that it is recommended by millions of auto service professionals around the globe.

Synthetic oil:

synthetic-vs-conventional-oil-burlington-kia-njSynthetic oil was created in a lab a long time ago.  Some say it was invented as far back as 1897, and has been prolonging the life of engines ever since. Most modern auto major auto makers recommend synthetic oil for any of their new vehicle. Synthetic oil takes significantly longer to break down than traditional oils, so engines can go further without an oil change.  It better lubricates parts under extreme temperatures as conventional oil.  It also performs better in stop and go traffic.  It truly has more benefits than conventional oil, but these benefits sometimes come at a hefty price.

Ultimately, synthetic oils can be very expensive.  However, using synthetic oils over time can be the difference between your engine lasting 100,000 miles and 250,000 miles.

Choosing oils:

When you’re in the aisle deciding on which oil to choose, be sure to first read your owner’s manual.  Whatever the automaker’s recommendation should be considered your best choice.  What you need to look out for is the API service rating on the bottle. If it has this rating, you know that your oil has come from a trustworthy source.

Still Unsure whether to choose Synthetic or Conventional Oil?


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