11 Things Every Kia Should Have

Even if you never actually run into an emergency while in your car, there are still some things that every driver should have in their Kia. Here are the fifteen things that your car should be equipped with:

1. A cellphone charger – There are very few places where you can drive today that do not have cellphone coverage. Even if you don’t have coverage on one stretch of road, you probably will in a few miles, so having a way to charge your phone, as long as your car is still running, can ensure that even if you are stuck or lost, you will be able to use your cellphone to contact someone for help.

2. A fully equipped first-aid kit – You never know when you are going to need a bandage, antiseptic cream, or aspirin. Having even a basic first aid kit in your car can make it much easier to take care of minor bumps and cuts, or to help staunch bigger injuries until you have the opportunity to get to a hospital.

car kit3. Reflectors – If you ever have to change a tire on the side of the road at night, you are going to want to have reflectors. And because tires are just as likely to go flat at night as they are during the day, it’s always best to plan for the worst, even if you never actually end up using the reflectors themselves.

4. A flashlight – A flashlight is a great tool to have not just in a kit that you keep in your trunk, but also in the door or jockey box of your Kia. You never know when you might need a flashlight while driving, so having one on hand is a great idea. While a model that uses batteries is great, if you can find a flashlight that charges itself with a crank or even by shaking the flashlight, you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery power while changing a flat tire in the dark or trying to signal a car for help.


5. A tire pressure gauge – Your Kia won’t come with a tire pressure gauge and newer models will alert you when tires are low, but in order to fill those tires up, you’ll definitely need a gauge that allows you test the pressure in your tires and know when they are full, overfilled, or under filled. There are a few different types you can find on the market, include ones with digital readouts and analog readouts.

6. Jumper cables – There’s nothing worse than knowing your battery is dead but not being able to jump it because you don’t have jumper cables. These cheap cables should be one of your first purchases after you buy a new Kia, and they should go right in your trunk. That way, even if you don’t actually ever need to use them, they will be on hand so you can help out someone else.

7. Gloves – Winter is coming and that means slower traffic and traffic jams. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the freeway, traffic at a stand still, because of an accident up ahead. You might not want to sit with your car on the entire time, and that means you will want a pair of gloves in the trunk of your car. These can even be heavy duty gloves that can also be used while changing a tire or doing other maintenance to your vehicle.

8. A Swiss Army knife or similar tool – While you don’t have to pay out for the most expensive utility knife, having a pocket knife that has a sharp blade, a screwdriver, a file, and a few other tools can be a great way to make sure that you are prepared for just about anything. You never know when a tool like this might come in handy, whether for making a quick repair to your car or helping out someone else in need.

9. A rain poncho – What do you do if you need to change a tire, in the dark, with the rain coming down? You pull on the rain poncho you have stored in your jockey box and you get to work! A rain poncho is an excellent addition to any car kit and is a great way to stay dry, even if you do have to venture out into inclement weather in order to make a repair to a tire or other part of your Kia.

10. Water – It’s always a good idea to keep a few bottles of water in your car. Think again of how long you might be stuck on the freeway if there is a bad accident up ahead of you. The last thing you want to do is to become dehydrated just because you did not plan ahead. Having a few bottles of water in your car is good for emergencies, too. If your Kia gets a flat tire in the middle of the summer and you have to change the tire out in the heat, you can easily dehydrate. It also makes good impromptu windshield washer fluid if you run out.

11. A snow shovel – The roads might be clear when you arrive at work, but what happens if it snows a foot and a half while you are at the office? The plows might not have had the chance to come and clear the parking lot yet, and your sedan might be too short to get out of its spot, with that level of snow around it. A snow shovel can help you dig your car (and other cars) out.