An Overview on Kia’s Advanced Car Technologies

kia technologyWhether it’s for convenience, comfort, entertainment, or safety, Kia has made sure to equip its vehicle lineup with plenty of advanced equipment and technologies that improve the overall driving experience. Even the most cost-efficient vehicles boast a long list of features, making Kia a reliable brand for all those who want to leverage exceptional value. Are you looking for more information on Kia’s advanced car technologies? Look at this detailed overview below:

UVO Infotainment

The UVO Infotainment system enables drivers and passengers to enjoy an entertaining driving experience via features like HD Radio™, Bluetooth®, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Depending on the car model you purchase, the system may even feature HD touch screen ranging from 5” to 8.4” in size. The HD Radio allows you to enjoy crystal-clear digital sound on a variety of local digital-only FM HD2/HD3 channels. Bluetooth® wireless technology can allow you to make hands-free calls, while you are driving. This guarantees better control, while reducing chances of getting distracted and ending up in an accident.

THE UVO eServices App

Some Kia models like the all-new 2017 Cadenza feature the innovative voice-activated infotainment system with the eServices app. This feature offers an incredibly user-friendly car experience, which adds new telematics to the suite, along with an increased level on in-vehicle connectivity through navigation and diagnostics. The “MY POI” feature enables owners to send destinations from the Google Maps™ apps on smartphones to the eServices unit. The Parking Minder assists in sending the location of your vehicle right to your phone, making it easier to find your Kia in parking spaces. The Diagnostics feature runs a complete analysis of vehicle condition to provide you detailed reports about any existing or impending issues/problems.

Idle, Stop & Go Technology

Almost all modern Kia vehicles come equipped with the popular Idle, Stop & Go Technology. This new feature allows gasoline engines used by Kia to produce better fuel-efficiency by reducing exhaust emissions by idling the engine at a stoplight or while sitting in traffic. If you come to a complete stop, the ISG technology automatically turns the engine off. To restart the engine seamlessly, simply release the brake pedal. This will reduce the wear and tear on your engine, while significantly improving fuel-economy (contributing to fewer petrol pump stops).

Advanced Airbags

Throughout Kia’s new vehicle lineup, you can find side-curtain airbags, front-seat-mounted side airbags, and dual front airbags for maximum safety in circumstances your Kia ends up in a collision. You can feel assured that you remain completely safe. Kia has even equipped each model with an advanced sensor system that manages all airbags. Upon monitoring the severity of an impact, the presence of passengers, and seat-belt use, the system automatically controls airbag inflation to reduce injuries. Almost all vehicles should feature this technology to provide drivers and passengers with maximum protection.

Electronic Stability Control (ECS)

All vehicles in Kia’s remarkable lineup come equipped with the Electronic Stability Control (ECS). This computerized technology plays an important role in improving a Kia’s stability by detecting and reducing skidding (loss of traction) while driving on tricky surfaces. The ECS uses sensors for detecting loss of steering control. To help “steer” the vehicle back in control, the system automatically applies the brakes to each individual wheel. For instance, brakes are applied at the inner rear wheels to counter under-steering conditions and outer front wheels to counter over-steering. Kia’s ESC system may also reduce engine power until complete control is regained, guaranteeing the utmost level of safety.

Traction Control System (TCS)

The traction control system (TCS) exists as a secondary function of the electronic stability control, but on some models, it exists as an independent system. It is primarily designed for preventing loss of traffic while driving at high speeds or on difficult terrain. The system is usually activated when the engine torque and throttle input are mismatched to the road surface conditions. Intervention from the system may involve applying brake force to one or more wheels, disabling the throttle, reducing fuel supply to one or more cylinders, or suppressing the spark sequence of one or more cylinders. Contrary to popular belief, the system doesn’t improve cornering performance. It only minimizes the loss of control.


Brake Assist System

Kia’s remarkable Brake Assist System has the capability of detecting attempted panic braking, based on how fast the driver is stepping on the pedal and the amount of force applied to the brake pedal. Upon detecting sudden braking, the system automatically applies additional pressure to the braking system. This technology is constantly monitoring and interpreting force and speed of the brake pedal.  If any kind of emergency stop is detected and the brake pedal is not fully applied, the system takes control and applies the brakes, while the Anti-Lock Braking system prevents the wheels from locking up.

Back-up Warning System

This system is found on top-of-the-line Kia models and utilizes ultrasonic sensors mounted on the rear bumper of your car to prevent parking mishaps. The sensors typically recognize the space around you and observes if any object is blocking your way while backing out from a parking spot or drive way. If any objected is detected by the sensor, a warning alarm is triggered. If you hear the warning, make sure to check and see if it’s safe to back up. This can prevent you from hitting another car or objects that may not be visible to you from the rearview and side mirrors.

Lane Departure Warning

Kia makes sure that drivers of all cars experience the utmost level of safety. This includes when cruising in the city or speeding on the highway. As a result, the brand has equipped every vehicle with a lane-departure warning system. This technology uses a special mechanism designed for warning drivers if you will be changing lanes on arterial roads or freeways (unless a turn signal is activated in that direction). The system addresses the main cause of collisions to minimize accidents. These include drowsiness, driver error, and distractions.

Do you want to leverage these amazing technologies? If so, then perhaps it’s time you considered purchasing a Kia vehicle.

An Overview of the 2017 Kia Cadenza

The Cadenza is all new! Even more refined that earlier models, this sedan is one of the last few great large sedans. The market used to be completely saturated with sedans of this size, but over the last decade, fewer and fewer car makers are focusing on this type of sedan and are instead making smaller, lighter vehicles, though not always with cheaper price tags. Now, large sedans like the Cadenza make up only about 2% of the total vehicle market, and though those numbers are expected to decline, there is no denying that the Cadenza is still a great buy.

What can you expect from the 2017 Kia Cadenza?

  • A lighter, more rigid, and stronger steel body that both makes the car safer in an accident and more fuel efficient.
  • A more sophisticated and stylish interior that has been hand-crafted.
  • An eight speed automatic transmission that makes your vehicle more fun to drive and more efficient to drive, too.

This year’s Cadenza is intended to be an affordable luxury vehicle, complete with the technology that you have come to expect from Kia and the bold design that makes it stand out on the road. This is only the second generation of the Cadenza, and we are seeing mass improvements over what was already a very luxurious, stylish, powerful machine. The stronger body and the enhancements made to the powertrain improve handling and control, making this a vehicle that you will love to drive.

The biggest draw of the Cadenza, however, is the appearance. This is a car that oozes refinement. It was designed with the intention of injecting a little more flair and beauty into a segment of the car industry that has been seriously lacking of late. Every part of the Cadenza has been improved, including the interior.

The Elegance of the Exterior


The exterior of the Cadenza was designed at the brand’s design studio in California, where some of the most iconic vehicles in the lineup have been designed, including the Soul. With an effort to make the Cadenza as high end as possible, there was a focus on making it look modern and making it look confident. The core concept behind the exterior design was following a straight line. The designers wanted it to be simple, but they also wanted it to be powerful. This was the best and the simplest way to embody both of those concepts.  With just a single contour, over the entire length of the car, the Cadenza is the embodiment of sleekness. Even the placement of the headlights has been carefully considered, to make the car just as striking during the day as it is at night.

Looking at the vehicle head on, you will see the brand new fascia. While the Cadenza still sports the signature nose grille that every Kia has, this vehicle has cut it into a hexagon, creating much more visual interest. The grille itself is concave, curving in towards the engine, which makes the vehicle almost look like it is smiling. There are actually two different grilles available of the Cadenza, one for higher trim levels and one for lower trim levels. On the lower trims, the grill comes with the same grille that most of the other Kia vehicles come with. The higher trims have an entirely different grille, made out of blades that are attached to the vehicle vertically.

The taillights have a piano key affect, which make use of the vehicle’s emergency braking system, which flash when you are braking abruptly. With a z-shaped lighting pattern, you are sure to capture attention, even while driving at night. The vehicle has been highlighted with chrome details, especially on the lid of the trunk and the side mirrors, for just the right amount of flash.

A little bit wider and a little bit shorter, the 2017 model is the same length as the 2016 model, though the interior has been redesigned to ensure that leg room is maximized.


The Comfort of the Interior

Comfort was at the top of the list when redesigning the interior of the Cadenza, but that does not mean that it is not beautiful. Pains were taken to make sure that even higher quality materials were used than in the 2016 Cadenza and the designers carefully expanded the view of the interior space. The dashboard flows seamlessly into the door panels and real stitching is carried throughout the vehicle. Leather is used not just on the seats, but all over the cabin, to give it a truly luxurious feel.

One of the best aspects of the 2017 Cadenza is the ability for buyers to customize the interiors of their vehicles. You might want to add Nappa leather trim to your quilted seats. You might select to have all of your seats in a dark, rich brown leather. You might select, instead, the premium White Package.

Many of the components in the cabin have been 3D printed, expertly made, with an emphasis on ergonomics. The lowering of the seats ensures that the driver feels firmly planted in the vehicle and gives the interior of the vehicle a much sportier appearance. Even the heating elements in the vehicle have been redesigned to make sure that the heat is dispersed throughout the car much more evenly.

The Bottom Line

Packed with the very best technology that Kia has to offer, along with modern, beautiful, and functional styling, the 2017 Cadenza is a force to be reckoned with.