The Ultimate Guide for Planning a Road Trip with Your KIA

As the winter season begins to take over, families have already begun planning for their road trips and vacations. Even if you aren’t with family, it’s time that you pack your bags, get your KIA vehicle ready, and hit the open roads. While planning a perfect road trip can be an exhausting ordeal and presents its own set of challenges, it also presents plenty of opportunities to breathe in the nature, watch beautiful sceneries and enjoy the long drives and empty roads. Have you wanted to plan a road trip with your KIA? If so, then take the time out to read this guide below:

It’s Time to Do Some Planning

When it comes to going on a road trip with your KIA vehicle, it is imperative that you plan the destination, the route you will be taking, and the stops you will be making. Regardless of your travel style, it is vital that you KNOW exactly where you are going to prevent yourself from being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Therefore, take the time out to research on your main destination and what untraveled roads you will be taking. If you are travelling with someone or family, consider planning a shorter trip. However, if you are venturing alone, enjoy the time in your KIA vehicle and enjoy the true spirit of a road trip.

Expect the Unexpected

Regardless of how much you plan for a road trip in your KIA, always expect things to go a little differently. This may sometimes be a hassle, but on some occasions, it may even be an unforgettable adventure or memory for you. Prepare yourself for some unexpected hurdles by getting your KIA vehicle equipped with the latest amenities and technologies for safety and entertainment.

Try not to stress too much, about what might happen, and go with the flow. Remember, the road trip with your KIA may make a good story someday. Plan some free time in your itinerary too, so that you can visit some of the most popular roadside attractions along the way.


Prepare a Solid Budget

While driving or planning a road trip may be less costly and more entertaining than flying, it does come with some hidden costs. You have to prepare for food, lodging and a variety of other fun stuff you plan on doing along the way. Note down all the possibilities of your road trip in a KIA and then figure out the costs accordingly. You can use a travel budget calculator. These have fields for you to enter for assessing budget, ensuring nothing is left out.

Make Sure Your KIA is Ready

Now that you have planned your road trip and prepared your budget, it’s time you get your Kia vehicle ready. There are plenty of KIA’s available for a road trip. If you don’t have one, you can always rent out a Cadenza, Sorento, Rio, Sedona, K900, or Forte. Each of these vehicles come equipped with the best and most latest technologies and features that are bound to make your road trip more enjoyable and fun.

In the weeks leading up to the road trip though, it is vital to ensure your vehicle is in premium condition. This is important for your safety and passengers as well. A good maintained vehicle won’t break down or give you trouble in the middle of nowhere. It will also offer better fuel-efficiency. So, without further ado, take some time out to inspect your KIA vehicle.

Make sure that all the scheduled and preventative maintenance procedures and checks have been completed. If you’re not sure what that entails, we have you covered. Check and top up all your fluid levels (oil, transmission, brake, and radiator), inspect the tread of your tires (check balancing and alignment), and check condition of spark plugs and wires. Also, make sure that you’re battery and alternator is functioning completely fine.

Save Cash with these Kia Travelling Tips

Although you have prepared your budget, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t save where you can. Oftentimes, road trips can end up getting more costly than initially intended. Moreover, going under budget doesn’t mean fun at all. Since your biggest expense is gas, here are a couple of tips you can use when travelling in your KIA.

  • Before leaving for your trip, make sure to top your vehicle’s gas. You already know where the best prices for gas are going around. This will give you a solid start to saving money.
  • Always keep the weight of your cargo to a minimum. The heavier your car is, the higher the drag. This means, your car will consume more petrol. On the other hand, the lighter your ride, the longer she’ll glide.
  • If it’s time for refueling your vehicle, look for an exit with tons of fast food chains on the signs and multiple gas stations. Most often than not, the prices of fuel will be less, as there’s more competition.
  • Yes, you are heading for a road trip. This doesn’t however mean that you drive like a mad man. Always make sure to drive your KIA vehicle within the speed limit. Avoiding aggressive driving can save your gas mileage anywhere from 5% in town to 33% on the highway.

Stay Entertained on the Road

You need something to prevent yourself from getting bored, once you’re on the open road. Long journeys do tend to get a little boring, when not taking any stops. Boredom leads to feelings of exhaustion. Luckily, you’ll be driving a KIA vehicle. Most of these cars come equipped with a UVO infotainment system, which enables you to stream music, watch movies on the touchscreen, and handle voice calls via Bluetooth. There is even satellite radio just in case you don’t have music handy. Just in case though, do make sure to pick up some winner tunes to enjoy the journey!

Now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, planning a road trip with your KIA won’t be problem.

10 Best East Coast Road Trip Destinations

road tripIf you’re thinking about taking a road trip this summer, you have essentially two options when it comes to planning. You could either not plan your trip at all and just go wherever the road takes you or you could plan the entire trip, including each stop you want to make. There is middle ground, too. You could simply decide where you want to end up, and make your way there without any set of plan of when you want to get there or how you are going to get there. If you’re interested in some of the very best destinations on the east coast, here are ten of them:

1. Shelter Island, New York – New York isn’t that far away, but when most people visit this state, they do so to visit New York City. Why not branch out and see what else this state has to offer. Shelter Island is located somewhere between the Hamptons and North Fork, and it gets none of the touristy attention that either of those two locations get. There are lots of places to stay, miles of beach to hang out on, and plenty of delicious places to eat, all tucked away on a small island.

2. Nantucket, Massachusetts – This is one of the lesser known beach destinations for the rich and famous. That, of course, doesn’t mean that you have to be rich and famous to visit. Besides being fun to say, there’s lots to do in Nantucket and it makes an ideal beach destination. After a long drive, there will be nothing better than feeling the sand between your toes. Famous for its swanky bars and upscale eateries, you’ll never go hungry or thirsty. Though there are plenty of accommodations and amenities, this place also has a serious small-town vibe that makes it a great destination for your east coast road trip.

3. Kennebunkport, Maine – Have you ever heard of Kennebunkport? If not, you’re not alone. This is a village in Maine, complete with antique stores and little mom and pop boutiques. If you’re interested in seeing lighthouses, there is probably no better seaside destination than this one. There are even tours that you can go on, to see where local osprey and eagles make their nests along the shoreline.

4. Montauk, New York – Another destination that is not exactly that far away, Montauk makes a great road trip for those who might be short on time. It’s essentially the last place you can drive to on Long Island, and has been made famous for hosting the likes of Paul Simon. This is a surfing beach area, but there’s lots of sand to go around, even if you are not interested in catching a few waves. There are places to dive, as well as places to find great food and drink before you head back home.

5. Outer Banks, North Carolina – This area is reportedly the last home of Blackbeard, the pirate. Today, there are some pirate-themed restaurants, but the real draw is, of course, the beach, the swimming, the diving, and the lighthouse. There’s lots to see and do if you choose this as the final destination for your road trip, including diving around the barrier islands, where many people believe there are ancient shipwrecks still teeming with gold.

6. Brewster, Massachusetts – If you are interested in having a truly east coast experience, Brewster is a great choice of destination. Though it is technically part of Cape Cod, it is not as busy as the rest of the area, despite there being just as much to do and just as many great places to eat. Nickerson State Park, for example, is located in Brewster, where you will find acres of thick woods and ponds that were formed by the glaciers that were once in this area. Of course, there is also a sandy beach that is ideal for swimming or just getting a tan.

7. Long Beach, New York – You’re probably familiar with Long Beach as a beach in California, but what about the one on the east coast? It’s not too far from New York City, so if you want to make NYC the final destination of your trip, you could always just make a road trip out to Long Beach on a day when you have nothing else planned. The historical boardwalk and clean beaches definitely make this worth a visit.

8. St. Michael’s, Maryland – If you’re going to be taking the American history route on your road trip (visiting Philadelphia, Baltimore, and D.C.), St. Michael’s is a logical destination—not because it has anything to do with American history, but because it’s close to these three locations and boasts a wide variety of activities, including a beach. There is a great Frederic Douglass walking tour that does make this destination on-theme.

9. North Fork, New York – This is another great destination if you only have a few days for your road trip. You literally cannot find a more quaint New England town, right down the roads lined with fruit stands and the sprawling country farms that neighbor the area.


10. Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts – If you’ve never been, summer is the perfect time to go. You’ll enjoy your drive getting there, too, which would take you through some of the prettiest parts of the east coast. Touring the island by bike is a favorite of all who visit, and there are plenty of trails and side streets to explore if you do pick this as the destination for your east coast road trip.

It’s Not Too Late to Plan Your Summer Road Trip: 14 Ways to Make Your Kia Road Trip Ready

kia road trip

Ready to hit the open road? If you haven’t check your Kia out yet and made sure it’s packed with some of the essentials, you’re not yet ready to go. Here are more than a few ways to make sure your Kia is ready to hit the road when the summer heat in the city just becomes too much and you’ve got to hit to asphalt:

1. Check that coolant. While a coolant leak isn’t the most common problem in Kia vehicles, it can be a debilitating one in any car, especially if you’re driving through the middle of nowhere with now cellphone reception. Check your coolant and its lines before you start your trip.

2. Get an oil change. Even if you’re still 500 miles out on your next oil change, if you’re planning to spend the next week or two driving round the countryside, you’ll be far overdue for an oil change when you get back. Instead of risking it, get your oil changed and all other routine maintenance done at our shop before you go.

3. Have us check your belts and hoses. Belts and hoses are the most common thing that break or tear on the road, and they can put you out of commission if you can’t find somewhere to make a repair. If you bring your Kia into our service center and let us know you’re taking a road trip soon, we’ll make sure all of your rubber parts are ready to go.

4. Test your battery. A standard voltmeter will do the trick. You want a consistent voltage (check your battery or manual for what exactly the voltage should be). If it seems to rev up and then steeply decline, you’re probably looking at a dying battery.

5. Make sure that gas tank is full. Before driving away from the city, make sure you’ve got enough gas to get you to the next gas station. Sometimes there are more than two hundred miles between stations if you’re driving across America’s unpopulated heartland.

6. Replace your air filter. Again, even if you’re not due for a replacement for a few months, all of this extra activity for your car probably means that you could get a replacement now and that it will thank you by the time your road trip is over. You can replace your air filters yourself, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing it, we would be more than happy to change them out for you.

7. Replace your wiper blades. You should do this at the beginning of the summer anyway, but if you haven’t done it yet, before you leave is the perfect time. Summer heat can take a serious toll on rubber wiper blades, making them ineffective. As we move into monsoon season, you’re bound to hit a few storms, and you’ll want reliable wiper blades if you’re going to power through them.

8. Change your tires or make sure they’ve still got plenty of tread. Because it is about to be monsoon season and you’ll likely run into a few storms, you’re also going to want tires that have plenty of tread on them. This will prevent you from hydroplaning, which can be extremely dangerous, especially at high speeds.

9. Check your brakes. You can do a simple brake test by driving around your neighborhood and feeling and listening to how your brakes respond to normal and emergency braking. Then, take your car out on the highway and listen to normal brake usage there, too. If there is screeching, rumbling, shaking, or popping, it’s time for new brakes.


10. Check your spare. A spare tire could prevent you from having to sit on the side of the road and wait for a tow truck for two hours—but only if your spare tire is actually properly inflated and ready to go. Before rolling out open your tire well and give it a once over.

11. Inflate your tires. Take your car to a gas station or bring it to our service center to have the tire pressure checked and adjusted as necessary. Your Kia’s tires are rated for a specific PSI which helps it grip the road and get better fuel efficiency—both of which you’ll want if you’re planning a long trip.

12. Stow your baggage in the trunk. Not only will this help you get better traction on slippery, wet roads, it’ll also prevent your luggage from becoming flying projectiles if you are in an accident or have to brake quickly.

13. Don’t forget entertainment for the kids. While you might love the open road, watching the asphalt and scenery whiz passed, it’s likely that your kids are not going to love it quite as much as you are. To them, it will just feel like being forced to sit still for the entire day. Luckily, lots of Kia models come with built-in DVD players, which means your kids can watch TV shows or movies as you drive.

14. Wash your windows, inside and out. You do not want to be realizing that you should have washed your windows as the sun is going down and turning all of the dirt on your windshield into a shiny, opaque nightmare. Wash your windows, front and back, inside and out, and dry them thoroughly to make sure there are no streaks, which can be just as bad as dirt, bugs, and road grime on windows.