15 Things All Parents Should Have in Their Kia

Depending on how much your child likes to ride in the car—some kids start wailing the moment they see a car seat, while others love the adventure that goes along with hopping in a car—driving your kids around can be a little stressful.

If your family is anything like my family is, you might spend long hours in a car driving to grandma and grandpa’s every summer. In order to make these road trips (or even just running errands around town) easier, we have a list of fifteen things every parent should put in their Kia.

1. Blankets

Naps. Need we say more?

2. Towels

Again, the utility of having towels on hand is self-explanatory, but most new parents are not prepared for just how destructive a spilled cup of soda can be on carpet and upholstery. The best solution is to have towels ready to sop up anything that spills as soon as it spills. And because young kids are prone to carsickness, having a few towels around to mop up any accidents is a great idea.


3. Wet wipes or baby wipes

Even if your kids are beyond the diaper and bathroom accidents stage, wet wipes or baby wipes are still an essential to keep on hand. Nothing cleans hands faster, and they can even be used to clean smudges off of dashboards or sanitize something if you’re in a pinch.

4. A diaper bag

While you might have a diaper bag that you carry around on a regular basis, there’s nothing wrong with having a backup that always stays in the car. This makes sure you never run out of diapers, wipes, bottles, and maybe even a spare set of clothes, just in case a real disaster occurs.

5. An umbrella

Not only will you be happy you have an umbrella in the car when you get caught in a rainstorm on the way to the store, you child will be grateful you remembered an umbrella just for him, when it really starts to come down. While most kids don’t mind playing in the rain, if you want to keep your car clean and dry, having an extra umbrella that never leaves the car is the best way.

6. Toys

If your kids get upset when they don’t have a stuffed animal but are prone to forgetting to bring theirs along, having a spare that stays in the car is a good way to tide them over until they can get home to their favorite toy. Plus, your kids might find something fun in the concept of having toys that they only get to play with when they’re in the car.

7. Hats

If yours is an active family that likes to stop and see the sights or get out and hike, making sure you have a spare visor or hat in the car is a great way to prevent sunburn and the crankiness that can come along with it. Whether you’re headed to the beach or are just driving to grandma’s make sure there’s a hat tucked in the trunk of your Kia.

8. An escape tool

While it’s unlikely that you will ever have to use it, having a seatbelt cutter and window breaking tool in your car is still essential. While you might be able to get out of your seatbelt quickly, you might not be able to undo the car seat buckles as quickly. This means that you need a tool that will not only help you get out of your car faster, but also gives you a way to make your own escape route, if you need one, should be a part of every parent’s Kia kit.

9. Extra sun screen

You never know when you might need some! Keeping it in the car is the best way to make sure that you have plenty of sun screen no matter where you are or where you’re going.

10. Hand sanitizer

Like baby wipes, keeping hand sanitizer in your car is a great way to keep everyone’s hands clean. Whether you just came in from the store and want to clean off any germs he might have picked up from the cart or doors, or you’re road-tripping and want an easy way to clean hands before a meal, hand sanitizer is the way to go.

11. Water bottles

Research suggests that you shouldn’t just leave plastic water bottles in your car, as the bottles themselves can break down and contaminate the water, having some safe plastic or metal water bottles on hand, that can be filled at a sink or water fountain, can keep your kids hydrated.

12. Tissues

Whether they have a runny nose, a bloody nose, a crying fit, or some other unplanned mishap in the car, keeping a pack of tissues in the jockey box or trunk ensures you always have something to wipe the odd nose or hand, if need be.

13. An extra set of clothes for the whole family

Rolled up and stowed in a bag under a seat, you can fit an extra change of clothes for every member of the family easily into your car. If someone has an accident (or everyone has an accident), you have the perfect stop-gap.

14. Snacks

Unless you are going to keep MREs in your Kia (not recommended), there are no snacks that will be good indefinitely, but there are things like granola bars and trail mix that will stay good for a few months.

15. First aid kit

Nothing is more essential for driving or traveling with kids than a first aid kit, especially one that contains anti-motion sickness medicine, baby aspirin, and Band-Aids. It’s always better to be prepared than to have to stop at every gas station until you find one that sells Band-Aids.

Why Coming to the Dealership is Better than Shopping for Your Kia Online

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Most people start their car buying process online, looking at the Kia website in order to find their new car. While the internet is a great place to start, especially if you want to narrow down the list of cars you want to see to ones in your price range and that have the features that you want, coming to the Kia dealership is always the best way to really get a good idea of which Kia is right for you. Here’s why:

1. Test drives

Test driving is really the only way you can be sure you’ve found the right car for you. Looking at the car online is one thing, but you won’t really know how it looks and feels until you’re actually sitting in the car. You may love how a car looks, but if you’re not a fan of how it drives, it’s not the right car for you. And the only way you can really make this determination is by driving it. Additionally, the models on the Kia website are not always the same models that we have on the lot. Each car on our lot comes with unique features and trims.

2. In-person consultations

One of the biggest benefits of coming into our dealership is talking to one of our staff. While you might have a good idea in your head about what kind of Kia you want, our salesmen are trained to listen to what you want in a car and present the make and model that best fits your needs. On occasion, we’ll have someone come onto the floor who is sure that they want an SUV, but ends up walking away with a sedan. Because our staff have intimate knowledge of our cars, they’re more able than a website to help you find the exact right vehicle.

3. Find cars in your price range

The price that’s listed on Kia’s website is rarely the price that you’ll find at the dealership. We often have our own sales and specials that can make finding the right car even more affordable. And you can’t haggle with a website. You can haggle with us (though we don’t think you will need to). We know that your goal is to find a great car that’s well within your budget, whether you’re looking to buy or lease. While both the main Kia website and our website can give you a good idea of what a vehicle might cost, only when you come to the dealership can we give you a firm number.

4. See what’s feasible

We’re lucky in New Jersey, to never be too far from the things that we need or want. In some places, the cars that they have on the lot are the only cars that the customers can choose from. If we don’t have the right car, in the right trim or in the right color, we will find it for you. We can usually find just about any color and trim and get it to our dealership in a couple of days.

5. More relevant information

While the website will give you plenty of great information about the gas mileage and the engine, when actually looking at cars, one of our staff can tell you about all the other features of that particular make and model. For example, if you want a car with a great stereo system or a quiet ride, actually seeing the car in person and talking to a salesman that really knows those cars is the only way to find one that really fits your criteria.

6. Fewer compromises

The Kia website can only show you a very narrow set of vehicles. In reality, the range of vehicles that come to our showroom and to our lot are diverse and are designed to appeal to a wide variety of buyers. This huge variety to choose from means you don’t have to compromise a great sound system for a quiet ride or more trunk space for a roomier cabin. While we do list all of our cars online, the only way to really see what we have in our showroom and on the lot is to visit us in person.

7. Pictures rarely do the car justice

Even if you’ve already honed in on the exact vehicle or vehicles you want to drive, coming to our Kia dealership can seal the deal. We love working both with customers who aren’t sure what they want and with those that know exactly what they want. If you’ve spent a little bit of time looking at the cars online, it’s still a good idea to come and sit in and test drive them. You won’t get to see all of the little features and quirks of a car until you’re talking with a knowledgeable salesman and physically sitting in the car.


8. Financing and payment plans

Again, there are online calculators that will help you estimate your monthly costs for a specific vehicle, but only when you’re ready to buy, sitting in our showroom can we tell you what your financing options and payment schedule could look like. There are many factors that go into your financing options and payment schedule, and discussing them in person is always the best policy, especially if you want to get a great price and a reasonable payment schedule.

Some people like to do as much car shopping online as they can before coming into our dealership. Others try to cut the dealership out altogether! We still believe that actually coming to our showroom is the best way to get the right car at the right price.