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Here at Burlington Kia, we know how important technology is to your life and to sustaining the life of your car. There are plenty of apps that can make your driving experience more efficient or just more fun! Even if you are new to smartphones and apps, you can still make major use of these apps, and your Kia will love you for it! Here are ten more apps you can use for your car. Check out our original list of five apps here.

1. Good Sam Roadside Assistance – While this one is not going to be necessary for those who have the warranty that includes roadside assistance, just in case, here’s the best roadside assistance app on the market. You just sign in, tell them what your problem is, and they send a “Good Sam” to help you out. Being able to select your exactly problem means that you get the right service faster. If you’ve locked yourself out of your car, for example, they don’t send you someone who can only change your flat tire.

2. iOnRoad – Say you want to know how far you are behind another car—there’s an app for that. This isn’t just interesting information to know, it can save your life if the car in front of you stops short. Tailgating is dangerous because you may not have enough time to react to a short stop. This app tells you how much time you have to stop if the car ahead of stops short, by measuring the distance in between your car and that one in front. Pretty useful information!

3. Car Xpenses – If you want all of the info about your car’s maintenance needs, right in your pocket, this is the app for you. It helps you budget for routine maintenance and reminds you when you need to bring your car into Burlington Kia for that maintenance. It tracks your car’s needs based on days and miles, so that you can know if you need something refilled or checked before you head off on a trip.

4. Pandora – If you get the upgrade package that includes satellite radio, you might not need Pandora on your smartphone, unless you are extra attached to one of your Pandora stations. All you have to do is sign in and you have access to millions of tracks, in hundreds of genres, and the ability to build your own stations, which play only music you actually like. If you have Bluetooth, you may be able to link it up with your Kia’s sound system, or use the AV input.

5. AccuFuel – This app, too, is covered by the tech features in most Kias, but it is great to have all of your fuel information on the go. This app is the best way to track your fuel usage and MPG on your smartphone, and also helps you keep track of how often you are getting gas. It’s great for road trips, staying on top of how many miles you’ve driven in a specific trip or just in one day. For anyone that like to know their car’s fuel usage at a moment’s notice, this is the best app for you.

6. Find My Car – You’ve parked your Kia…somewhere? If you live in the big city, you might have to park your car several blocks from where you actually need to be. That means, once it’s time to find your car, you might forget where it is. Find My Car prevents this by actually finding your car. Once it is parked, the app can always track back to its geographical location—and then it can navigate you safely back to where you’ve left your car.

7. iExit Interstate Exit Guide – Are you driving through an unfamiliar area? Or just want to know the very best exit to get off at for hotels or gas stations? That’s what this app is perfect for. It tracks your location and gives you a list of exits and what amenities each exit holds. It’s great if you notice your gas is low and you’re not familiar with the area. Instead of getting off at the wrong exit and wasting gas, looking for a gas station, you get off at the exit where you know you can find the gas station.

8. aCar – This app is all in one—it measures how far you drive, how much you spend on gas, gas prices in your area, how many gallons you put in your car each time you fill up, and even how your miles per gallon compares to the average for your car. It lets you know how much you’re spending on gas and even export all of the information out of the app. This is information that just about any Kia driver would love to have.

9. Neomatix Tire Check – While a Kia car will tell if you its tires are low, they have to get pretty underinflated before the car will let you know that it has a problem. This app is a great backup and will tell you almost immediately if each tire is just fine, underinflated, or flat. Because driving on underinflated (or overinflated) tires is dangerous, this app can help keep you safe! The app does a visual scan of each tire—welcome to the future!

10. Best Parking – If you live in a big city (or even just a town that has very little parking, this app is here to help. It tells you the best and safest places to park your car, in relation to your ultimate destination. It’s great if you are visiting a city with your Kia and have no idea where to even start to look for parking. Don’t worry—this app has you covered.


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