Top Five Organizing Accessories for your Car

Car Accessories

No one wants their car to be overtaken by clutter and that is where car organizers and accessories come in. These are just a few of the best car accessories that make the perfect tools to help you keep your car neat and tidy, especially when it’s a new Kia!

Kid Car Organizer 


This is one of the best car accessories for not only organization but for those with kids. This organizer fastens to the back of the front seats and equip with plenty of pockets. There are several styles for the back seat organizer. But they all are great for holding anything a parent my need on hand for their kids. For example, DVDs, bottles of water, books, toys, diapers and wipes.

It is a great tool for the frequent traveler as well. Store your road maps so they are easy to access. If you are in cooler weather stow an umbrella, ice scraper, or gloves. These organizers attach easily to the head rests and have various pockets of different sizes depending on the style you pick and what you need it for.

The Trunk Organizer 

One of the best car accessories for any driver is the trunk organizer. Trunk organizers come in many different shapes and sizes in order to fit any trunk size. These can be great for shopping trips. They can be used to keep things contained and to stop items from rolling around in the trunk.

It is a perfect accessory for those that travel with a lot of items in there car. These organizers can be stashed in the very back of the trunk with all the normal tools, jumper cables, tire kits, and other necessities. There are trunk organizers that can be hooked down which are perfect for trunks and SUVs.

Sun Vizor Pouch 

This sun vizor pouch is perfect for anything you need quick at hand. There is a zipper pocket that can hold small lotions, hand sanitizer, tissue, or anything you may need. There are small, slim pockets to house emergency contacts, cards and other information. The sun vizor pouch can also hold your cell phone and even a pen if you need to write something down.

Compact seat Organizer

Top Organizers for your Car

The seat top organizers can hold a lot of various items and have a non-skid bottom. It is one of the best car accessories companion for the person on-the-go. It can hold everything from water, to snacks, and electronics or other supplies the busy driver needs. The seat organizer is convenient since it is easy to remove when you are not in need of it.

Commute Cell-cup Holder 

This little car accessory keeps your cell phone, conveniently mounted. How many times have you often just tossed your phone aside when you get in the car? This organizer fits into your car’s cup holder and holds everything in place.

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