Top Ten Reasons to Drive a Kia

2015 Sedona SX Limited

Kia continues to grow in the American market due to extremely high value and crash test ratings from independent evaluation firms. Kia cars are sporty and fun to drive, and most of all, are priced competitively. If you haven’t checked out your NJ Kia Dealer yet, now is the time. Here are ten great reasons to drive a Kia.

1. Lots of upgrades. Not that the standard models are lacking, but Kia’s upgrade packages come with lots of choices, so you can really personalize your car in a way that few other manufacturers will let you. If you want LED lights, you can have them. If you want aluminum wheels, don’t worry, we’re on it. Heated front seats, remote access, a push button ignition—all things you can have if you pick upgrades. And here’s what’s great about upgrades on Kia vehicles: you can get a better car, at the same prices as our competitors. You can get what’s akin to a luxury vehicle, without the luxury price tag.

2. Better interiors. For some companies, interiors come second to body styling and what’s under the hood. At Kia, what’s inside is just as important as what’s outside. Seats are designed to make long trips feel like short trips. There’s also lots of foot room and the backseat isn’t an afterthought. You know if you’ve sat in a car where the backseat is an afterthought—it’s uncomfortable, you have no leg room, even when the front seats are pulled all the way forward, and there are no cup holders back there. Upgrades like sun roofs and rear air conditioning just make the interior all the more welcoming.

kia sedona interior

3. Great drivability. They are fun to drive, it’s as simple as that. We’ve always known what some car companies are just starting to figure out, that a car needs a little bit of punch to really engage the driver. The more responsive the car is, the more alert the driver will be. When a car is actually fun to drive, with great acceleration and no lag, that’s when people pay attention to the car and the road.

4. Great for twisty roads. If you live in the mountains or often take trips there, you’re going to love driving a Kia. All of our models hug the road so you feel completely in control, even on the most twisty and dangerous looking of roads. Don’t let the sleek body fool you, these cars are powerhouses that do as they’re told.

5. Great ratings. When it comes to safety and reliability ratings, Kia has been awarded plenty of both, including a 5-star crash test rating, awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Sportage, for example, was picked as a HIS Top Safety Pick last year, and our cars are routinely picked for “safest” and “most reliable” picks by just about any organization that makes those kinds of determinations.

6. Improved warranties. Every new car buyer wants a great warranty There’s no way around it—you need to be able to rely on the company just as heavily as you rely on the car itself. That’s why Kia has one of the best warranties in the business, with a ten year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty, complete with five years of roadside assistance. Those are perks that you’re only going to get when you drive a Kia.


7. Lots of choices. Kia has lots of cars to choose from, starting with Rio and the Forte, up to the Sorento and the Sedona. There are about fourteen models to choose from, and those are just the standard cars. When you look at the upgrade packages available for each car, you have a lot of choices. It’s almost always the number one complaint that car shoppers have—there isn’t enough variety. There’s plenty of variety with Kia, whether you need a small car to zip around town or a big SUV for toting around the entire family.

Kia Lineup Camden NJ

8. Lower prices. Don’t be fooled—lower prices doesn’t mean lower quality cars. You can get a great car, at a much better price than with other companies—whether you’re looking for a compact, a sedan, or a SUV. Kia has made a splash in many of the car classes in recent years, with hits like the Rio and Forte. The Forte especially, is a favorite among sedan drivers, not just because it is so competitively priced, but because it has all of the features that they want. Kia never tries to reel you in with a low price and then jack it up just so you can get the features that should be standard.

9. More versatility. Your Kia doesn’t just have to be for running errands around town. It’s just as good for a road trip as it is for dropping the kids off at school. Kia cars have been specially designed to be multi-purpose, with lots of trunk space for luggage, toting tools, hauling boxes, etc., as well as the improved engine that actually makes it fun to drive.

10. Great for new drivers. If you’re a parent looking for a car for your new driver, Kia’s cars are not just in the perfect price range, but also have the features that you need, including lots of airbags, heated mirrors, and steering wheel controls that keep a driver’s hands on the wheel. If there are any problems with tire pressure, transmission, and power steering, the car lets you know. Features like these can put your mind at ease as you let your teenager hit the road by themselves.

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