When Is the Best Time to Buy a New Kia?

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Just about any time is a good time to buy a new Kia, but there are some times of year better for car shopping than others. With the wide variety of Kia vehicles to choose from, having enough time to fully review each car is essential, and the specific time of the year or month may reveal sales that can help mitigate the cost of buying a new car—even though Kia vehicles are already some of the most cost-effective on the market. Whether this is your first car buying experience or your tenth, here’s what you need to know about when to buy a new Kia vehicle:

Shop During the Week

If you hate battling big crowds on a car lot, shopping during the week, instead of on the weekend, is always a good idea. Even our attentive staff can only help so many people at a time, especially if every shopper wants to test drive multiple cars. Most people shop during the weekends, but there are far fewer people on the buying lot on a week day. This means you are guaranteed individual and undivided attention—which is great for the thorough buyer who wants to test drive every vehicle before making a decision.

Quarterly Sales

Most manufacturers offer monthly or quarterly sales to help clear out “old” cars from the lot, in order to get newer models in. These “old” models aren’t actually old, they’ve just been on the lot for a few weeks or months. Manufacturers, in order to help get these vehicles off the lot and make way for new vehicles, will allow dealerships to make better deals or will have special sales in order to bring buyers onto the lot. This means an even better deal on a reasonably-priced Kia.

Last Year’s Car

Most manufacturers roll out their new models for the next year in the middle of the summer. For this year, that means new 2016s will start to appear in New Jersey Kia dealerships as early as July, but usually in August. This makes summer the perfect time to start looking for a car, as manufacturers become eager to get rid of those “old” 2015s. They will usually have some sort of out-going model sale that makes it possible to get a brand new Kia, at a much lower price than the “new” 2016s that will show up on the lot in a month or so.

While some buyers feel that shopping last year’s model (which is really this year’s model), will leave them with a limited supply, we can almost always find the exact vehicle you want, in the right trim and color, without too much trouble. Summer is almost unanimously believed to be the best time to buy a car, which is especially good for new graduates looking to buy their first car.

Watch for Special Sales

Every dealership is going to have its own special sales, discounts, or offers, on top of manufacturer discounts. If you’re looking for one of these deals, you’re going to have to pay attention to your favorite dealerships. They’ll usually advertise on their website or even by television commercial, but in reality, the best way to find out what promotions we’re running is to stop by the dealership. Sometimes, we have a special offer that we don’t widely advertise.

Don’t Rush into a Purchase Because of a Sale

The last thing you want to do is rush into a purchase just to take advantage of a time-sensitive sale. There will always be another sale or another offer. We want you to be absolutely sure that this vehicle is the right one for you before you make the decision to buy. One of the reasons it’s impossible to buy a car online (as much as some people would love that), is because you have to actually come down to the dealership and sit in and drive the car before you can really know whether or not it is the right one for you.


Shopping when there are fewer people on the lot can give you more time to experience the car and to think about whether or not it’s the right one for you. Weekdays and poor weather usually mean there will be fewer people on the lot. Even though summer is widely believed the best time to shop, many buyers will wait the extra month or two until the brand new model year vehicles are on the lot. If you don’t want the newest model year, or don’t really see any difference between the 2015 and the 2016, summer will be an especially good time for you to shop.

The Best Time for You

The best time for you to go car shopping is when you actually have time to go car shopping. Anyone who has tried to buy a new car knows that the process is, not by design but by necessity, time-consuming. Even if you know exactly which models you want to look at, you still have to look at all of them and take them for test drives. There’s then the decision process and signing. Prepping the car and getting you a temporary registration also takes some time.

All of this means that the best time to buy a car is when you have the time to go through the whole process. If a weekend is the only time you have a gap in your busy schedule, don’t worry! We are willing to work with you to get you into your brand new Kia!

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