Why buy from a local Kia dealership?

When it comes time to buy a new car, you have a wide variety of options for buying that car. Even if you know what brand and even what make and model you want to buy or buy from, you still likely have a few options for purchasing that vehicle. Ten years ago, your only option was to buy a car from your local dealership. Today, you can search for the vehicle you want to buy online and buy it off of a mega-lot somewhere. But is that really the best option? Most shoppers will have a better experience and will get into a car that is better for their lifestyle if they shop at a local dealership than if they go to one of those mega-lots. Here’s why you should shop with us:

local dealership1. Our salespeople are friendlier. When you shop for a car, you might not want a salesperson hovering over your shoulder the entire time, especially if you are not quite sure what type of vehicle you want to buy yet. Others will walk onto the lot already knowing which two cars they want to buy and will ask immediately to do test drives of those vehicles. No matter what type of car shopping you are or at what stage of the car shopping process you are, you want to be able to shop your way, knowing that you have total control over the process and that you are going to be met by smiling faces that are excited just to help get you into a car that fits your needs.


2. Our salespeople are more knowledgeable. Buying from a huge dealership that deals not with one or maybe two brands of cars, but every brand of car, from all over the world, is going to ensure that the salespeople that you buy from are not going to know as much about the cars you are trying to buy as they would if their dealership sold only a few different brands. When you buy from us, you know you are buying from people that live and breathe Kia. We take care to make sure that we know as much as possible about not just the make, but the individual models and trim levels that we offer, so that we can answer your questions satisfactorily.

3. We have more experience with this brand. A sales team that has worked with our brand for a long time will already know the questions you are going to ask and will have answers prepared for those questions. We have worked with our brand for a long time, so we know its quirks, its strengths, and its faults. We know exactly how to find the right fit for you and your lifestyle, just by talking to you about what type of car you need and what you plan to use your car for.

4. We have the ability to offer better financing options. Some of these huge car lots will offer you a “no haggle” price. They want you to just walk onto the lot, pick a car on your own, and buy it. When you deal with a local dealership, you are working with people that really understand you and your needs and are willing to work with you, whether that means a little bit of haggling to get a car you really want and are willing to but today into your price range, or whether it means helping you find a vehicle that you really love that already is within your budget. While you absolutely can come with your own financing options, most local dealerships will also offer you financing through the dealership itself.

5. Local dealerships care about the community. You are not buying from people that you will never see again. In fact, you might be buying from people that you actually know. We don’t just sell cars, we really care about the community and we care about keeping the vehicles in those communities running smoothly. That’s why we also encourage our customers to bring their Kia vehicles back when those vehicles need service—not just so they can take advantage of the warranty, but also so that we have the opportunity to continue building the relationship with our customers that sustains our business.

6. We handle all of the paperwork. Whether you are buying a brand new Kia or whether you are buying a used vehicle from us, you get the same service. Even if you come to the lot intending to buy a used car, we will take care of all of the paperwork—you cannot say the same thing about buying a used car off of a lemon lot. This means that the car buying experience is much easier. Those who buy used cars are often worried about the kind of service they will get and whether or not they can really trust that they are buying a great vehicle. With us, they absolutely can.

7. We make the process as easy as possible. When you can actually talk to someone about what you need out of a vehicle, you are much less likely to buy a car that you regret purchasing down the line. We actually take the time to listen to what you need and what you expect out of a vehicle and then to direct you to the cars on our lot that meet those needs, whether they be brand new Kia vehicles or whether they be pre-owned vehicles.

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