Why You Should Bring Your Kia Back to Our New Jersey Dealership for Service

Regularly maintaining your vehicle is a big part of keeping it running smoothly and making sure that it has a long, functional life. When it comes time for a regular checkup or for a more significant repair or maintenance service, you have essentially two options. First, you have the option of taking your vehicle back to the dealership. Second, you have the option of taking it to an independent garage.

While you can get great service at an independent garage, you may be more likely to get better service for your Kia when you bring it back to our Kia dealership. Not only do we know Kia vehicles better than just about any independent shop, we also know you and your needs better than any other garage will. Here are just a few of the reasons you should bring your Kia back to our New Jersey Kia dealership when it needs service:

Our Staff

Working with staff that are familiar not just with cars in general, but with your Kia specifically, can be of a major benefit to you. They know the common problems associated with each model year, they know what advancements have been made across generations of different models, and they have a more direct connection to the parts that your vehicle may eventually need.

Finding a service station that you trust your car entirely to can be difficult, but it is less difficult when you return your vehicle to a dealership. You know you can trust them to provide you with the very best service, as they are representing not just themselves as technicians, but the dealership as a whole and the brand at large.

The training for technicians that do not work at dealership service departments is considerably less make specific than the training given to mechanics that doo work at the service departments of dealerships. When you want care that is specifically tailored to a Kia and how they are built and should be maintained, you are far more likely to find a technician at our service station who knows and understands your car.


Finding and building a trusting relationship with a mechanic is extremely important. When you have a mechanic that you know and trust, you will be able to leave your vehicle with him whenever it needs maintenance or a repair, without fear that you are going to be scammed or cheated.

Taking your car back to the service department at your dealership means you already have a pre-existing relationship with that dealership. You wouldn’t have bought from that dealership if you didn’t trust them and if you didn’t think that they could provide you with the very best service. This should extend to the service you can expect to receive from their technicians and mechanics.

Because you already have a relationship with this dealership, you can know that you are more likely to get service that you can rely on, especially because that service is backed by both the dealership’s brand and the car manufacturer’s brand.


Unlike many corner shops, who have to adhere to a first-come, first-serve policy, if you show up at your dealership with a serious issue, the relationship you’ve built with that relationship and with the mechanics may mean that they can schedule you for an emergency repair.

Most dealerships also have better amenities and better services for those that have to sit and wait for maintenance or a repair, or who have to leave their vehicles overnight or for any stretch of time in order to get the repair they need. Some dealerships even have special warranties and guarantees for their repairs, allowing you to rest easier, especially if you have need of a major repair, along with loaner cars that you can borrow if your car is going to be in the shop for a few days.


Especially while your Kia is still under warranty, you are going to find it much more beneficial to bring it back to the dealership, rather than to take it to another garage, and because Kia has one of the longest and most enduring warranties, you may find that bringing your car back to your Kia dealership is the best way to get the least expensive repairs for years to come. Many of the checkups, repairs, and replacements may be covered by your warranty, which will be honored often only at a dealership.



If your car has a recall notice, the only way you may find out about it is by taking your vehicle in to the dealership, who will have a constantly updated list of potential recalls and who might need to have a part replaced or repaired when they bring their car in for service. While some independent garages may get these recall notices, your Kia dealership will have that information sent directly to them and the computer will send the technician an alert about a recall as they are performing diagnostics. It’s much easier and simpler to have these issues remedied when you bring your vehicle in to the dealership.

Parts and Service

While it is possible to find an independent shop that has access to the same parts and can provide the same service as your dealership, it is going to be much easier to simply take your Kia back to the dealership, which has a direct connection to Kia and can therefore easily get whatever parts you need and install them correctly and efficiently.

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